Re: Wierd ... was [WISPA] 3650 equipment

2006-06-14 Thread Michael Watson
Lets do the Time Warp Again! Its just a jump to the left -Michael Gino A. Villarini wrote: I ogt them too... Gino A. Villarini [EMAIL PROTECTED] Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp. tel 787.273.4143 fax 787.273.4145 -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL

Re: [WISPA] Weird problem - 20 seconds latency and other oddness

2006-05-08 Thread Michael Watson
If this was rf noise, Arent hamm operators allowed in 2.4 with higher power limits? Could this account for the 5- 10 mile affected area? -Michael David E. Smith wrote: Okay, Scriv and I are stumped on this one. Over the last couple of weeks, we've started seeing some very odd oddness on a

Re: [WISPA] Best system for a new WISP

2006-04-12 Thread Michael Watson
Hello, Maybe my math is off this morning, for lack of coffee but 2286 Kbit does not equal 22000 Kbit   (2.286 Mbit does not equal 22 Mega bit.) which is what I thought I saw at first glance. So if that was KBYTE (which I think it is) instead of Kbit (Kb vs KB) 2286 KBYTE x 8 = 18288