Re: [WISPA] Mesh Equipment

2006-02-24 Thread Linda Pond
Tom and Brian: So very eloquantly said! Do Motorola - and companies like them - a favour: please forward these comments to them. They need to hear this, and will be a better company if they hear and heed it. Linda Linda Pond President Customer Connects Bridging Technology Relationships

Re: [WISPA] Wispcon?

2006-02-20 Thread Linda Pond
-- From: Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 To: Linda Pond ; WISPA General List Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 7:37 PM Subject: Re: [WISPA] Wispcon? Hiya Toots! That last joke you sent me want funny! I'd have beaten the biker dude! LOL Anyhow, which show you should go

Re: [WISPA] Wispcon?

2006-02-17 Thread Linda Pond
Excellent post, Tom. I have been an attendee and a presenter at WISPCON I and II. Once with anOptical Wireless company, Plaintree Systems and once with Marlon's startupof 2002, WNOC. Both were outstanding experiences. I personally got alot of value from the WISPCON shows, especially

Re: [WISPA] Fw: smartBridges News- American Road Shows

2005-09-23 Thread Linda Pond
Title: smartBridges American Road Shows Thanks, Marlon. Somebody should tellsmartBridges to put Ottawa, Silicon Valley NORTH, and the hub of anything wireless, on their travel list. Heck, I will even help them coordinate it! Linda Linda PondPresidentCustomer Connects"Bridging Technology

Re: [WISPA] Restoring the Gulf Coast

2005-09-21 Thread Linda Pond
Dear John, What a magnificent human being you are. I can't even begin to imagine what you went through, and the toll it has taken on your senses. Please don't suffer alone. Find someone to talk to - get it out of your system before it starts to fester. Linda Pond - Original Message

Re: [WISPA] Gas Prices

2005-08-18 Thread Linda Pond
Living in the Ottawa, Canada region, we just hit $1.10 per LITRE. For our friends in the U.S. - there are about 4 litres in one gallon. Linda Linda Pond President Customer Connects Bridging Technology Relationships 613-253-0240 (w) 613-291-2884 (c) - Original