RE: [WISPA] Motor controlled rotating poles

2006-11-29 Thread pswired
I think a simple TV antenna rotator would do the trick. If you got an IP camera with dry contact outputs, like the Axis network cameras, you could wire up some relays connected to the outputs of the camera that would rotate the pole in either direction. The contact outputs on the axis cameras

[WISPA] Tower ice buildup

2006-09-11 Thread pswired
Hello list, I am planning the installation of a self-supporting tower for a startup WISP in Maryland. I am considering light duty off-the-shelf designs from Trylon such as the SuperTitan. I am trying to determine whether to include ice buildup as a factor in the tower purchase. I have obtained

RE: [WISPA] Tower ice buildup

2006-09-11 Thread pswired
I have looked at the AN Wireless product line and they look like great towers and are close by in PA, but they don't make anything over 120 feet. I need to get higher than that to ensure LOS to some key areas. I believe my ice question will be answered shortly, the county's communication site

Re: [WISPA] Spectrum Analyzer

2006-06-28 Thread pswired
The order has already been placed for these units and they should be arriving in the states shortly. I believe John ordered a few extras so if anyone wanted to get one who missed out on the GP they still can. I think he ordered 6080s with the memory expansion. I'm looking forward to trying mine

Re: [WISPA] How do you market your WISP

2006-06-13 Thread pswired
I'd like to piggy-back off of this thread. I'm getting further in the planning stages for my WISP as well and am trying to come up with ideas for a pilot program. I want to get a few initial customers who will have free internet access for a month or two when I first bring the network online.