Re: [WISPA] training

2006-12-20 Thread KyWiFi LLC
Hey Dee, There will be wireless training manuals available for download and customization on They will be available in the Tools section of the system. Go to the URL above and signup for the notification list. There are already several hundred ISP's and Satellite TV

[WISPA] Consumers Sidelined as Broadband Battles Rage

2006-12-20 Thread Dawn DiPietro
Consumers Sidelined as Broadband Battles Rage By Martin H. Bosworth ConsumerAffairs.Com December 19, 2006 Anyone who's suffered through the high prices, bad customer service, and constant technical problems typical of many local cable company knows that competition is sorely needed in the

[WISPA] For Sale - 5/8 ldf

2006-12-20 Thread Carl A jeptha
Is this where I would post this? -- You have a good day now,en mag jou more's ook so wees. Carl A Jeptha 905-349-2027 skype cajeptha -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Archives:

Re: [WISPA] training

2006-12-20 Thread Marlon K. Schafer
I have a ppt that I wrote for Matt, Jaime and I to present. We did it at one of the EC expos. Folks seemed to like it. It's a couple of years out of date but wouldn't take much to update. I think having three people that didn't always see eye to eye made this a great course to take.

RE: [WISPA] Strange network issues crosspost

2006-12-20 Thread Mac Dearman
Chadd, That is a Trango command and it does turn arp off. I have both worlds here - - bridged and routed and I have never had any of my TLink 10's to do that to me. I am not saying that's not your problem - I am just saying I have never had that issue. We have many more than 300 traversing

RE: [WISPA] building out

2006-12-20 Thread Charles Wu
snip Profile your best clients. Pick out who you want your clients to be. Research them. Be in front of them. Sell them. /snip Here's one thing to discuss -- selling vs order taking The conundrum of sales is that everyone LOVES to buy, but HATES being sold to When one goes in the mentality to try

Re: [WISPA] training

2006-12-20 Thread Jack Unger
Hi Travis, I've been providing on-site training to the WISP and to the larger broadband wireless industry and have trained over 2000 people since 2001. Unfortunately I can't do it for free and stay in business any more than a WISP can provide service for free and stay in business. Please

Re: [WISPA] 25 pr Outdoor cat5

2006-12-20 Thread Chad Halsted
I couldn't post the one I was taught. Your version is much more PC. On 12/19/06, Mike Bushard, Jr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I remember that from school Mike Bushard, Jr Wisper Wireless Solutions, LLC 320-256-WISP (9477) 320-256-9478 Fax -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [WISPA] training

2006-12-20 Thread Cliff Leboeuf
Marlon, I'd too be interested in seeing what you have. How about posting to the 'paid members' list? Cliff LeBoeuf -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Marlon K. Schafer Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 7:37

RE: [WISPA] 25 pr Outdoor cat5

2006-12-20 Thread Mike Delp
Like this? Bell-Blue Officicals-Orange Get-Green Big-Brown Salaries-Slate Why=White Run-Red Backwards-Black You-Yellow Varmint-Violet Mike -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Chad Halsted Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 1:52 PM To: WISPA

[WISPA] Digital Cities Conference summary

2006-12-20 Thread Peter R.
W2i Philly: Competition Beneath the Collegiality As Wireless Business Begins to Mature Dec 14, 2006 By Joshua Breitbart As the nascent municipal wireless industry has boomed in the last two years, there has been a sense

[WISPA] Marketing

2006-12-20 Thread Peter R.
EarthLink is giving away phone service so people can try it: Why do you think car dealers let you have a test drive? I used to tell my DSL ISP's to put the fastest PC in the store hooked up to DSL and let poeple play with it. Once they see

RE: [WISPA] ot, private chat

2006-12-20 Thread Mac Dearman
Marlon, We use Wildfire (server side) and Spark integrated into our Asterisk server for encrypted chat. It also has the ability to show your presence (availability) to whoever else you have in your buddy list. If you see someone in your list of active buddies - - all you have to do is click on

