Re: [WISPA] ISP's Required to Block Sites

2007-06-22 Thread Alan Cain

Michael Erskine wrote:

It seems that we are all quite busy, John.

I want to comment and agree with your sentiment if I may.

This list is a *professional* list.  People's politics are irrelevant 
and people who can not separate politics from their profession are 
immature socially.

Just tongue in cheek.  Of course this is a *professional* list. Terribly 
sorry. I'll just go over by the door.

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Re: [WISPA] ISP's Required to Block Sites

2007-06-21 Thread Alan Cain

Michael Erskine wrote:

Jack Unger wrote:


OK but please clarify. No need to be vague here.

Who was paranoid and/or what was the slip?


Michael Erskine wrote:

Jack Unger wrote:

For the moment anyway, it appears that ISPs will not be required to 
block websites based on either suspicion or on the orders of 
governmental agencies that may or may not have specific political 
motivations to deny free speech in the name of protecting public 
security or safety.


Then there appears to be nothing to be either overly political in 
our comment or excessively paranoid in our thinking?  That is good.  
Therefore let us try not to do that. Leadership is a tough place to 
stand neutral politically and it is understandable that the 
occasional slip happens.  Never the less, politics ans paranoia are 
not the purpose of WISPA.


Jack I quoted the pertinents.  There is no reason to suggest that 
governmental agencies  with political motivations would try to 
deny free speech in the name of protecting security or safety.

My son (the Iraq war combat veteran with a purple heart) and I talked 
the other day.  He goes back next week.

I said, Son, are we winning the war?

He said, That depends upon your definition of winning?

He explained that he and his brothers are bait.  Yep, his words 
exactly.  They are bait because Al Queda is too damn stupid to 
simply come to the US and kill people.  They take the easy target, 
Americans in Iraq.  Most folks don't get that.  I got it from day 
one...  six years ago.  You see, they can kill our children in Iraq, 
or they can kill our people in Boston, New York, or wherever.

Then he said, but if you define winning as a self sustaining, 
independant, Iraqui government, that is going to take ten years.

What does that mean to you and me?

It means that Iraq is going to belong to Iran or Syria before it 
becomes a democracy.

It means that you are going to be paying $5.00 per gallon before you 
are paying $2.50 per gallon.

Vote for the liberal, pro gay, female of your choice...

Is Ron Paul liberal and pro-gay, or would Bloomberg be more fun?
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Re: [WISPA] Camera recommendation

2007-05-22 Thread Alan Cain

George Rogato wrote:

I need to do some outdoor ip security cams and server. I need for 3 cams.
Not really looking for pan tilt zoom as much as clarity and wider 
angle lens

My customers budget for the cams and server software is bout 2k,

Any recommendations?

Axis I see around a lot, but they are a bit expensive
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Re: [WISPA] Sample letter to your representatives

2007-05-03 Thread Alan Cain

Ty Carter Lightwave Communications wrote:

This is a sample copy of what I just sent my representative Use it,
edit it, discard it... just send something...


Thank you. Done.
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Re: [WISPA] Was lemmings... now What is WISPA?

2007-05-02 Thread Alan Cain

Dawn DiPietro wrote:


Justify it anyway you like. Civil disobedience is not a viable 
solution. I don't see a large number of people stepping up to the 
plate and defending your position.

Whoa, there now! Civil disobedience is always a viable solution. This IS 
America (at least where I live), land of the free and home of the brave, 
a country of laws (remember?) and of the rights of all people guaranteed 
by our constitution and bill of rights. I remember the 60's and 70's 
(and participated) and I for one am NOT sorry.

I am a war veteran, disabled by our conflict, and a war protester, and I 
am bloody well sensitive to the idea that my fights (for individual 
rights and the rights of our citizens to squawk like hell) was for 
nothing. Was it?

I think our country was made, and made better, by civil disobedience, 
and that there is always a place for it. Always. Did I say always?

Alan Cain

The king can see that (I hope) without his spectacles.
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Re: [WISPA] Interesting Call Today

2007-05-02 Thread Alan Cain

Travis Johnson wrote:
Wow... I got a call today from a lady in Washington, DC wanting 
70-80 wireless connections in our area for a 3 month project. It was 
just a voicemail that she left, and I don't plan to call her back...

