[WISPA] Board Applications Due Tomorrow!

2005-12-30 Thread Rick Harnish
The deadline for applying for the WISPA Board Elections in Saturday, Dec. 31st. Please go to http://election.wispa.org/ and fill out this online application. You must be an active and current (dues paid) member of WISPA to apply. This is an excellent opportunity to build leadership

Re: [WISPA] verizon fios pricing - Triple Play

2005-12-30 Thread Tom DeReggi
Commpartners is one of the popular ones, with lots to offer, but they are getting a little big for their britches charging $5000 setup fee. Nuvio, has a lot of programs that help you cover end user equipment. Primus, is happy wholesaling you a raw business line without PBX replacement/managed

Re: [WISPA] verizon fios pricing - VOIP / CommPartners

2005-12-30 Thread Peter R.
We deal with a couple of VOIP Providers that know Wireless is the way to go. The ILEC needs to be cut out of ever newly development network for sustainability. On a separate note, I rep CommPartners (CP), Primus and many others. I even have a CP Reseller WISPs can work with. CP's new plan is

RE: [WISPA] Re: verizon fios - Advertising Battle

2005-12-30 Thread Charles Wu
snip You guys haven't been going to enough conferences and listening to very bright people like Kris Twomey try and explain such things to the (W)ISP industry. Shame on that Michael Anderson for putting Kris up in front of an audience to try to keep the WISP industry informed. /snip Thought

VoIP (was Re: [WISPA] verizon fios pricing - Triple Play)

2005-12-30 Thread Matt Liotta
We looked at various VoIP wholesalers and weren't really happy with any of them. Currently, we have a variety of telco circuits including DS3s, PRIs, and dedicated LD DS1s to solve our voice origination and termination needs. It took some time to pull it all together and get right (fax for

[WISPA] Pathloss users.....

2005-12-30 Thread Dan Petermann
If anyone out there is using Pathloss, do you have the .raf, .mas, .mrs or .dat files for Canopy radios (or any other wisp type radios)? If anyone has them, I'd sure appreciate it if you could send them my way. Coding them by hand is a huge P.I.T.A. -- WISPA Wireless List: