[Wikimedia-l] Apology

2020-12-12 Thread Pelagic via Wikimedia-l
In a previous email I referred to a fundraising claim as "filthy marketing lies".   That phrase was unduly harsh, and could give the impression that I was impugning the moral character of the people who wrote and approved the message.  For that I am sorry and issue a formal retraction.  I

[Wikimedia-l] Apology from Fae // was Timothy Sandole and (apparently) $53, 690 of WMF funding

2014-03-21 Thread
On 21 March 2014 08:20, Erik Moeller e...@wikimedia.org wrote: ... Just after talking about stomping down with its hobnail boots on Wikimedia UK, huh? :-) I'm sorry to have offended your delicate... I apologise for the hobnail boots comment, it was unnecessarily dramatic. This is a slight