Re: [WISPA] Searchable Map of Stimulus projects

2009-09-15 Thread Brian Whigham
Just a quit though - correct me if I am wrong, but... Isnt blocking competition very un-American somehow? Is blocking even possible? Seriously? You would categorize government-subsidized broadband expansion as capitalistic competition?

Re: [WISPA] Laptop

2007-09-11 Thread Brian Whigham
Jenco Wireless wrote: The Lenovo x61 is supposed to be pretty good - I just can't make myself spend that kind of money. I have the x60. It does not have xbrite or anything. I've used it outside a little. But, I don't think I'd want to do that very much. It's legible, though, IIRC. $1360

Re: [WISPA] Routers; OpenWRT

2007-02-08 Thread Brian Whigham
On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 12:50 -0600, Matt wrote: What I would like to know is what is the cheapest router that is supported by OpenWRT? I'd almost guarantee it's the Buffalo WHR-G54S. I've only one so far. It's been at grandma's house doing a 300' link in client mode. It's been installed almost

Re: [WISPA] America's InternetDisconnect

2006-11-09 Thread Brian Whigham
Peter R. wrote: FCC Commissioner Mike Copps writes an editorial for the Wash. Post America's Internet Disconnect By Michael J. Copps Wednesday, November 8, 2006; Page A27 America's record in expanding broadband communication is so poor that it should be viewed as an

Re: [WISPA] Vonage and Fax

2006-11-08 Thread Brian Whigham
Brian Rohrbacher wrote: Will a vonage # and service work with a fax machine? I wouldn't count on it. The service needs to have T.38 compatibility. I believe that BroadVoice offers that. but, you could get a separate fax service which forwards fax to your email. I think that would be a

Re: [WISPA] identity of mini-pci cards

2006-11-01 Thread Brian Whigham
Brian Rohrbacher wrote: I have some mini-pci cards but I don't know anything about them. Anyone know of a good way to determine what they are. Maybe by mac address? Brian use linux (on a laptop with a mini-pci slot). Run lspci to show the manufacturer's ID, name, etc, of the hardware.

Re: [WISPA] Quick note of hello

2006-10-21 Thread Brian Whigham
Mr Villarini, I came across an old post of yours and was wondering whether you definitively decided if the Arlan 630-900 APs could be bridged. I've not been able to find a clear answer. I'm looking for a cheap 900 mhz bridge. If you were successful in bridging them, could you comment on

Re: [WISPA] soho router to replace wrt54g?

2006-05-16 Thread Brian Whigham
on there; but, I should have RTFM a little more. These aftermarket firmwares install most easily and readily on the WRT54GL. See open source routers at: Brian Whigham Yonder Networks 360-226-7561 Rick Harnish wrote: I refuse to sell Linksys routers anymore

Re: [WISPA] Netgear Wall Plugged Ethernet

2006-05-10 Thread Brian Whigham
Brian R. I agree with the other two posts by Jack and JohnnyO. They are nifty devices. I use the FD4070 Belkins (think that's the model). But, I don't really think using these in commercial applications is a good idea. I have had problems with having to reset both devices (primarily on

Re: [WISPA] Fw: USDA RUS loans/grants?

2006-04-26 Thread Brian Whigham
posted below. Sorry if I was totally off base; I wasn't quite sure what you were asking. Brian Whigham Yonder Networks 888-770-3421 Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote: anyone seen anything like this before? Marlon (509) 982-2181

Re: [WISPA] Pioneering Wi-Fi City Sees Startup Woes

2006-04-25 Thread Brian Whigham
be number one anymore? That's a qualification that's hard to buy for $2.4m, even if it's not a perfect system. Brian Whigham Yonder Networks 800-770-3421 706-534-1515 Census Data for Kissimmee: Bob Moldashel wrote: 3500 registered users

Re: [WISPA] Pioneering Wi-Fi City Sees Startup Woes

2006-04-25 Thread Brian Whigham
the idea. We won't stop these efforts in many cases, no matter how hard we try. But, we might be able to ride the tide if we try to cooperate and provide assistance. Brian Whigham Yonder Networks 800-770-3421 706-534-1515 George wrote: Travis Johnson wrote: You guys are all missing the point

Re: [WISPA] phone-to-voip-to-ethernet conversion

2006-04-07 Thread Brian Whigham
to someone at the remote office; this would be ugly). Hope that helps, Brian Whigham Yonder Networks John J. Thomas wrote: PBXFXOmoduleEthernetWirelessBridgeWirelessBridgeEthernetFXS module Here is one example, Google will probably get you cheaper ones John

Re: [WISPA] VPN and router choices

2006-03-16 Thread Brian Whigham
(with plenty of horsepower), but cheaper. Luck to ya, Brian Whigham Yonder Networks Bo Hamilton wrote: Hello list, Im looking at setting up some VPN's and I have looked at many routers that claim ease of use. Linksys, NetGear, D-Link and so on. I was wondering if someone could tell me what

Re: [WISPA] VoIP/PBX Gateway appliance

2006-03-07 Thread Brian Whigham
care to share who you're using for termination or how much volume you're purchasing? Matt Liotta wrote: Charles Wu wrote: Out of you mean 2-5 cents per minute? Or 0.2 to 0.5 cents per minute? .2 cents; 2 cents a minute wouldn't be a very good deal. -Matt -- WISPA

Re: [WISPA] OT: Automated Call System

2006-03-07 Thread Brian Whigham
Asterisk PBX. It's an open-source PBX server. see I can help you set up a server, if needed. Brian Whigham Yonder Networks 478-442-1678 Bill Austin wrote: I need to setup an automated call system. One

Re: [WISPA] OT: Automated Call System

2006-03-07 Thread Brian Whigham
the list. I have an older PC and a voice-capable modem that I can use for this. I can also give it a public IP so it can be administered from anywhere. Thanks, Bill Brian Whigham wrote: Bill, Are you talking about an Auto Attendant that can provide precanned messages for callers like a call

[WISPA] OT: VoIP termination

2006-03-07 Thread Brian Whigham
I don't know what volume Matt's dealing with. But, I haven't checked the lowest prices in a few months; so my interest was piqued. Here's what I found. If anyone has any experience with these providers, let me know. Both provide IAX2 and SIP. (since '97) Product