The ATT rep told our saleperson that he was looking for temporary (2 
service) to various locations that do not have access to cable/DSL or 
They need these connections for conference call meetings and will 
need our
company to set up a wireless router at the location as well.  He 
needs these
connections done in as short as a 3-4 day window. 

Has anyone else had similar calls?  Not sure if they are just fishing 
information or what. 

Yes, I did. they emailed me. I quote:

We are interested in high speed internet on temporary basis like 1-2 
days for approx 70-100 users in the areas you are already established 
and serving.  The services would be used by government folks.   We will 
be ready to use the services later in 2007 and most of 2008.
Please let me know a contact name and number with email address so we 
can discuss this further.

Thank you

 or end quote.

They responded to my reply as well.
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Re: [WISPA] McCaw losing money?

2007-04-01 Thread Alan Cain

Quite so. Very true.

Tom DeReggi wrote:

The idea is to put yourself in a spot that you won't feel the squeeze.

When enough of your gear is paid for, enough of your cell sites are 
traded, once you've reached a scale to have rock bottom bandwidth, and 
spread your business around without all your eggs in one 
basket/market, it becomes easier.  One of your markets can subsidize 
the other.   When you send the message that under pricing you doesn't 
harm you, and doesn't help them succeed, they have no motive to 
continue wasting their money in that type of marketing.  This is the 
year to figure out how to make your business less vulnerable, and be 
more competitive. The sooner one acknowledge that the competition is 
comming, the sooner one can prepair for it.  If you aren't in a 
position to prepare for it, the only choice is to sell it to someone 
that is, or milk it for all its worth while it dies. But the idea that 
a First-in WISP can't compete, is wrong.  What you need to do is 
identify the Anchor tenants and get them as fast as you can, 
preferably in long term contracts, to subsidize the others.  
Ironically, the markets that I'm growing fastest right now, are my 
most competitive markets.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL  Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Re: [WISPA] McCaw losing money?

2007-03-30 Thread Alan Cain

George Rogato wrote:

Alan Cain wrote:

And quoting unit prices is fully effective enough. One of my POPs has 
gone from 20 customers to 1 customer, as Qwest has aggressively 
targeted the area with phone calls to each (!) of my customers 4, 5 
and 6 times a week, offering 1.7 Mbps service for 37.50/month. The 
contract is vaguely and worded in very fine print so no one gets that 
it is an introductory price, with miscellaneous services and taxes 
extra. Many will probably rue the day, but I can't hold on to that 
POP with one customer.

And how the heck did they get so specific on the customer list? Do 
they offer a cut to judas goats?

They do the same thing around here.

What speeds and price were you offering that they picked of most of 
your subs?

40.00 per month, 3 Mbps (actual). And we do offer hand holding, 
antivirus filtering, spam filtering and usually free truck rolls for 
problems (we only charge for the most clearly definable not our fault 
issues, such as computer repairs).

We pride ourselves on customer service. Every one of the departing has 
said so sorry to go - loved your service. Boils down to perfect 
service and perceived lowest price.

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Re: [WISPA] McCaw losing money?

2007-03-30 Thread Alan Cain

Dylan Oliver wrote:


You offer wireless service at $40/mo, don't you? I'm surprised that 

left you for $2.50 a month. Inertia alone is worth far more to people ..
especially when it comes to things like changing internet addresses, 
and the
prospect of having to learn something new. How fast is your service in 
area? Have customers experienced any big outages recently? Could you 

them to rate your service vs. Qwest's, as they now experience it? Include
points like: Speed .. Extra Services .. Price .. Quality of Customer 

.. Stability of Service.

I can only imagine that Qwest targeted the whole area, not just your
customers. How could they possibly know, short of driving around 
looking for

antennas? Why would they waste the time looking when they could just call
everyone in the area?

I *AM* probably certifiably paranoid. I have had to work with our 
favorite Grant County PUD (which is currently being sued for antitrust 
activities against local ISPs - you should check out 
for some Very Interesting Reading), and having had my face rubbed into 
how agencies and companies can truly act, I am a bit sensitive.

