Re: [WISPA] USAF Request - Read this is you want to keep using 5630-5800 Mhz

2014-06-12 Thread Gary Garrett
Yes it really is that easy. Welcome to the New World Order. The Government owns the spectrum and we only get to use it if they feel like letting us. End of story. In WW2 they shut down Ham radio for security even though today it is accepted that hams are Helping the Government in

Re: [WISPA] Unusually High Scans/Invalid Login

2014-02-21 Thread Gary Garrett
The Cyber war is on! Since the first of the year we have been hit with DDOS attacks, DNS server attacks, Phishing attacks, users sending in their passwords getting us blacklisted, and the usual Wireless interference coming from who knows where. If you have a Network you will be a target. The

Re: [WISPA] be on the look out for this

2014-01-18 Thread Gary Garrett
We got hit by this. Real Bummer. 4,000 connections pounding ports 123 and 19 on one IP address. 30 meg sustained and 70 - 80 meg peaks. Took down the entire 100 meg fiber due to the massive packets per second. It is still ongoing but our upstream had to block it at the edge and is still

Re: [WISPA] be on the look out for this

2014-01-18 Thread Gary Garrett
AM, Mike Hammett wrote: Were you the target or the source? - Mike Hammett Intelligent Computing Solutions *From: *Gary Garrett *To: *WISPA General List

Re: [WISPA] Solat panels: series or parallel?

2013-11-19 Thread Gary Garrett
You probably need more Sun, or less load. It sounds like you have it wired correctly. The panels should tilt south about the same angle as your Lattitude. Up here on the canadian border we are at 48 degrees lattitude so the panels tilt about 45 degrees. In the summer they lay flat. Gary On

Re: [WISPA] Solat panels: series or parallel?

2013-11-19 Thread Gary Garrett
5 amps is a pretty hefty load. Try to cut that down by combining radios to one power supply or eliminate unnecessary stuff. Remember the solar charge time in winter is only from 10 AM to 2 PM the rest of the day the charge is much less. You are burning 1/3 of the charging in the load, not

Re: [WISPA] Question about ISM and UNII

2012-08-22 Thread Gary Garrett
Light them up through the windows from across the street. We have done this to hotels that have rules like that. They are not in control of radio waves coming in, just physical access to the building. On 8/22/2012 9:44 AM, Chris Stradtman wrote: this is actually inside a structure not on

Re: [WISPA] Backhaul Link gone bonkers

2012-01-30 Thread Gary Garrett
Interference. Don't believe the noise floor reading. I do not think it is implemented correctly on the Atheros chip. On 1/30/2012 4:28 PM, Scott Reed wrote: Update after more work today. Replaced all the electronics at one end early this morning. No real change. Replace the cable and

Re: [WISPA] WISP for sale

2012-01-18 Thread Gary Garrett
I figured it out by lurking on, All the Chicks want younger guys, any car will do. By the way, can anyone tell me why that hot new red convertible that I bought doesn't seem to be helping me get any chicks? jack

Re: [WISPA] Cordless Phone Ring Interference

2011-12-27 Thread Gary Garrett
No, actually the ringing is generated by the handset from the power in its battery. The command to ring is just a series of 1's and 0's sent from the base unit to instruct the handset to ring. On 12/27/2011 5:40 PM, Josh Luthman wrote: How would the handsets know to ring if not told by the

Re: [WISPA] Cordless Phone Ring Interference

2011-12-27 Thread Gary Garrett
The ringing current from the Telco to the base unit is 120 cycles per second AC. It would be more like AC hum on a sound system. I would bet the 2.4 phone system is using most if not all the band at pretty low power. Probably it is the wake up and setup for a call that is knocking out the ISP

Re: [WISPA] Cordless Phone Ring Interference

2011-12-27 Thread Gary Garrett
Yeah, I am sure there is a huge amount of data transferred in the wake up command. The handsets go into a sleep mode to give max battery life. The ring command is probably just all 0's or all 1's like the old frame relay connections use to tell the other end to loop back. The actual talk data

Re: [WISPA] OT: Undersea Cables

2011-07-15 Thread Gary Garrett
Looks like most of the Internet will go dark when California goes off into the ocean.. On 7/14/2011 2:06 PM, Jerry Richardson wrote: Interesting stuff: WISPA Wants

Re: [WISPA] Always climb with a buddy......

