Re: [WISPA] Virtual AP

2005-12-27 Thread Pete Davis -
sales line to yours, but Pete Davis John Scrivner wrote: Short of frustrating potential customers I cannot fathom what positive effect this process has. Please enlighten me how this is a good thing to do. Scriv Kurt Fankhauser wrote: I do that too, 3 competitors have towers

Re: [WISPA] Ubiquiti Networks Reveals Prototype902-928MHzMini-PCICard

2005-12-07 Thread Pete Davis.
With all of the current 900mhz AP's and CPE out there currently a closed/proprietary system (not an 802.x open standard) for the handshaking, security, ack/nack, etc, I am curious if/how Mikrotik, StarOS, Windows, or whoever will talk to them. Has all of that programming been worked out? They


2005-11-23 Thread Pete Davis.
Davis Reliable Internet, LLC wrote: Do all you guys get this crap from them about once a week? I have asked several times to be removed from their spam list. Did they harvest this list or p-15? Today I responded asking about how they fix these Transio they talk about. LOL

Re: [WISPA] WISPA and volunteers

2005-11-20 Thread Pete Davis.
I think the Limited Business Interruption is where if the company makes 10k/mo, and you are down for a month because of a fire, lightning, etc, the policy pays you $10k. The Fungi Limited Business Interruption, is posibly an exclusion or an inclusion in the event that you have mold in your

Re: [WISPA] Alvarion just made Cramers BUY list.

2005-11-18 Thread Pete Davis.
s probably cheap for this company. Just incase I have missed something... has anyone actually shipped a Wimax compliant product? Is the Wimax standard been ratified? I kind of tuned out the hype about a year ago, and havent really been following it. Pete Davis George wrote: Congradts to

Re: [WISPA] Anyone (or everyone) else getting spam from AdZilla?

2005-11-01 Thread Pete Davis.
Butch Evans wrote: On Mon, 31 Oct 2005, Pete Davis. wrote: What the heck is this?? Is anyone else out there partnering with these spammers? I replied and told them that we don't do business I did not get an email like that (or the Barracuda caught it). Please post a name

[WISPA] Anyone (or everyone) else getting spam from AdZilla?

2005-10-31 Thread Pete Davis.
be contacting them. According to their website, they help kill viruses and spyware by delivering filtered ads. Can anyone tell me if these guys are legit. The whole thing seems goofy to me. Am I missing something? Pete Davis -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe

Re: [WISPA] Senao Question

2005-10-26 Thread Pete Davis.
100 degree + days in South Texas without any problem. I don't think I have had any fail due to heat or cold. It got down to the teens last winter. Pete Davis Brian Rohrbacher wrote: Pete, Will you list out all the parts and prices of this 200mw CPE? Is this outdoor, POE

Re: [WISPA] Senao Question

2005-10-26 Thread Pete Davis.
I got them from but I don't think they carry them anymore. pd Dylan Oliver wrote: Pete, Where do you buy these EZ-Y bridges? -- Dylan Oliver Primaverity, LLC -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

Re: [WISPA] Senao Question

2005-10-24 Thread Pete Davis.
. Pete Davis 361.277.FAST Dylan Oliver wrote: Speaking of Senao ... I just ran across some really nasty reviews of the nl-3054 CB3+. My client wants to share a cable connection at one house with two others with LOS and within 100ft. Sounds easy enough, but those reviews (worst product

Re: [WISPA] Senao Question

2005-10-23 Thread Pete Davis.
-Grounded, the static discharge from a nearby lightning will often leave the 2511 radio card [inside the 2611 bridge] in a in-sensitive state. I learned that the hard way. Pete Davis Jason wrote: Guys ( gals), Has anyone worked with the Senao 2611 Deluxe Plus/Rootenna combo? How

Re: [WISPA] TV Interference

2005-10-03 Thread Pete Davis.
I had the same thing recently. I raised the rootenna above the TV antenna, and the white dots went away. Pete Davis Scott Reed wrote: OK, I have dealt with TV interference before, but this one has me stumped. Installed customer 4 weeks ago. All is fine. Over last week, signal

Re: [WISPA] Satellite Anyone?

2005-09-21 Thread Pete Davis.
The high latency of satelite based internet makes it un-friendly for VOIP, VPN, online gaming, etc. The slow upload speed that is usually offered doesn't make it very friendly for much else. I have considered getting one to redirect P2P traffic to in order to free up T1's. Pete Davis