I have JUST found out that they have a retired Qwest telecom  engineer  
guy in the neighborhood who has been urging management to push hard; 
there is a new vacation home development coming on strong which would 
have been a big payoff for my investment there. A vacation spot for 
Microsofties (we are on the shores of a beautiful lake in Eastern 

And, I also found out yesterday that there is the issue of the 
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science student who has a Motorola 
Frequency Hopper. His senior project this winter (2006) was 
Non-line-of-sight still image and telemetry communications using 
certain wireless technologies. He has been turning it on and off (yes, 
I can see it on my spectrum analyzer). Yesterday was very informative 
and a little discouraging.

He had the gall to tell a non-technical neighbor that he had a frequency 
hopper at his house. We had a talk, and he said Gee, I'm innocent - you 
don't suppose my smartbridge could fail that way, do you? Gosh, that 
would be like a denial of service attack - you do believe me, don't you?

I am pondering filing against him; that makes no friends but acts in a 
preventive fashion. I imagine everyone on this list has a strong opinion 
on that one.

Sometimes you can have ticks, fleas and tapeworms. Sometimes they can 
suck you dry.

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Re: [WISPA] McCaw losing money?

2007-03-30 Thread Alan Cain

Dylan Oliver wrote:

What exactly is it you're going to file against this student?

That is the question, isn't it. I am not a lawyer. Just pissed.

I could file him with a nice rasp. (that is a joke)
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Re: [WISPA] McCaw losing money?

2007-03-29 Thread Alan Cain

George Rogato wrote:

Travis Johnson wrote:
I agree with almost everything you said... except the triple play 
revenue... Qwest is doing a triple play system (Qwest DSL, Qwest VoIP 
and DirecTV) for $99 per month with $0 install.

Also, I don't have a problem with 30-50 year ROI for fiber... but 
ClearWire is wireless... all the equipment will have to swapped out 
in 5 years.


Qwest is finally doing better. More dsl revenue.

But I wonder what the 99.00 doesn't include and how much the total 
package costs, with extra charges.

They never tell the total price, they just quote a unit price.

And quoting unit prices is fully effective enough. One of my POPs has 
gone from 20 customers to 1 customer, as Qwest has aggressively targeted 
the area with phone calls to each (!) of my customers 4, 5 and 6 times a 
week, offering 1.7 Mbps service for 37.50/month. The contract is vaguely 
and worded in very fine print so no one gets that it is an introductory 
price, with miscellaneous services and taxes extra. Many will probably 
rue the day, but I can't hold on to that POP with one customer.

And how the heck did they get so specific on the customer list? Do they 
offer a cut to judas goats?

I begin to think the big guys are now starting the big squeeze. Oh, 
expletive deleted.

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Re: [WISPA] CALEA compliance methods

2007-03-27 Thread Alan Cain

I, for one, welcome our new overlords.

Our Canadian brothers and sisters are going to be dealing with their 
version of CALEA soon. This is a first reading of a bill in the Canadian 
legislative body.

At least they address the issue of cost to ISPs; unfortunately, they 
also don't believe in unnecessary restrictions on their right to 
whatever they want.

start quotishness:

Unnamed so-and-so on slashdot writes Bill C-416, recently introduced in 
the Canadian Parliament, would if passed require Internet providers to 
provide wiretapping facilities to law enforcement — without a warrant, 
and with 'confidentiality' requirements reminiscent of the secret-spying 
cases we've seen recently in the States. This new Act is a reprise of 
last Parliament's C-74, which failed when the Government's term ended. 
End quote.

This enactment requires telecommunications service providers to put in 
place and maintain certain capabilities that facilitate the lawful 
interception of information transmitted by telecommunications and to 
provide basic information about their subscribers to the Royal Canadian 
Mounted Police, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the 
Commissioner of Competition and any police service constituted under the 
laws of a province.

