Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] Egerton University

2012-03-09 Thread Moffat M.Ngacha
@Kosgei Cool. On Thursday, March 8, 2012, Kosgei Isaac wrote: @Moffat I am in Egerton already. Hook up with me tomorrow. On 8 March 2012 19:05, Moffat M.Ngacha moffa...@gmail.comjavascript:_e({}, 'cvml', ''); wrote: Great. Looking forward to catching up with you

Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] BERLIN CONFERENCE

2012-03-20 Thread Moffat M.Ngacha
Hey guys, It's great to hear that.Congrats. Cheers. @moffatmn On 3/20/12, stephen wanjau wrote: Hello Folks, FYI, the two delegates to Chapters Meeting were granted the hard-to-get Schengen Visa and they will travel to Berlin on Wednesday the 28th March. Thanks to BT

Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] Reminder: meetup on 26th

2012-05-25 Thread Moffat M.Ngacha
Hey all, I'll be attending. see you all. Moffatmn. On 5/23/12, Ann Njeri wrote: Hi all, This is just to remind all of us about the meetup this Saturday that is going to be held at I-Hub on 3rd floor in Bishop Magua Building along Ngong Road. Please indicate your