Re: [WISPA] Canopy buying group prices

2005-12-18 Thread Mac Dearman
$12.00 X 36Mos = $420.00per CPE + loan costs, fees...etc Sounds like to me you lost your good deal to the finance company. I understand that they may be a necessary evil, but I still say that you are far ahead in this game if you need to have something financed to go to your local bank,

Re: [WISPA] Canopy buying group prices

2005-12-18 Thread Travis Johnson
Hi, The leases I am doing are less than 10% interest. Any bank that will do a corporate only loan is going to be the same rate. Also, there are no additional loan costs, fees, etc and I make no up front payments. I don't even make the first payment for 30 days after I get the equipment...

[WISPA] Re: [WISPA FCC] USF fund issues

2005-12-18 Thread Marlon K. Schafer
Did anyone ever take this issue on? We have only about 2 more weeks to make comments. marlon - Original Message - From: Marlon K. Schafer [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Conversations over a new WISP Trade Organization Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2005

Re: [WISPA] Canopy buying group prices

2005-12-18 Thread jeffrey thomas
Airspan can be had around 3 and change for indoor su's. outdoors around 4 and a quarter... On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 13:09:58 -0600, Mac Dearman [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: OUCH! I have bought singles that cheap from doubleradius Mac Dearman Maximum Access, LLC.

Re: [WISPA] RIP Vivato

2005-12-18 Thread jeffrey thomas
and 15 grand a pop. Would have never made it underneath their pricing model. Also- their first version wasnt a beam forming switch. On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 21:26:23 -0600, Joe Laura [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Ya, they kind of resembled a billboard if you ask me. Serious windload. Superior Wireless

[WISPA] I need 2 CM-9's STAT

2005-12-18 Thread Mark Koskenmaki
Does anyone in OR or WA or ID have 2 CM-9's they can loan, sell, or otherwise get to me on Tuesday? I'll buy, trade, or whatever... My supply's not coming until the end of the week and I have an emergency... Thanks Mark North East Oregon Fastnet, LLC 509-593-4061 personal correspondence to: