[WISPA] TDWR database doing some good already!

2010-08-29 Thread Ralph Fowler
I appreciate Jack Unger's sending out the TDWR announcement on the announcement list, a portion of which I have copied below. We run a Muni mesh for a city that actually includes part of Atlanta airport property. It has a TDWR. As part of their network, the City installed some 5.4 links. We

RE: [WISPA] Looking for dual band 2.4 and 900 Sector antennas

2007-02-16 Thread Ralph Fowler
I was about to post the same question. I have a location where I need duals as well! Ralph -Original Message- Subject: [WISPA] Looking for dual band 2.4 and 900 Sector antennas I am trying to reduce wind-loading on a tower. Any suggestions would be great! thanks! ryan -- WISPA

[WISPA] Novel way to reach Canopy Cluster on pole

2006-10-01 Thread Ralph Fowler
What to do when the cluster is too high for a ladder? I'll bet some of you can figure out what this is g http://ralphfowler.com/climb_to_cluster.jpg -- WISPA Wireless List: wireless@wispa.org Subscribe/Unsubscribe: http://lists.wispa.org/mailman/listinfo/wireless Archives:

RE: [WISPA] Diagnosing interference

2006-10-01 Thread Ralph Fowler
Spectran? Are you talking about the software for a PC sound card? That's not going to do what you want, for sure! There really isn't a cheap solution. What wireless gear do you use? If it has an external antenna input you should be able to attach a very high gain antenna (and an attenuator) and

RE: [WISPA] vendor specs -- Jon

2006-09-29 Thread Ralph Fowler
I was told a couple of days ago that the regular SMs are going away soon. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Gino A. Villarini Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2006 12:26 PM To: 'WISPA General List' Subject: RE: [WISPA] vendor specs -- Jon