[Wikimediaau-l] Fwd: [Wikimania-l] Wikimania 2011 registration and scholarship application to begin on January 1st!

2011-01-01 Thread Delphine Ménard
Hi all, Although it's already almost late for me to be wishing you a happy new year ;-), I do so with the best possible wishes. Forwarding the fact that Wikimania has already opened registration and scholarships applications. Hope to meet as many of you as possible in Haifa this year. Best,

Re: [Wikimediaau-l] open wiki editing for WMAU?

2010-11-19 Thread Delphine Ménard
On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 11:43 AM, John Vandenberg jay...@gmail.com wrote: The committee has talked a lot about allowing non-members to edit the wiki, and I would love a good proposal, but the one that privatemusings put up was an empty proposal. Non members can explain here why they want to

Re: [Wikimediaau-l] Bidding for Wikimania 2012

2009-11-26 Thread Delphine Ménard
On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 21:51, Virtual Steve virtual-st...@hotmail.com wrote: In relation to the bid itself, whilst I can understand action to get bids in early, suggesting support (real or tacit) by the chapter for the current early bid will make us look disjointed, if we as a chapter agree

Re: [Wikimediaau-l] Bidding for Wikimania 2012

2009-11-26 Thread Delphine Ménard
On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 22:42, Brian Salter-Duke b_d...@bigpond.net.au wrote: On the matter of chapter support, I have no doubt that the chapter will support a bid at some point and I do not think we should go ahead unless the chapter does support it. That however is for the future. I have

Re: [Wikimediaau-l] Overseas donation

2009-02-06 Thread Delphine Ménard
If I may, I would advise caution. Brianna and I experienced the highest fees ever for overseas bank transfer to Australia. I would advise your friend, Peter, to check with their bank to see what the fees are for such a transfer, as the donation might well dissolve into bank fees. Otherwise I

Re: [Wikimediaau-l] Wikimedia Australia now open for membership

2008-11-13 Thread Delphine Ménard
On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 12:50, Liam Wyatt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is great! I've signed up and am awaiting approval from the secretary :-P Can I suggest that we put somewhere prominently the: - Price(s) of membership I don't understand what a $20/year concession is? Could you clarify