Re: [WISPA] New revenue stream *THREAD CLOSED!*

2006-03-07 Thread Alex Huppenthal
my apologies to the members of the list if they found it offensive. Reality is we need to consider content rules as much as need to consider VoIP gateways. since you've arbitrarily decided its not 'proper content' based on your view, I've decided to drop my involvement in WISPA. bye On

Re: [WISPA] Canopy Site, off-power-grid

2006-03-06 Thread Alex Huppenthal
Plan for an amp hour / hour.. 24 amp hours / day. if you buy a couple of 100 amp hour walmart marine batteries you'd have 200/24 or about 9 days of run time without solar. I don't know what solar planning you need in Jersey. DoE has some maps of the US for solar planning - if it works out

Re: [WISPA] ATT merging with BellSouth

2006-03-05 Thread Alex Huppenthal
Google's market cap is $126 billion.. Still smaller than this new company, but close. Start a company with google's vision but for telcom and get a $150 billion market cap.. :-) On Mar 5, 2006, at 9:56 AM, Frank Muto wrote: NYT/WSJ ATT Inc. is nearing the acquisition of BellSouth Corp.