Re: [WISPA] Leasing 2.3 or 2.5 GHz Licensed Spectrum

2007-08-25 Thread Jon Langeler
Here's some examples of why someone might want to sell their license: undesirable lease agreement with license holder risk of roaming alienation from larger national carriers after deployment potential of competitive disadvantage in a given market (eg. competition offers national coverage)

[WISPA] Senao 3220 (outdoor / indoor) needed?

2007-08-25 Thread Kevin Cheng
Hi, We have some new Senao / EnGenius indoor / outdoor 3220 gears for about 15 units each. Please hit me offline if interested. We offer good price for such stock items. Thanks, Kevin Kevin Cheng WiBorne, Inc. Tel: 886-2-2223-0180; USA: 1-949-903-8502 Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[WISPA] Re: 5 mhz Bandwidth Rules for LGOAGN

2007-08-25 Thread John Scrivner
When you use 5 MHz channels it is always G mode. I am sorry that was not clear to you. I was hoping you would see if the Tranzeo client radio would associate to the LGO2AGN when it is in AP mode. Does that make sense? Maybe we need to set some time to work together on this. If the LGO2AGN as

[WISPA] WR 900 question

2007-08-25 Thread chris cooper
We have a WR 900 MHz cell that saw a sudden 10 db jump in noise. Running spec ans from other towers doesn't show this rise in noise in the same band. Doing sweeps from the tower using another device, albeit 600' lower than the affected ap, we still don't see the noise floor rise, even when we