Re: [WISPA] Low-cost Spectrum Analyzer

2007-12-22 Thread Mike Ireton
I have to agree. The spectran is a turd and in no way is useful for the purpose of detecting and identifying radio interference in the bands and at the power levels of interest to WISPS. Patrick Shoemaker wrote: I bought an HF-6080 last year when I first started my company. Basically, it

Re: [WISPA] DC power suggestions

2007-08-15 Thread Mike Ireton
-Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mac Dearman Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 10:51 AM To: 'WISPA General List' Subject: RE: [WISPA] DC power suggestions Here is my question: Do they make a device that has multiple DC power output

[WISPA] Canopy snmp proxy

2007-08-02 Thread Mike Ireton
The most recently release of canopy software includes apparently a feature for snmp proxy, to reterive snmp values for sm's via the AP. Does anyone know which oid's we need to poll in order to get that info? I assume their prizm tool must do this too. Thanks. M

[WISPA] mismarked phones

2007-07-18 Thread Mike Ireton
Hi All, I have numerous examples of cordless phones that all claim to be '2.4ghz' or '5.8' ghz, but in fact are 900mhz models. This is maddening and frusterating for subs on 900mhz systems such as trango and canopy as these interfere pretty bad with their service. This misleading labeling

Re: [WISPA] Local WISP Fined by FCC ...

2007-02-01 Thread Mike Ireton
Are you saying that it was you who reported them to the FCC? If so, had you tried working it out with them first or ? Gino Villarini wrote: It's not clear at all if they have fully complied, the investigation was last summer were we started seeing interference problems on the site

Re: [WISPA] Boeing Fails to Learn from WISPs

2007-01-29 Thread Mike Ireton
If you've ever been to Las Vegas, check out their monorail sometime and I think you'll see the same problem. AP'S and Amplifiers every 300' along the track, obviously the person(s) spec'ing it out, had no prior experience tis' a sad, sad story Mike- Marlon K. Schafer wrote: 200

Re: [WISPA] Advanced Bandwidth Management

2007-01-24 Thread Mike Ireton
I'm with you jason - the subject of bandwidth management is an important one, and the fact is that new applications (crapplications?!) are appearing all the time which are pushing the business model into a tight spot. We have competing forces - on the one hand, we purchase expensive dedicated

Re: [WISPA] Most Common Questions for Tech Support Line ?

2007-01-16 Thread Mike Ireton
#1) IS THE INTERNET DOWN? A) No, but it sounds like you're having trouble... #2) IS THE INTERNET DOWN? (I just reinstalled my computer but that couldnt't be the problem...) A) No, but it sounds like your computer isn't set up correctly... #3) IS THE INTERNET DOWN? (The

[WISPA] The WISP that walked away

2007-01-12 Thread Mike Ireton
An operator in my local area, covering a small area I would nevertheless like to have, recently just upped and walked away from his operation, leaving all cpe in place and some very confused customers who were told to go get cable or dsl. He was very short with me in email and indicated that

Re: [WISPA] StarOS or Microtik with TRCPQ clients...

2006-12-30 Thread Mike Ireton
Off the subject, but if you are a major operator then you are most certainly using cisco in your core, and eigrp is standard in cisco enviroments and makes sense if it's available to you. Like 802.1q and ISL - you could do 802.1q and interoperate, or just ISL and have the benefits of better

Re: [WISPA] StarOS or Microtik with TRCPQ clients...

2006-12-30 Thread Mike Ireton
Hi Jeff, Please don't get me started on imagestream... but anyways, the real stuff that really works - cisco - doesn't come in small form factor / extended temprature range and low power, is all I was saying. We use linux on Soekris with our own special blend (and 6mb) of linux for these

Re: [WISPA] Fiar use policy

2006-12-29 Thread Mike Ireton
My $0.0002(US) worth - we need to begin educating our customers and implementing fair access policies to enforce them and then we need to content label our services so that our customers understand what they are getting with each type of service. Peer to Peer on a pc loaded with stolen

Re: [WISPA] recommendation for Client POE integrated radio for 802.11b/g

2006-12-29 Thread Mike Ireton
Sounds like I'd want to stay away from YOU for the same reason... Brian Webster wrote: Id' like to stay away from YDI/Proxim just because of their attitude on the phone whenever I have dealt with them. -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

