[Wikimediaindia-l] Hello from AsWiki

2011-12-20 Thread Prabhakar Sarma Neog
My name is Prabhakar Sarma Neog, from Assamese Wikipedia. The members of Indic wikis have been helping, and inspiring the Assamese Wikipedia. It was almost dying two years ago, and would have been closed, if it were not for Shiju Alex and other wikimedians. We have just opened a mailing list for

Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Hello from AsWiki

2011-12-20 Thread Subhashish Panigrahi
Dear Prabhakar, This is a great news, hope you reach to more Assamese speakers and bring into Wikipedia. Good luck and keep the discussion alive both in the mailing list and Village pump. Best Subha On 20 December 2011 18:09, Prabhakar Sarma Neog psn...@gmail.com wrote: My name is Prabhakar