[WISPA] SPAM:IMAIL Intel's Maloney Pushes Pet WiMax Project to Fight Sagging Sales

2006-09-08 Thread Dawn DiPietro
Intel's Maloney Pushes Pet WiMax Project to Fight Sagging Sales By Ian King and Jason Kelly Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Corp.'s Sean Maloney is betting he can reverse a drop in sales at the world's biggest chipmaker with a wireless Internet technology he spent four years and more than $1

Re: [WISPA] Maybe someone has suggestions... - Tower work

2006-09-08 Thread Cliff Leboeuf
Mark, I have used a local communications company that has been in business about 25 years. They do tower work, including the erection and maintenance and they just increased their price to $45 per man our. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I suggest if you can find an small older paging, trunking

[WISPA] Initial V3 results

2006-09-08 Thread Lonnie Nunweiler
Recently we released the new V3 code for X86 PC Architecture. I thought it was worth sharing the speed results for our new Atheros driver. 96 mbps FDX on a single card with iperf -d. Pretty COOL, Eh? http://forums.star-os.com/showthread.php?t=5764 -- Lonnie Nunweiler Valemount Networks

[WISPA] IkarusOS

2006-09-08 Thread Mark McElvy
Anyone using it? Opinions Mark McElvy AccuBak Data Systems, Inc. 573.729.9200 - Office 573.729.9203 - Fax 573.247.9980 - Mobile http://www.accubak.com/ http://www.accubak.net/ Nationwide Internet Access Accurate backups for your critical data! This electronic communication

Re: [WISPA] e911 anyone?

2006-09-08 Thread Matt Liotta
First of all, are you familiar with Intrado's recent past? Watching them lose their business because of VoIP e911 is pretty telling. Secondly, there is no way to be 100% legal regarding VoIP since e911 is not available everywhere, while at the same time the FCC requires all VoIP operators to

Re: [WISPA] IkarusOS

2006-09-08 Thread Mark Koskenmaki
I have played with Ikarus a bit. Observations... Somewhat unstable on the boards I have tried. The management system sucks horribly (java app that hogs your machine) and is somewhat glitchy and unstable, as well. I spent about 2 weeks testing Ikarus on a WP54ag, and the latest beta was the

RE: [WISPA] Fee-based Wi-Fi = no return on investment

2006-09-08 Thread Patrick Leary
Airports are the only place where I have ever chosen to pay for a Wi-Fi connection. So I agree. But the rate is still too high such that I will not pay unless I have over an hour and I really need to get on. That is also why I like airports like Vegas (America West) and Tampa (Delta) where access

Re: [WISPA] Cell tower wattage

2006-09-08 Thread John Scrivner
PCS sites can transmit close to 1500 watts per sector EIRP I believe. They also use as many as 4 antennas per sector to help regenerate the received signal from the sub-1 watt client handsets. Licensed WiMAX uses many of the same power and multi-sector antenna advantages. Scriv George Rogato

Re: [WISPA] e911 anyone?

2006-09-08 Thread Matt Larsen - Lists
Amen Peter Great comments and examples. I've got Kris working on my voip paperwork (legal agreements, etc etc) and I found an ITSP (Vitelity) that has the 911 functionality built in to the account, so I don't have to worry about implementing it directly on my system. Most of the e911