Re: [WISPA] latest ATT filing - Done Deal

2006-12-29 Thread Mike Ireton
I just can't help but think that all these mergers and speedy, favorable rulings and the continued sellout of competition to att is little more than a reward for it's blatantely illegal cooperation in the warrantless wiretapping of the internet by the nsa. ATT was broken up for some very

Re: [WISPA] bits per mbps

2006-12-26 Thread Mike Ireton
I just wanted to weigh in here and add that filesharing and p2p is really a main driver of the isp business model today and we're going to have to do something to pull this in and make it equitable for everyone. If you think about this, what we're all doing here is paying for expensive


2006-12-16 Thread Mike Ireton
At 10:30pm this evening one of our tower routers took to locking up. This is after being replaced just few weeks ago for the same problem. It was the same hardware and I can't tell if it's cold related or not but it doesn't feel like it. I've now put together another replacement and I'm just

Re: [WISPA] A wisp who went a little too far.......

2006-12-16 Thread Mike Ireton
The really interesting part of this: The attack cut off service for one woman who was waiting for an e-mail notifying her about the availability of an organ transplant that she required, according to prosecutors. Because of her critical status, her provider gave her priority status and

Re: [WISPA] Overage plan help

2006-12-16 Thread Mike Ireton
Marlon - We've recently installed the Barracuda spam firewall and it does a very good job. Espically since there's no per-user liscensing fees, we don't have to concern ourselves with an additional $1 here or there. Heck, we could also just filter your entire domain thru it for you

Re: [WISPA] What the heck chews up 100mhz of 5.8ghz?!?

2006-11-30 Thread Mike Ireton
Charles, I'm suprised! In general I would advocate cooperation and it sounds like perhaps there would be some options here if this does turn out to be a cell carrier or such. We would certainly like to continue earning our reputation as good guys - even with competitors who otherwise would

[WISPA] What the heck chews up 100mhz of 5.8ghz?!?

2006-11-29 Thread Mike Ireton
While installing a new canopy accesspoint today, in an unserved community with no other wireless isps and little else, I discovered that I have about a -56 avarage across the entire swath of 5750mhz thru 5845mhz... what the hell?!?!? It's a small area deployment and we had planned on a simple

Re: [WISPA] Handheld Spectrum analyzer mentioned on list last summer

2006-11-27 Thread Mike Ireton
If you're speaking of the Spectran, I have one and it doesn't seem to work too well for me. The issue for me is that there seems to be not enough resolution to be working with the reletively low power unliscensed systems as we do. I'm sure for paging and gsm it's great but after trying

Re: [WISPA] Not quite the Gremlin, but confusing just the same.

2006-10-29 Thread Mike Ireton
Mark Koskenmaki wrote: I have a customer who called me up on Friday, saying he had trouble with his VOIP phone, and that his service was real slow, had been slow for a few weeks. [snip] You think his radio might be failing? I ahve no othe symptoms on channel 11 or 4 to any other clients

Re: [WISPA] The Gremlin, redux

2006-10-29 Thread Mike Ireton
John Scrivner wrote: Mac, We believe this is truly an outside offender in 2.4 GHz. I have personally seen a carrier that is several times more power than anything I have ever seen. I only saw it for a brief instant though. This interference just does not last long enough to be caught. The

Re: [WISPA] Fw: WiFi Max

2006-10-17 Thread Mike Ireton
Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote: oh brother. Sent by one email addy, signed by someone else. Got my area code right though! The link makes for a funny read. I got a better one just the other day... a letter arrived advising us that a new service will be available in 2007 that

[WISPA] Diagnosing interference

2006-10-01 Thread Mike Ireton
In our neck of the woods we have some areas where 802.11 systems simply do not function, period (and this is across a range of frequency bands and equipment manufacturers). And sometimes, in some limited cases, we will have a sub who appears to be experiencing interference that is much

Re: [WISPA] Diagnosing interference

2006-10-01 Thread Mike Ireton
Ralph Fowler wrote: Spectran? Are you talking about the software for a PC sound card? That's not going to do what you want, for sure! There really isn't a cheap solution. We have an expensive hand held unit, looks like an alien ray gun, that does a range of 0 - 6ghz with down to 1mhz