[WISPA] ATT was Re: Wimax gear

2010-01-01 Thread John Thomas
Unless the Federal Government gives ATT a blank check and ORDERS them to this, it is NOT ever going to happen. I have seen copies of Project Pronto documents that said the San Francisco Bay Area was supposed to have fiber to the home 10 years ago. Yes, there were a few strands installed, but

Re: [WISPA] ATT was Re: Wimax gear

2010-01-01 Thread RickG
I dont know about a blank check but the government does feel a mandate is in order and you know who their best friends are. I think the only thing holding them back is themselves. However, I dont think they'll ever put fiber to every shanty in every podunk town. -RickG On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 1:05