Re: [WISPA] Broadband Company President Indicted on Federal Fraud Charges

2006-09-19 Thread George Rogato
Well what it looks like is that he created a straw company to capture additional profits and didn't spend the money as he should have. I can see this going two ways, one he did fraud, the other he seen a chance for versicle integration in the supply chain and used that to create a higher

[WISPA] Cities make financial sense of WiFi projects

2006-09-19 Thread Dawn DiPietro
Cities make financial sense of WiFi projects Municipalities try to build their business plans around wireless access By David Essex, Special to GCN Sascha Meinrath Access to these resources is too important to have a tollbooth at every on-ramp.” Sascha Meinrath,Champaign-Urbana Community

[WISPA] Broadband Net access key part of state's growth

2006-09-19 Thread Dawn DiPietro
All, So even if most of have broadband coverage there are pockets like this all over. This is the perfect opportunity for wireless providers. Even if there are wireless providers in these areas it would seem to me they are not getting the publicity they need. I think we need to look at why

RE: [WISPA] Weather Watcher Request

2006-09-19 Thread Scott Reed
The technical how-to is not the question, though I would like to take you up on the offer.  I will hit you offline about that. The question is, what would you charge this person.  $x/connection,  $y/year, $z/hour, some other way. Scott Reed Owner NewWays Wireless Networking

Re: [WISPA] FCC wireless auction raises almost $13.9 bln

2006-09-19 Thread Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181
Coolness! Hope you have some money left for equipment :-). Are you going to come up with any kind of wholesale model? Marlon (509) 982-2181 Equipment sales (408) 907-6910 (Vonage)Consulting services 42846865 (icq)

[WISPA] Milwaukee Muni

2006-09-19 Thread Dylan Oliver
City of Milwaukee out of patience with Midwest Fiber Networks, its municipal wireless partner, and looking to Cellnet (doing Madison) and Earthlink: Dylan OliverPrimaverity, LLC -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

Re: [WISPA] FCC wireless auction raises almost $13.9 bln

2006-09-19 Thread John Scrivner
The band is 2110 to 2120 MHz and 1710 to 1720 MHz. (20 MHz of spectrum) There are some other hurdles yet to jump. You would think buying it would be enough but it is far from usable yet. I'll let you know as we get closer to the launch of licensed broadband services here. Scriv Mac Dearman

[WISPA] Wisp Wireless Internet Google Map - NEW SERVER NEEDED

2006-09-19 Thread Robert Kim Wireless Internet Advisor
Gents, It's been a while and i realize that this topic may have cooled off a bit BUT... it's now MORE Necessary then before... I've spent months trying to speed up our server with my webmaster but NOTHING... so.. i give up... if anybody wants to host the map (currently at