RE: [WISPA] Strange network issues crosspost

2006-12-20 Thread Chadd Thompson
Well I did a bit of searching on the trango support forums and found a thread of someone with a similar problem. Trango support made a recommendation to turn off the maclist filter off on the RU. I went a head and turned it off on the RU's, telnet in and issue maclist filter off command. I did

RE: [WISPA] building out

2006-12-20 Thread Jeff Broadwick
Well said. It's fairly easy to sell once you are established. You can be a nice guy, people will take your calls and emails, and you don't have to push to get in front of people. Customers will also give you a 2nd chance when you make mistakes. Getting started is VERY difficult. You are

Re: [WISPA] building out

2006-12-20 Thread KyWiFi LLC
Can someone check this list, I commented on the post below twice yesterday and they have still not yet been delivered by the listserv. Happy Holidays to my fellow WISP's! Shannon D. Denniston, Co-Founder KyWiFi, LLC - Mt. Sterling, Kentucky Your Hometown Broadband Provider

RE: [WISPA] Strange network issues crosspost

2006-12-20 Thread Todd Barber
Chadd, It seems every time I have a thought about how good something is running it croaks :) Todd Barber Skylink Broadband Internet [EMAIL PROTECTED] 970-454-9499 -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Chadd Thompson Sent: Wednesday, December

Re: [WISPA] Form 477 Confidentiality Challenged in Court

2006-12-20 Thread Frank Muto
That is a good idea, but why not be proactive and let the FCC know the concerns you have NOW (call, email or fax) and ask how you can help in the litigation. I'm still not clear what this group is trying to really accomplish. I'll assume that anyone that filed the 477 has a potential right to

Re: [WISPA] building out

2006-12-20 Thread George Rogato
Pac wireless has been getting my advertizing budget this past year. Them and lonnie. This is a part of my coverage area. not all our essid's have our name in them. It took a while before I realized I was making a mistake not having our name as part of the essid.

RE: [WISPA] Form 477 Confidentiality Challenged in Court

2006-12-20 Thread Mac Dearman
We too received that email. I was wondering if some of us ought to contact Michael A. Krasnow's office for further info and maybe air our concerns and the affect that releasing this data will have on future filing! Mac -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL

[WISPA] Live from Milpitas, Earthlink WiFi (so far not so good)

2006-12-20 Thread Matt Liotta Getting residents to subscribe might be more difficult. I used the network on my laptop in a dozen different places around city hall, at shopping centers, and around main streets and found that the network was slow and the coverage was

Re: [WISPA] Want a portable tower ?

2006-12-20 Thread Blair Davis
How about you mail a pic to me? [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks. Rick Smith wrote: I've got two of these, exactly the same. They're really stable. I've never measured them, but they say they go about 20' into the air. I am 6' and this one's about 2x over my head. I'd say around 15' or so,

Re: [WISPA] sales 101

2006-12-20 Thread Peter R.
Selling is actively working a process or plan to ink deals. It involves prospecting, answering objections, providing a value proposition, inking contracts. Charles is right about the used car sales attitude, but that isn't usually the issue. Usually the issue is that no one is selling... everyone

Re: [WISPA] sales 101

2006-12-20 Thread Travis Johnson
The problem comes when you have too much business so you stop selling... and yes, it happens. We are in that phase right now... can't seem to hire people fast enough... and yet we haven't done any real sales for over a year... (currently have 84 wireless orders waiting to be installed...

Re: [WISPA] sales 101

2006-12-20 Thread Joe Laura
Yes, Its all in how you present the sales offer weather one looks towards you as a used car salesman/saleswoman. I constantly tell salesman that if I would have known they were selling those particular items I would have been buying them. Then they say Well you should have asked Well that's their

Re: [WISPA] sales 101

2006-12-20 Thread W.D.McKinney
- Original Message - From: Travis Johnson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED], WISPA General List [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 19:58:21 -0900 Subject: Re: [WISPA] sales 101 The problem comes when you have too much business so you stop selling... and

RE: [WISPA] sales 101

2006-12-20 Thread Mac Dearman
Dang Travis - You need to let me send one of my installers up there. He can get 84 by himself in a month :-) I agree with what you are saying though as we haven't advertised in years and generally stay behind on the installs. I did buy some of those yard signs last month and put out advertising