2011-03-18 Thread Gary Garrett
I don't know man, It seems like a lot of trouble to go to if you are just going to kill yourself. At 50' any fool can see you are high enough to get the job done. Even in the dark. On 3/18/2011 9:05 PM, RickG wrote: You know what happens when you assume :) But he was young and strong

Re: [WISPA] OT; securing extension ladder to SUV roof rack

2010-11-09 Thread Gary Garrett
We use these. 2 on each ladder. www.hookum*dano*.com/ On 11/8/2010 12:48 PM, Steven McGehee wrote: Hi all, Got a situation that I think a lot of you all probably deal with as well. We have a service SUV with a roof rack that we use to transport a 28' extension ladder (14' in stored

Re: [WISPA] OT; securing extension ladder to SUV roof rack

2010-11-09 Thread Gary Garrett
OK, I hate copy and paste. Try this link. On 11/9/2010 10:23 AM, Gary Garrett wrote: We use these. 2 on each ladder. www.hookum*dano*.com/ On 11/8/2010 12:48 PM, Steven McGehee wrote: Hi all, Got a situation that I think a lot of you all probably deal with as well

Re: [WISPA] OT; securing extension ladder to SUV roof rack

2010-11-09 Thread Gary Garrett
OK, so I can't read or type either. Thats why I am an ISP. On 11/9/2010 10:36 AM, Gary Garrett wrote: OK, I hate copy and paste. Try this link. On 11/9/2010 10:23 AM, Gary Garrett wrote: We use these. 2 on each ladder. www.hookum*dano*.com

Re: [WISPA] anyone know what this is about?

2010-10-20 Thread Gary Garrett
I'm thinking the Gov'mnt will not know for sure if there is a backdoor or not without trying it, and with just a few more clicks they are monitoring some guy at random and so we WILL be checked at random for our Protection. There goes the whole warrant thing right there. I am sure it works

Re: [WISPA] I'm pulling Mikrotik

2010-09-16 Thread Gary Garrett
Make me a good deal on the Mikrotiks. On 9/16/2010 11:04 AM, Forbes Mercy wrote: I have about 30 seconds to leave this, I'm going to pull every Mikrotik I have, that's about 30 radios and replace them with UBNIT. I'm sick and tired of spending all last night because two radios just

Re: [WISPA] Funny Website Error

2010-08-30 Thread Gary Garrett
Heck I get that untrusted error when I go to Network Solutions. And they issued the certificate! Trust NO ONE over 30! OOps, thats ME! On 8/30/2010 11:10 AM, Matt Larsen - Lists wrote: OH NO! Who are we doing to trust now??? :^)

Re: [WISPA] DOS attack

2010-08-02 Thread Gary Garrett
Lately I have had some Pfishers get passwords to users E-mail and start sending out from their Webmail accounts. I have taken to blocking the entire /8 . about 16 million addresses each. Really cuts down on the incoming spam also. No complaints yet. Well, I believe in this case it was

Re: [WISPA] Frontier

2010-07-23 Thread Gary Garrett
I got my first Frontier bill and it looks like the only thing that changed was the word Verizon became Frontier. It is even the same electronic lady that answers the phone. I hate her I just keep entering the wrong answers and soon she says please hold while I transfer you to

Re: [WISPA] Looking for 900 MHz pioneers

2010-06-14 Thread Gary Garrett
My experience exactly. After 6 years of Trango 900 success the 900 SCADA and remote Meters for the Water dept. screwed it up. Add in only 3 meg of throughput and we are moving away from 900 except for extreme trees. It is very rural here, some of our customers don't even have electricity. I


2010-04-29 Thread Gary Garrett
I don't know Jack... But you knew that. Who is Jack? WISPA Wants You! Join today! WISPA

Re: [WISPA] Trango 5830 AP going deaf

2010-03-20 Thread Gary Garrett
That is the classic sign of a mid path lightning strike. Kind of like looking at a nuclear explosion with field glasses. It probably hit somewhere closer to the AP than the clients. We had a strike in the middle of a lake... it got the AP and all the clients all around the lake shore, not

Re: [WISPA] VZ Tower Contact

2010-03-16 Thread Gary Garrett
Co-locate with Verizon? ha ha ha ha ha ! HA HA HA HA HA!!~!! I hope you have applied for CLEC status and have a BIG BIG bank account! On 3/16/2010 6:54 AM, chris cooper wrote: Does anyone have a good contact for VZ tower Co-lo in the Midwest? Thanks Chris Cooper Intelliwave

