[WISPA] Supplies Needed

2005-09-03 Thread Rick Harnish
Here are some supplies that are badly needed that wont cost anyone very much. Supplies Needed - Bottled Water (A lot of bottled water Electrical Generators (as many as we can get) LMR Crimper CAT5 Crimper RJ 45 Connectors MRE's (food packaged for camping) 5 Gallon Gas

Re: [WISPA] Re: [equipment-l] Katrina - HELP

2005-09-03 Thread Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181
That's GREAT news! Thanks! Please let us know how those in need of these units should order them. thanks! Marlon (509) 982-2181 Equipment sales (408) 907-6910 (Vonage)Consulting services 42846865 (icq)And

[WISPA] I am in the most urgent need

2005-09-03 Thread Mark Koskenmaki
Title: Message I have a Fujitsu 3500 Tablet PC. Shortly after I bought it, the OS crashed (due to some "help" from my kids) and I did a reinstall of the WIN2K on it. however, I can't get the pen to work and other stuff. Fujitsu has a special install of WIN2K specifically for t hier

[WISPA] Three things to help me grow.

2005-09-03 Thread Brian Rohrbacher
Title: Message Hey Guys, I am in need of some help here. There are three things I want to learn to do to help me grow. 1) Graph usage. 2) Configure (mikrotik?) to act as dual or triple wan router. Need to get another DSL line added. 3) I'd like to be able to do speed tests. I have no clue