Re: [WISPA] Dual Port Router's?

2006-06-02 Thread Tom Andrews I am not sure on the price but it looks like it would work. I think Jeff, their main sales stud, is on this list Tom - Original Message - From: Bo Hamilton [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WISPA General List Sent: Friday, June 02,

Re: [WISPA] Routers

2006-04-17 Thread Tom Andrews
to me and the routers work like a charm. Tom Andrews - Original Message - From: "Jory Privett" [EMAIL PROTECTED]To: "WISPA General List" wireless@wispa.orgSent: Friday, April 14, 2006 16:39Subject: [WISPA] RoutersI am in the market for a new router and came acr

Re: [WISPA] Utility pole mount

2005-12-28 Thread Tom Andrews
I like the idea, but not the material. I ran into the same type of issue at my house. I have a 50' Pi-Rod Solid rod free standing tower, but needed to be at about 65'. I took 2 10' 1 ID sections of galvanized water pipe, screwed them together and had them arc welded. It was a heavy beast to get

Re: [WISPA] P2P Worm Monitoring/Alerting/Control

2005-12-09 Thread Tom Andrews
from time to time a tower down due to massive ice loading, twice I've lost the AP on that tower to storm damage and the last issue was my PTP link going dead. Not only do I trust them but I rely on them and they have not failed me in any way over the last 5 years. Tom Andrews Stuart Pierce