Re: [WISPA] Your experiences - RB750/RB750G Durability

2010-03-15 Thread Gary Garrett
I have had problems with ethernet causing noise on 145-150 Mhz also. This was not Mikrotik anything. I think it is several RF sources mixing in the switch and retransmitting a harmonic. It depends on what the combination of transmit Freqs at the site is. Shielded cable, ferrite beads and


2010-02-24 Thread Gary Garrett
Don't forget to send them your Bank account number, PIN, and mothers maiden name or they will approve it anyway. On 2/24/2010 8:21 AM, David Hulsebus wrote: I got an e-mail from them asking about our domain registration, and someone in China wanting to register the,

Re: [WISPA] Subscription Test Posting

2010-01-10 Thread Gary Garrett
Important! If you did not receive this message CALL ME! Josh Luthman wrote: I don't think I got it either. On 1/10/10, Robert West wrote: Sorry. I'm afraid that I did not get your message.

Re: [WISPA] Broadband compared to electricity of the early 1900's

2009-12-16 Thread Gary Garrett
I am told it is the fluoride in the water. What is it that blocks so many people's minds from objectively evaluating the performance of government just as they would wireless equipment, an anti-virus, a car, a can opener, or even safety gear? It's some kind of religion?Maybe?

Re: [WISPA] Multiple Radio cards in an enclosure

2009-12-03 Thread Gary Garrett
Then why do they call it Tin Foil if is really aluminum? Maybe you need a ground wire to a copper plate on the bottom of your shoes. Robert West wrote: So my aluminum foil hat is just bogus Man, I was wondering. Now I need to find some steel foil

Re: [WISPA] Tranzeo Troubles

2009-11-17 Thread Gary Garrett
Reality. Dumb question: What are you left with if you lose your insanity? :-) WISPA Wants You! Join today!

Re: [WISPA] Cat3 instead of Cat5

2009-11-17 Thread Gary Garrett
Guys, The Category rating has to do with the number of twists per inch. The more twists the more the noise cancels out. Noise screws up Data. Noise usually comes from AC power somewhere. The lower the cat number the more screwed up your Data will be. Period. Robert West wrote: Phone line is

Re: [WISPA] Metered Billing

2009-11-12 Thread Gary Garrett
If it is free you can have ALL the business! Ah, but information wants to be free! WISPA Wants You! Join today!

Re: [WISPA] Netflix, Hula starting to creat issues with network.

2009-11-11 Thread Gary Garrett
Yes, this is the answer I am looking for. Let me know when this is available / stable, and you will soon become a rich man. things like NetFlix will be AUTOMATICALLY identified and handled according to the network administrator's wishes. Is that the answer you wanted? LOL.

Re: [WISPA] USF changes?

2009-11-11 Thread Gary Garrett
I hate to say this but I agree. MDK wrote: Yes, they do understand it. You're not understanding the point.The telcos have big bucks to lobby with, and benefit the regulators. We do not.Thus, we will NEVER be on their list.We cannot get onto the top of the rolodex until we

Re: [WISPA] IPTV -- Anyone doing it?

2009-11-09 Thread Gary Garrett
The best option is create your own local content no license fees. This means everything the local TV station has with no FCC license. Probably only doable with a big cash reserve you pulled out of the stock market. So, what options exist for IPTV ?

Re: [WISPA] Metered Billing

2009-11-08 Thread Gary Garrett
Just a side note, the water meters were installed by mandate of the DEQ (Government Agency) They fixed it so the Utilities could not borrow money or apply for grants if they were not metered. With the way our politics are going right now it may not be long before there is a Gov Agency making

Re: [WISPA] Metered Billing

2009-11-07 Thread Gary Garrett
You sound like the cell phone company. I am convinced the big failure in my business model is I charge by the month while the cellular guys charge by the minute. Travis Johnson wrote: Hi, You are talking about having to add additional resources (radius, etc.) to track it. Then you have to

Re: [WISPA] Metered Billing

2009-11-07 Thread Gary Garrett
That won't last for long.. I used to be the water system guy in a previous life. We put in meters and usage dropped 40%. I followed water running along the road once and found a hose running in the horse trough while the guy was on vacation. He took a cruise and didn't want the horses

Re: [WISPA] Gotta Have

2009-10-19 Thread Gary Garrett
Its called a Coat Hanger. Mark McElvy wrote: Where do you get or call those 1ft long wires? Mark McElvy -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Marlon K. Schafer Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 9:09 AM To: WISPA

Re: [WISPA] The Net Neutrality speech we've all been waiting for

2009-09-23 Thread Gary Garrett
No problem, The New World Order can handle that. They can pry my firewall from my cold, dead hands. -RickG WISPA Wants You! Join today!