Exemption order by Governor in Council

30. (1) The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the 
Minister and the Minister of Industry, make an order exempting any class 
of telecommunications service providers from all or part of the 
obligations under any of sections 6, 9 to 11, 17, 18 and 28 or under any 
regulations made for the purposes of those sections.


(2) Before making an order, the Governor in Council shall consider
(a) the extent to which the exemption would adversely affect national 
security or law enforcement;
(b) whether the telecommunications service providers can comply with the 
obligations from which they would be exempted;
(c) whether the costs of compliance with those obligations would have an 
unreasonable adverse effect on the business of the telecommunications 
service providers; and
(d) whether compliance with those obligations would unreasonably impair 
the provision of telecommunications services to Canadians or the 
competitiveness of the Canadian telecommunications industry.

31. (1) The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the 
Minister, make regulations for carrying out the purposes and provisions 
of this Act and prescribing anything that is to be prescribed under this 
Act, including regulations
(a) respecting obligations under subsection 6(1), including specifying 
the time, manner and form in which they must be performed and the 
circumstances in which they do not apply or need not be performed;
(b) requiring telecommunications service providers to specify the 
locations where intercepted communications will be provided and 
governing which locations may be so specified;
(c) respecting the operational requirements referred to in section 7, 
including matters of time, manner and form in relation to them and the 
circumstances in which they do not apply or need not be met and, for the 
purposes of paragraph 7(d),
(i) providing for the minimum number and maximum number of simultaneous 
interceptions or the manner of determining them,

(ii) prescribing what is to be counted as a single interception,
(iii) governing requests to increase the number of those interceptions, 
including the circumstances in which requests may be made, the manner of 
making them and the duration of the increases, and
(iv) respecting the maximum number of agencies for which a 
telecommunications service provider is to simultaneously enable 

(d) for the purposes of subsection 15(3), prescribing matters that the 
Minister is to consider in deciding what amount is reasonable or what 
expenses are necessary;
(e) for the purposes of sections 17 and 18, respecting the making of 
requests and the provision of information under those sections, including
(i) specifying information that is to be provided with respect to name, 
address or other identifiers, the manner of — and time for — providing 
it and the circumstances under which particular information is to be 

(ii) prescribing those other identifiers, and
(iii) prescribing any confidentiality or security measures with which 
the telecommunications service provider must comply in providing that 
(f) for the purposes of section 24, respecting the assessment and 
testing of telecommunications facilities and transmission apparatus; and

(g) for carrying out sections 34 to 49, including
(i) designating any provision of this Act or of any regulation, or any 
order or class of orders made under this Act or any requirement or 
condition of such a provision or order or class of orders — or class of 
such requirements or 

Re: [WISPA] Moisture Ingress

2007-03-16 Thread Alan Cain

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

I tried using silicone on the connectors but that eventually shrinks 
and there's something in it that corrodes the connectors.  Bad idea.

Acetic Acid (aka vinegar) is the byproduct of the curing process.

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Re: [WISPA] tv whitespaces filings

2007-03-08 Thread Alan Cain

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
Good grief guys, there are only 12 new filings in the last week or 

I don't have a cute secretary like Mary, Marlon.

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Re: [WISPA] Solar power

2006-11-17 Thread Alan Cain

I have some - the typical shopping list is like this:

Kyocera solar panels - 4 kc130-k, at approx. 680.00 each - gives me 14 
volts at 14 amps on a good day (to charge batteries)

Mounting hardware - varies 100-200
wiring harnesses between panels - 50.00
wiring harness to charge controller (below) 20
Trojan l16H batteries - 2 to 4, at 270 each (+/-)
wiring interconnects -  Series to 12 volts, parallel from there 30.00
fuses and cutoff switch between batteries and everything else 40.00
fuses and cutoff switch between panels and everything else 40.00
charge controller - I have used shell 20's (120.00 with enclosure) 
successfully, though they are a bit low rated for the solar load - I 
have gone to Xantrex charge controllers with cute lights and battery 
temperature sensors (twice as much - 245 plus 29)

voltage regulator (90.00) for 12 v to 18 v boost (range 6 v to 24 v)
timer   50.00 (sometimes I set them up to be off from 1 am to 5 am, to 
save power during the gray, foggy period coming up)(December 1 to 
February 1) - that's why 4 batteries, too. It is better to add batteries 
than panels for the most part (see Kyocera panels above) and auto 
tilting mounts don't give us that much advantage up here above 45degrees 
north - just a few percent. In the southern lands, I'd give them a try.
Enclosure for the stuff - varies, depending on whether I find a sweet 
box or build a little hut. ($ whatever)

