RE: [WISPA] Google's WIFI- San Francisco

2005-10-02 Thread David E. Smith
Jonathan Schmidt wrote: I understand that GOOGLE has a proprietary piece of client software. Perhaps it's secured. Are you thinking of the stuff that was (very briefly) available from, or something else? (Note: The above URL now just redirects to the g00gle home page, but

Re: [WISPA] Google's WIFI- San Francisco

2005-10-02 Thread Dylan Oliver
I downloaded the client, and was most interested to see the tagline in the About window: Tunc tua res agitur, Paries cum proximus ardet. Which my extensive training in classical Latin interprets as: Then your property is in danger, when the nearest wall is burning. I'd definitely take that

[WISPA] Pics Of Wifi

2005-10-02 Thread Paul Hendry
Ola, In the process of re-designing the corporate website and was wondering if anyone had any wifi related photos (towers, building with kit on, people using laptops in the middle of a field, engineer on a tower, etc.) they had taken that they would mind us using. Many thanks, P.

RE: [WISPA] Google's WIFI- San Francisco

2005-10-02 Thread Jonathan Schmidt
David, Yes, poppin' fresh...I miss the Pillsbury Doughboy along with the pop-pop-fizz-fizz Alka-selzer bubble boy. I'm hip (didn't like the Frito Bandito). You've told me more than I knew. I assumed it was a VPN but didn't have access to it before it disappeared. However, a pre-configured VPN