Re: [WISPA] Fw: [TowerTalk] Tower Vandalism

2009-09-05 Thread Gary Garrett
I don't know, you should never talk about a willingness to shoot someone. A good lawyer will find your E-mail on the Internet and use that against you. If you do shoot someone be sure you do it right so they die... Even the most hardened criminal does not look threatening to the Jury when

Re: [WISPA] Fw: [TowerTalk] Tower Vandalism

2009-09-05 Thread Gary Garrett
Your Lawyer will say that when the time comes. If you say anything at all at the scene, the only installer you will ever have to deal with will be some creep named Bubba. Don't forget I used force necessary to maintain the situation. When the police arrive, say ONLY 3 things, and repeat

Re: [WISPA] Bill proposed to give President Emergencey Contol of Interent

2009-08-28 Thread Gary Garrett
OMG I think I am going to throw up. Bend over boys we want to look up inside your network. Think TSA for the Internet instead of for airports. WISPA Wants You! Join today!

Re: [WISPA] Mountain Top Grounding

2009-08-23 Thread Gary Garrett
All of my sites are like that. Your real ground is the Power company neutral. They pound a rod at every meter, transformer, and splice box. Each pole also has a copper plate on the bottom with the weight of the pole on it. All the way back to Hoover Dam. Drive the ground rods at a little

Re: [WISPA] Loop start / Ground start PBX Question

2009-08-21 Thread Gary Garrett
Try this, reverse Tip and Ring.. Reverse the wires on the ground start line. That used to fix a lot of problems in my previous life as a telephone guy. less than half the time it works, more than half the time the PBX can't pick up the line from the channel bank.

Re: [WISPA] On-line back-up

2009-08-13 Thread Gary Garrett
This is the new Internet 2 model. Using Distributed computing (peer to peer) to cut your bandwidth costs and spread them across the network providers. Now you can distribute electronic files such as movies with no storage or bandwidth or backup costs. When the Product is spread over thousands of

Re: [WISPA] Smartbridges Client Software

2009-08-09 Thread Gary Garrett
I may be able to find that software for you. It was version dependent, the management tool offered to update the client to the latest version that it had embedded. I never tried to say no. My experience with SmartBridges was the Atmel chip would degrade very quickly and xmit power would drop

Re: [WISPA] Direct Lightning Strikes

2009-08-08 Thread Gary Garrett
Yes, we use DC ground antennas. I am going to move the ground wire from the XR2 to the case instead of the Board standoff screw. Someone said the RB411 has a weird ground arrangement and that may be part of it. I have not been grounding the case either. Sounds like I need to act like the satellite

Re: [WISPA] Badly need 2 Bullet5M's

2009-08-08 Thread Gary Garrett
Got Em! In lots of 100 only Make check payable to CASH. We ship the same Day. Robert West wrote: Since we're at it, I badly need a radio that will go 50 miles nlos at 1GB throughput, has 100 true channels, isn't affected by stray RF, is unlicensed and I'm willing to pay 99 bucks. ;)

Re: [WISPA] Direct Lightning Strikes

2009-08-07 Thread Gary Garrett
Seems to me it is ethernet cable picking up EMP. I seem to lose a lot of Netgear routers lately. Seems to go right through the POE and gets the WAN port. Also Transmit side of XR2's. Always see receive side degrading after mid path lightning strikes even a mile away. Trango ethernet survives.

