Re: [WISPA] Mac Dearman

2009-01-14 Thread Jim Patient
Hey Mac, Not sure if you are checking mail. I left a msg. on Sharon's phone. I'm all healed up from my surgery so if you need us Bro, just give me a holler. Kalob and I can jump in the van and come give you a hand with anything you need. Take care of yourself. Jim 314-565-6863 Matt

[WISPA] Mac Dearman Update

2009-01-14 Thread John Scrivner
I just got off the phone with Sharon Dearman, Mac's better half, and they are getting ready to transfer to a new hospital in Monroe for a heart catheterization. His condition is what is known as unstable angina. This does not necessarily mean he is in any big trouble though. He is eating real

Re: [WISPA] Mac Dearman Update

2009-01-14 Thread Josh Luthman
Thank you very much for letting us know! Josh Luthman Office: 937-552-2340 Direct: 937-552-2343 1100 Wayne St Suite 1337 Troy, OH 45373 Those who don't understand UNIX are condemned to reinvent it, poorly. --- Henry Spencer On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 1:52 PM, John Scrivner

Re: [WISPA] Mac Dearman Update

2009-01-14 Thread Bo Hamilton
Thanks Scriv! Please keep us updated! Bo WISPA Wants You! Join today! WISPA Wireless List:

[WISPA] rental test gear

2009-01-14 Thread Marlon K. Schafer
Hi All, Just wanted to drop a line about a great new vendor I've run into. is a great company. I have rented a fancy Fluke meter for testing some cat5 issues I've been chasing. When I got the unit and couldn't quickly figure it out I called John for help. Right off the