Re: [WISPA] Terabeam Turbocell - Flash to 802.11b

2006-12-24 Thread Blair Davis
I assume you are talking about the clients. It depends on what clients you have Mark Nash - Lists wrote: Anyone know if there is a way to flash Terabeam/Proxim EtherAnt-Turbo wireless units with 802.11b firmware? I've got about 70 of these on 2 sites that I'm wanting to move away from

Re: [WISPA] bits per mbps

2006-12-24 Thread John Thomas
Marlon , why the additive pricing for additional Gigs? Why wouldn't you just charge x$ per gig, since that is essentially what you are being charged by your upstream. If someone is using an average of 161 kbps constantly for a month, that sounds a lot like a T-1. Speakeasy is doing T-1s to the