2010-03-02 Thread ccooper
For those of you following the game, BB USA advises that they have extended the deadline on both BIP and BTOP applications. Chris Cooper Intelliwave This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

Re: [WISPA] Searchable Map of Stimulus projects

2009-09-28 Thread ccooper
Agreed with Mike How can you tell who owns what? Chris Cooper Intelliwave LLC Quoting Mike Hammett wispawirel...@ics-il.net: http://broadbandsearch.sc.egov.usda.gov/silvermap/broadbandmap.aspx?program=ARRA Works now. Very few parts of the country don't have any projects covering them.

Re: [WISPA] NTIA Announces 2,200 Applications for BIP/BTOP

2009-08-27 Thread ccooper
Full Disclosure: I am also a farmer So the hog that fights the most gets to eat the most. He gets bigger than his competitors. Chances are, since he is the biggest he also gets the upper hand in any battles that take place in the lot. He may have a better chance of expressing his

Re: [WISPA] OT election results

2008-11-06 Thread ccooper
Hi All, Since I've not seen any political discussions here of late I'm guessing that most folks were just as discussed at the choices as I was. Anyone have any thoughts as to what the next 2 to 4 years will be like for us? So Jesus, Barack Obama and Boy George walk into a bar Oh

[WISPA] Equip Leasing

2008-10-29 Thread ccooper
Does anyone have a good relationship with a reputable equipment leasing firm? If so, who are you using? Thanks Chris Cooper This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

[WISPA] Vecima/Tranzeo 3650

2008-10-28 Thread ccooper
Anybody out there using the Vecima Base Units w/ Tranzeo CPE in 3650? Any reports good or bad appreciated. Chris This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

[WISPA] tranzeo weirdness

2007-12-20 Thread ccooper
All- I have the following setup that is giving me fits, (still): 350' FM tower, 25K watt FM bays up near the top, another set, 3k, down around 220'. We have two MT backhauls w/ parabolics located in between the FM antennas that are running fine. Down around 180' we have a tranzeo 5AN

[WISPA] tranzeo challenges

2007-12-12 Thread ccooper
We have a connectorized tranzeo AP set up to feed a couple clients. We've gone through a couple AP radios that have exhibited the same symptoms- They power up fine, clients connect up fine, SNR looks good. After about 10 mins, the AP stops responding. It's still powered up, but you cant

[WISPA] OT: Wasps

2007-09-20 Thread ccooper
Does anyone know what causes the swarming behavior in wasps around towers. I dont mean a few of them hanging out having a smoke and sharpening their stingers. I mean the big swarms of hundreds. We were at 4 different locations yesterday. All of them were unclimbable due to swarms of

Re: [WISPA] McCaw losing money?

2007-03-28 Thread ccooper
Smart people sometimes do foolish things. However, he isnt the dumbest guy in the world either. So what is his bet? Why would a guy who cut his teeth in cellular come out so hard against the cell carriers with a new wireless product? chris Quoting Ryan Spott [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Just a

[WISPA] 900 mhz BPF

2007-03-06 Thread ccooper
A little while back someone posted a source for 900 mhz BPF they intended to use with a 900 Mhz MT AP. Could you post that again? Thanks Chris This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program. -- WISPA Wireless

[WISPA] antenna question

2006-07-20 Thread ccooper
I have a Waverider ccu that stopped accepting associations from cpe. Swapped ccu, bypassed filter, replaced cabling, everyting but the antenna. All the spec ans stay flat. My guys on the tower are pointing to the antenna, 2 yr. old til-tek sector as the failure point. Ive never had an antenna

[WISPA] Crimp or solder?

2006-03-11 Thread ccooper
We've always terminated LMR 195/400/600 with solder on tips in the past. Its a real pain in the arse to do in many environments. Can anyone relate experiences with the crimp on tips? IS there any loss of reliability etc.? Thanks, Chris -- WISPA Wireless List: wireless@wispa.org

Re: [WISPA] 900MHz Systems

2006-02-20 Thread ccooper
I bought my last round of Waverider cpe w/ antenna for $340 ea. chris Quoting Blair Davis [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Has anyone else brought out an inexpensive 900MHz CPE besides Motorola? I keep hoping Trango will as I wish to deploy a 900MHz system in a new area. But $500+ CPE costs will not

Re: [WISPA] To Break the Law or Not to Break theLaw...That is theQuestion

2006-02-06 Thread ccooper
It's unclear whether the user fee tax would be paid by equipment vendors or end users The above quote from the article leads me to believe that this idea is half-baked at best. What happens to the myriad of devices already out there in people's homes? Forget about what we do for a moment. The

[WISPA] 900b mhz omni

2006-01-25 Thread ccooper
Anybody know where i can find an H-pol 900 mhz omni w/ higer gain than 9Db? thanks, chris -- WISPA Wireless List: wireless@wispa.org Subscribe/Unsubscribe: http://lists.wispa.org/mailman/listinfo/wireless Archives: http://lists.wispa.org/pipermail/wireless/


2006-01-22 Thread ccooper
Not sure how well Trango has thought out the direct sales model though. Three calls and an email to them has yeilded nothing but dead air. At least I could call a VAR and speak to someone. just my $.02 chris -- WISPA Wireless List: wireless@wispa.org Subscribe/Unsubscribe: