RE: [WISPA] INSURANCE NOW canopy prices

2006-01-09 Thread G.Villarini
I bet she's a handful... I got 2 boys...5 and 1 years old... oh man and I thought wisp was thought business Jeje see you at Winog Gino A. Villarini, Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp. [EMAIL PROTECTED] 787.767.7466 -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [WISPA] 5.8Ghz Multi-point radios

2006-01-09 Thread Bo Hamilton
What?? Bo On 1/4/06, Mac Dearman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Be careful that you dont cut your nose off to spite your face on theTrango issue!I also know Trango is a better product than Moto is more ways than one and Trango is going to be releasing a lower priced 5.x SU that will bevery

[WISPA] Experience with 802.11a 5Ghz PtMP deployments

2006-01-09 Thread Matt Larsen - Lists
Hello all, I am getting ready to start migrating my higher end customers from 2.4Ghz to 5.8Ghz radios. I will be using Tranzeo CPEs and StarOS APs for this. My question: Is there anyone out there who has done this and has quite a few people on 5ghz (802.11a based)? I'm not talking about

Re: [WISPA] Experience with 802.11a 5Ghz PtMP deployments

2006-01-09 Thread Tom DeReggi
Matt, The primary advise I'd add is, Test the various encryption compatibility betwee nTranzeo and StarOs, before getting to many clients on-net. We found some compatibilities some CPEs and Star OS at a couple of our jobs. It was a pain to experiement n a live network when we risked locking us

[WISPA] remote temp sensors

2006-01-09 Thread Marlon K. Schafer
Hi All, I have a need for remote temp units. I'd prefer one that would email in the case of an out of range condition. These will be used in homes so no need for really extreme stuff. Yes I'll google too. Just wondering what people are using and what they like the best. thanks, marlon

Re: [WISPA] remote temp sensors

2006-01-09 Thread Pete Davis
A friend of mine, Gerry Cullen owns this business: I haven't seen one since the beta unit he gave me, but it worked nicely. I should probably buy some more for my remote locations. pd Marlon K. Schafer wrote: Hi All, I have a need for remote temp units. I'd

[WISPA] H vs V polarization

2006-01-09 Thread Jason
List, Does anyone have real values of noise reduction on 2.4 Ghz of a horizontal pol antenna vs a vertical antenna. Jason -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Archives: