Re: Windows Script Host support

2020-06-12 Thread Olivier Mengué
Hi Luigi, I remember that 20 years ago ActivePerl (from ActiveState) had this. I don't think that StrawberryPerl ever had it. But nowadays WSH is just legacy. It still works, but Microsoft has stopped making it evolve, favoring PowerShell. I have quite

Windows Script Host support

2020-06-12 Thread Luigi Iotti
Hi all, somebody know if Strawberry Perl supports Windows Script Host (WSH), aka ActiveX scripting host (maybe there is a difference between the two terms)? I mean, if you may run for example cscript //E:PerlScript, maybe changing PerlScript with some other string. This would permit

R: Setting gmake command arguments in the Strawberry perl CPAN shell

2020-06-12 Thread Luigi Iotti
Hi Rob, unfortunately I was suddenly forced to switch back from Stawberry to the other major perl win distro because I discovered there is no support for Windows Script Host (i.e. cscript //E:PerlScript I have a couple of important applications which make use of it. At least I