Re: [WISPA] 1.9ghz?

2008-11-07 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Eric Muehleisen wrote: I thought PCS operated in 1.9ghz? -Eric 1850 - 1990mhz = PCS 1910 - 1930 = Unlicensed PCS Mike Hammett wrote: *nods* DECT is a cordless phone protocol that operates in its own band. It's just recently starting to catch on here in the states, but it has been

Re: [WISPA] 1.9ghz?

2008-11-07 Thread cw
DECT phones have been used in Europe for twenty years. FCC just got around to providing the 1.9GHz spectrum for U.S. to use them in past year. The technology is simply cell phone AP and clients which is highly advanced today and works better than anything else. One line is all there is just

[WISPA] ImageStream password reset?

2008-11-07 Thread Joe Fiero
Anyone know if there is a way to reset the IS routers when you don't know the password? Just opened a box on one we have had for some time. Shouldn't have a password, but I can't get into it. TIA Joe

Re: [WISPA] ImageStream password reset?

2008-11-07 Thread Jeff Broadwick
Hi Joe, Did you get the answer you needed from Josh? Jeff -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Joe Fiero Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 1:36 PM To: 'WISPA General List' Subject: [WISPA] ImageStream password reset? Anyone know if there is a

Re: [WISPA] 1.9ghz?

2008-11-07 Thread jp
One of the guys at work got one, and it plain out sucked for VOIP use, and was slightly lower quality than the normal cordless junk for normal use. Basically, too many digital conversions. Goes from analog in the handset to G726 32kbps through the air, back to analog, G729 over the Internet

[WISPA] Is there a minimum distance an amplifier has to be placed from a DC power injector?

2008-11-07 Thread Pat O'Connor
Antennas placed at the top of a 150' tower .5 watt amp 180' run of LDF 5/8 I'd like for both to be inside our building. If I don't have to place the amp on the tower I don't want to, because this location gets about 6' of snow a year. Thanks, Pat

Re: [WISPA] OT election results

2008-11-07 Thread reader
That's too bad. Prediction is that from now on... Who gets it is who pays the biggest bucks. insert witty tagline here - Original Message - From: Butch Evans [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WISPA General List Sent: Thursday, November 06,