Re: [WISPA] Shielding FM noise with conduit?

2016-09-08 Thread Kevin Lamothe
No problem here. I had to use a DC to DC converter though since my sites are negative DC. On September 8, 2016 10:28:11 PM EDT, "Shawn C. Peppers" wrote: >Its been 7 months or more since i had the issue. I heard they planned >to fix it. > >Shawn C. Peppers

[WISPA] Trango Giga Microwave

2009-09-03 Thread Kevin Lamothe
Has anyone had any experience with this product? We have the latest firmware from Trango and are still experiencing the same problem. After being online for a few weeks, our link starts to get packet loss then it won't transfer any traffic at all without a power cycle of both ends, the odd

Re: [WISPA] Trango Giga Microwave

2009-09-03 Thread Kevin Lamothe
... Gino A. Villarini Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp. tel 787.273.4143 fax 787.273.4145 -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Kevin Lamothe Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2009 8:10 AM To: WISPA

Re: [WISPA] Latest Tranzeo Firmware = Broken NAT ???

2009-06-09 Thread Kevin Lamothe
We've had other issues with the latest firmware, we mostly use Cisco APs, after a fw 4.0.2 radio associates, it will take anywhere from 2-10 minutes before the radio can pass any traffic, this issue wasn't present in 3.6.7. Their new management VLAN tagging feature only works with Tranzeo APs,