[WISPA] Teletronics 5.8GHz filters?

2008-10-23 Thread isplists
Regarding the 5.8GHz '4-pole high Q cavity filter' from Teletronics: Anyone know who stocks them? Anyone know where to get an RP-SMA connector or SMA-plug that fit them? Thanks! Jon Langeler Michwave Tech. WISPA

RE: [WISPA] vendor specs -- Jon

2006-09-26 Thread isplists
Patrick, ditto on the 3650 band. However the reality is that self and external interference in the UL world is all too common. You say UL bands or at least VL doesn't need GPS capability because of so much capacity. If you want I can get you a list of wifi/trango/etc.-to-Canopy 'converts'

[WISPA] Mesh Equipment

2006-02-22 Thread ISPlists
Does anyone have a good recommendation on some Mesh equipment. I have a small town that wants to provide Internet access to the entire town and I'm thinking of using mesh technology. Any ideas would be great. Thanks, Steve -- WISPA Wireless List: wireless@wispa.org Subscribe/Unsubscribe: