[WISPA] [Wisp] $$ HELP

2005-10-21 Thread Mac Dearman
Hey folks, I thought I would see if there was anyone left to maybe help me out with these expenses. I hate to ask for money, but I really need some help!! So many of you have been excellent and I (we) appreciate all of you so much. We are still plugging away down on the coast installing

[WISPA] Re: Money

2005-10-21 Thread WWS2
Mac- I personally just donated another $100, wish it could be more. Walter W. Stumpf Jr.Xanadu Group Inc.Cognigen Founders' Club member179 Statesville Quarry RoadLafayette NJ 07848-3128 USA973-702-3899fax 775-667-1995WISPA memberhttp://ld.net/?wstumpf -- WISPA Wireless List:

Re: [WISPA] Re: Money

2005-10-21 Thread Mac Dearman
Walter - - you are great and I appreciate you more than you know!!! You know I would rather do anything than ask for cash!!! That includes eating crap :-) Thanks again Walter! Mac Dearman Maximum Access, LLC. www.inetsouth.com www.radioresponse.org (Katrina relief efforts) 318-728-8600 -

[WISPA] Service in or around Coal Township PA 17866

2005-10-21 Thread Tim Wolfe
Anybody service this area?. If not, does anybody want to go in with me and start a WISP there? -- Timothy E. Wolfe WaveCrazy Communications http://www.wavecrazy.net 717-274-8730 Member WISPA -- WISPA Wireless List: wireless@wispa.org Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

[WISPA] Ubiquiti Networks Reveals Prototype 902-928 MHz Mini-PCI Card

2005-10-21 Thread Brian Rohrbacher
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