RE: [WISPA] Anyone used m0n0wall?

2006-04-23 Thread Matt Glaves
We use used m0n0wall for a large marina hotspot installed on a WRAP board. It worked ok, but its bridging capabilities are limited. We were using two wireless cards for the hotspot and one of the Ethernet for basically a linksys in a common room and wanted to put them all behind the captive

RE: [WISPA] RE: Solectek Skyway 7000 -- Follow Up

2006-03-28 Thread Matt Glaves
/wireless - Original Message - From: Matt Glaves To: Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 7:46 PM Subject: [WISPA] RE: Solectek Skyway 7000 -- Follow Up Hey Folks, Last month I posted to the list

RE: [WISPA] Rodopi Vs. Platypus

2006-03-10 Thread Matt Glaves
They both stink, but for an ISP centric solutionthe alternatives are worse. After switching from Platy to Rodopi I would say that although Rodopi has one of the worst interfaces ever created we think it is a better product. It's pretty easy to link all your systems to it via some custom

[WISPA] Solectek Skyway 7000

2006-02-22 Thread Matt Glaves
I have never used the Solectek equipment and am looking at either trying their Skyway 7101 or the Trango Atlas for some short building to building links. I have seen enough favorable posts about the Atlas to know plenty of you are using it successfully although I sure wish I could get one