Re: Windows Script Host support

2020-06-12 Thread Olivier Mengué
Hi Luigi,

I remember that 20 years ago ActivePerl (from ActiveState) had this.
I don't think that StrawberryPerl ever had it.

But nowadays WSH is just legacy. It still works, but Microsoft has stopped
making it evolve, favoring PowerShell.

I have quite played with WSH in the past (but using, JavaScript) and often
suffered from its limitations.
Do you have a motivation for wanting to use Perl from CScript.exe instead
of perl.exe?


Le ven. 12 juin 2020 à 10:21, Luigi Iotti  a écrit :

> Hi all,
> somebody know if Strawberry Perl supports Windows Script Host (WSH), aka
> ActiveX scripting host (maybe there is a difference between the two
> terms)?
> I mean, if you may run for example cscript //E:PerlScript,
> maybe
> changing PerlScript with some other string.
> This would permit to use Perl as a scripting engine in applications which
> make use of WSH scripting engines.
> Thanks, regards
> Luigi

Re: StrawberryPerl and the OpenSSL heartbleed bug

2014-04-16 Thread Olivier Mengué
2014-04-16 15:04 GMT+02:00 Alexandr Ciornii

 A specially created server (
 , in Russian: ) can send
 similar request to client. But such attack has low probability.

It is not recommended to use such online services. Some really try to
capture as much as they can from your system.

Instead, use an open source offline solution that you run yourself for your
machine : pacemaker.

I verified that openssl bundled with StrawberryPerl is vulnerable.
You can reproduce it like this (while is running):
C:\strawberry\c\bin\openssl s_client -connect

StrawberryPerl and the OpenSSL heartbleed bug

2014-04-12 Thread Olivier Mengué

You have probably heard of the now famous heartblead bug of the OpenSSL

StrawberryPerl is bundled with a binary of the OpenSSL library so I'm
wondering if StrawberryPerl is affected by the bug.

I had a look at the release notes of StrawberryPerl to look for the version
number of the OpenSSL and all versions of StrawberryPerl since at least have an OpenSSL in the range affected by the heartbleed bug.

It would be helpful to have an official statement from the StrawberryPerl
team regarding this issue and to display it prominently on the page.

Olivier Mengué

Re: AnyEvent not working in Windows 2000

2012-11-14 Thread Olivier Mengué
2012/11/13 Javier Marcon

 Hello I installed Net::RabbitFoot (that uses AnyEvent) on Windows 2000
 (with a Strawberyperl installation) and it doesn't work, it gives this

 Can't use string () as a subroutine ref while strict refs in use at
 berry/perl/site/lib/Coro/ line 147.

Line 147 of Coro::AnyEvent in Coro 6.10 is POD text, so I suspect that you
are not using the latest version. So try to upgrade this module first.

Which version of StrawberryPerl do you use?

 The same scripts in Ubuntu Linux work fine.

Check if you are using the same version of Perl and of each module
dependency (not just Coro).
You can use Devel::TraceUse to list all modules loaded by the script.


IPC::Cmd 0.72 in Strawberry

2012-03-24 Thread Olivier Mengué

The IPC::Cmd 0.72 that is bundled in Strawberry has a major
bug: it doesn't even compile. See RT#75033:
This blocks the clean install of major modules such as CPAN::Reporter. The
user can of course upgrade the IPC::Cmd (if ever he understands the
problem), but this gives a bad experience for first time Perl users.

Would it be possible that a new patched version of Strawberry be released
that would just upgrade IPC::Cmd to 0.76?



Re: Are Windows users using the PowerShell or any other command line?

2011-08-02 Thread Olivier Mengué
2011/7/26 Gabor Szabo

 So I am wondering now. Have the world of Windows changed in the last
 several years
 and do people use the PowerShell? My guess is that the general public
 won't use it but
 do at least programmers, Windows sysadmins and the more technical people
 use it?

Only sysadmins really have interest in learning PowerShell.
I don't know about .NET developers. They could have some value in knowing
it, but I don't know the .NET community.

 I assume there are not many people on this list but I wonder what do you
 Is assuming knowledge of the PowerShell realistic?

What is your target audience?
Among the general Windows users, no.
Among developers on Windows (using Windows only as a desktop to work on
remote systems or OS independent applications), no.
Among .NET developers, I don't know.
PowerShell is still quite new and marketed only at Windows sysadmins.

Personally I still do my Windows desktop administration tasks with NT batch
files, WSH (JavaScript) and sometimes Perl (most of my Perl code is system
independent stuff).

 Is there a website or some forum with a lot of Windows developers where I
 ask this question? Maybe even run a poll?

The Microsoft forums :
Microsoft Scripting Guys on Twitter:!/ScriptingGuys

Olivier (

Re: Are Windows users using the PowerShell or any other command line?

2011-08-02 Thread Olivier Mengué
2011/7/26 Dami Laurent (PJ)

 The Script Center has a lot or technical information and good recipes;
 see .
 However there is no indication about about a developer's community.

The PowerShell community repository of code is here:

Mostly scripts for sysadmins. Very few libraries.
Libraries are written in .NET, and this is a different developer community.