Re: [WISPA] OT: Cordless VOIP Phone

2009-07-07 Thread Gary Garrett
Nice! where can I get a 1 Watt Amp for 1900mhz? The only way I've gotten decent range out of a DECT phone is by drilling a hole in the back, and soldering a SMA pigtail to the PCB with an omni on the back ;-)

Re: [WISPA] Magic Jack

2009-06-20 Thread Gary Garrett
That is exactly the question The real problems will come when they reach critical mass and start originating more calls than ATT and Verizon combined. At $20 a year and mass advertising they should reach that point very soon. Rick Kunze wrote: What you all might want to try to figure out, is

Re: [WISPA] [WISP] 900 PtP

2009-06-03 Thread Gary Garrett
A Supersoaker full of gasoline and a match would definitely fix it so you do not care what kind of signal you are getting anymore. Kevin Neal wrote: A Supersoaker full of gasoline and a match would make quick work of trees..still haven't tried it yet. -Kevin

Re: [WISPA] Ethernet Cabling

2009-05-27 Thread Gary Garrett
Don't forget, on a snowy mountain top the change in temp from day to night can cause condensation inside the jacket that pools at the low spot over time. I've heard of people being afraid water would get inside the cable and that is the purpose of the gel. Can't say I've ever seen water

Re: [WISPA] tower fix possible?

2009-05-27 Thread Gary Garrett
That is caused by condensation or rain coming in the top of the leg. Basically there is no drain at the bottom of the leg and the water is repeatedly freezing at the snow line. Randy Cosby wrote:

Re: [WISPA] tower fix possible?

2009-05-27 Thread Gary Garrett
If you don't have a drain out the bottom it will keep doing it. Randy Cosby wrote: Wonder if we could lift it, pull that section off (it's near the bottom) and put a new section in. Hm... Need to go onsite.

Re: [WISPA] OT, IE is allowing strange things

2009-05-08 Thread Gary Garrett
The women who live here wear logger boots. Kinda sexy if you ask me! Funny thing is when I see the same ad from my office there is the same girls only now they live in Sandpoint. No wonder I never met them, they are always on the highway moving from town to town... Targeted advertising is

Re: [WISPA] OT, IE is allowing strange things

2009-05-07 Thread Gary Garrett
Its your IP address. The same way the Porno ads show you all those fantastic looking women in Naples Idaho. Hell I have lived here 35 years and if even one of them really lived here I would have hit on them long ago!!! It is not hard to reverse lookup records or cross reference

Re: [WISPA] How much to charge for a truck roll

2009-04-20 Thread Gary Garrett
I think I would put a lightning protector at that point and call it good. Brian Rohrbacher wrote: I do new wire from radio to just inside the house, and splice. WISPA Wants You! Join today!

Re: [WISPA] Insurance on equipment

2009-04-20 Thread Gary Garrett
The Burlington Northern Railroad is self Insured. You save millions of $ on insurance premiums but you know for sure someday there will be a train wreck and people will die. S0... You put the money you would have spent on insurance in the bank and add to it monthly just like paying for

Re: [WISPA] Insurance on equipment

2009-04-20 Thread Gary Garrett
I had insurance from Hartford once. Had a bad couple of months and paid the premium late. They canceled me and said they do not insure ISP's or for that matter an Internet anything company. I tried again a year later and they said the same thing No Internet company. Many on this list have

Re: [WISPA] harmful RFI from ethernet to HAM RADIO?

2009-03-30 Thread Gary Garrett
I went through this issue with a ham repeater at a mountain top tower. The repeater would key up and never let go as it saw some signal it thought was a user. I was in a metal cargo container and the repeater was in a frame building 20 feet away. I could turn off the ethernet switch and the

Re: [WISPA] Malicious damage to a tower

2009-03-29 Thread Gary Garrett
It would be different story if YOU damaged some Cop's antenna. You would be eating TV dinners in an orange jump suit for a long time. Forbes Mercy wrote: Two solar panels were stolen from one of my towers two years ago and the police only wanted to take a report, when I reminded them that

Re: [WISPA] Aerial / Self-Support Cat5

2009-03-20 Thread Gary Garrett
Be careful. If you go building to building with different power transformers, or even different meters, you can get current flow over the grounded messenger and or the shield in the cat 5. You may want to only ground at one end but the potential voltage will still be there at the other end and

Re: [WISPA] 2nd Look @ 3.65 ?

2009-03-20 Thread Gary Garrett
No, Ketchup is a vegetable, Rutabaga is cattle feed. George Rogato wrote: Jeff Booher wrote: Mike, This once again is not an apples to apples argument but rather apples to rutabega. Still fruit, but very different fruit :) I thought a rutabega was a vegitable.

Re: [WISPA] Aerial / Self-Support Cat5

2009-03-20 Thread Gary Garrett
a direct-TV/Cableco install. ryan Gary Garrett wrote: Be careful. If you go building to building with different power transformers, or even different meters, you can get current flow over the grounded messenger and or the shield in the cat 5. You may want to only ground at one end