Grounding stuff. - rods, #2 copper wire, wire lugs, clamps. 100.00

About 5000.00 for a decent power setup for me. I am using Tranzeo 
radios, at 18 volts. Very Christmas-like, with the flickering lights on 
top of the tower...

I have a generator handy for charging on really bad stretches - a Honda 
2000i, for about 900.00, with a SERIOUS cable lock.

And if the lousy communists/free spending democrats/stinking republican 
fascists/religious true believing kooks/screwed up militarists/nasty 
bird flu ridden ducks/global frying eco-terrorists/flaming radical 
libertarians make everything bad, I can harvest my stuff to power my 
house (WOO HOO!!) H maybe I should go take a look. I Am 
Armed. And carry sharp Multimeter probes.

And, it's fun - bragging rights, ya know.

I'll send you drawings if you want (on my time schedule - I am in the 
middle of an assembly right now  :} )
There are several good supply houses for the parts, and most of them are 
Very Helpful. I'd tell you who I use, but that would be Bad Form.

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Re: [WISPA] America's InternetDisconnect

2006-11-15 Thread Alan Cain

And they're going to hold the Public Utility Districts up as examples of 
wonderful partnerships, never mind that they are big fat bloated money 
holes taking the worst of public and joining it with the worst of 
private (see Grant county PUD, via - did I come 
across as negative??

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

Great.   Hang onto your wallets, guys.   It's gonna get rocky.

When you hear these guys say we gotta do something about it, it means hand
over massive piles of money to real business (ie, telcos).

There's nothing here about entreprenurial types being the stars of the
internet spread, it's the failure of government to make it happen.

The solution to our broadband crisis must ultimately involve public-private
initiatives like those that built the railroad, highway and telephone
systems. Combined with an overhaul of our universal service system to make
sure it is focusing on the needs of broadband, this represents our best
chance at recapturing our leadership position.

This means nothing other than some big business being given a monopoly and
getting into bed with the government.

  pounds head on desk...  People get what they vote for...why, oh
why...don't they learn 

+++ - fast internet for North East Oregon and South East Washington
email me at mark at neofast dot net
Direct commercial inquiries to purchasing at neofast dot net

- Original Message - 

To: WISPA General List
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006 12:37 AM
Subject: [WISPA] America's InternetDisconnect


FCC Commissioner Mike Copps writes an editorial for the Wash. Post

America's Internet Disconnect

By Michael J. Copps
Wednesday, November 8, 2006; Page A27

America's record in expanding broadband communication is so poor that it
should be viewed as an outrage by every consumer and businessperson in the
country. Too few of us have broadband connections, and those who do pay


much for service that is too slow. It's hurting our economy, and things


only going to get worse if we don't do something about it.

The United States is 15th in the world in broadband penetration, according
to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). When the ITU measured


broader digital opportunity index (considering price and other factors)


were 21st -- right after Estonia. Asian and European customers get home
connections of 25 to 100 megabits per second (fast enough to stream
high-definition video). Here, we pay almost twice as much for connections
that are one-twentieth the speed.


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Re: [WISPA] Friday Fun. Worlds most expensive gate chain

2006-11-06 Thread Alan Cain

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
One of my tower sites has this chain on the main gate.  It's always 
fun to remember where the key goes

Anyone else have similar setups?

(509) 982-2181   Equipment sales
(408) 907-6910 (Vonage)Consulting services
42846865 (icq)And I run my own wisp! (net meeting)

Looks like Ephrata!

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Re: [WISPA] Symbol Spectrum Software

2006-10-24 Thread Alan Cain

Carl A Jeptha wrote:

Looking for the Symbol tech Spectrum analyzer Software.

contact me off-list. I have it here somewhere. [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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