Re: [Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Harvard Library releases 12M bibliographic records under CC0

2012-04-26 Thread Craig Franklin
Firstly, let me say this is very very cool news.

I went to go and have a browse though, and it's all tied up in a
massive (around 3gb) archive file rather than being easily browsable.
I know that WikiData is the obvious place to put it, but perhaps it
would be useful as a reference work on Wikisource in its own right,
decompressed and machine formatted into an easier to search format?


On 25 Apr 2012, at 19:29, emijrp wrote:
 2012/4/25 Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at

 Thanks for sharing, I had read about it on the NYT but nothing was said on
 So now the USA have more open bibliographic data than Germany/Europe? :) is a very nice initiative, but other catalog systems have very
 complex interactions between hundreds or thousands of entities and it's
 very hard to change the licenses.
 The main problem is usually deduplication and quality of the records, any
 information on this for Harvard's data?

 Mateus Nobre, 25/04/2012 19:44:

 Add ALL at Wikisource!

 Wikisource? This is only metadata.

 Perhaps it is OK for Wikidata.
A mass dump of all of the information onto Wikisource wouldn't be good
- but being able to extract complete bibliographies of specific
authors on demand would actually be quite useful for properly building
author pages on Wikisource, rather than the current ad-hoc and
incomplete lists that currently exist. (With the consequence that
bibliographies on Wikipedia could be 'outsourced' to Wikisource,
bringing that project much-needed readers and editors).

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[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Harvard Library releases 12M bibliographic records under CC0

2012-04-24 Thread Samuel Klein
This is big news -- though still only part of Harvard's full
collection of records.

Following the British Library's release of 3M bib records under CC0 18
months ago:

David Weinberger writes:

 This is the largest contribution of full bib records we know of.

 Stuart Shieber [of the Berkman Center] (and of the Office of Scholarly
 Communication) was the driving force behind this.


 David W.

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