Re: [WISPA] Wireless for America?

2011-12-07 Thread Ben West
My preferred source for greeking is Duck Island. They offer standard Lorem Ipsum, Marketroid, Hillbilly, Pseudo German, and Techno Babble. Lots of yuks. On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 10:00 AM, David E. Smith

[WISPA] Hialeah Gardens, FL

2011-12-07 Thread Dylan Bouterse
If anybody covers this area, please contact me off list. Thank you. Dylan WISPA Wants You! Join today!

[WISPA] Friends lost everything, in need of anything

2011-12-07 Thread Josh Luthman
Some friends just lost everything in their house. Everything but the clothes on their backs. They have been to the hospital and checked out and are fine. (Not sure if anyone can