Re: [WISPA] SB and Tranzeo compatibility

2007-05-21 Thread Pete Davis
There is apparently a problem with Atheros based APs and Prism based clients (Tranzeo CPE200, Seneao CB3Deluxe, others) We recently upgraded from Prism based APs to SR2 and XR2 APs in several key locations. The way it was explained to me is that there is a bug (Atheros AP, Prism Client) where

Re: [WISPA] It's Rhody Days here in Florence Oregon

2007-05-21 Thread Pete Davis
I suppose that this is an obvious point here, and your post may have been made with a shadow of sarcasm, but... I am not knocking your $5k spent on the commercial and festival sponsorship, or the $250 for the WISPA membership, but trying to compare their value is kind of like comparing $0.99

RE: [WISPA] Outsourced vs in-house email

2007-05-21 Thread Kris R Efland
Thanks Marlon. We (IntraMeta) will be at ISPCON at Booth 501-N. If anyone wants to take a quick test drive we will be happy to give you a demo. We do much more than just mail however. If anyone has a specific feature or BOSS module they have questions about you can message me off-list and

[WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Mark McElvy
I am setting up a new tower and I will mounting at 200ft on a 230ft tower, it is a triangular tower with an approximately 3ft face. I am starting with an omni and I am trying to determine how far off the tower a 2.4 HPol omni should be mounted to minimize tower interference. Mark McElvy

RE: [WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Mac Dearman
Mark, We found that a minimum of 3' off the leg of tower will get you by, but we have gone to 4' as a general rule here. If you have never hung standoffs with big antennas on a tower before and would like to know some of the lessons we learned the hard to make things easier - ht me off list

RE: [WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Eric Rogers
Mac, This is not off-list, but I am interested in your stories. We do small tower work ourselves and I always like to learn from others mistakes/lessons. Is this stuff you can share on-list? If not, send them off-list to me as well. Eric Rogers Precision Data Solutions, LLC (317) 831-3000

Re: [WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Blair Davis
We do all our own tower work as well and would love to have a chance to learn from others Please, if you don't put it on-list, add me to the cc: line for the off-list tips Mac Dearman wrote: Mark, We found that a minimum of 3' off the leg of tower will get you by, but we have

RE: [WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Smith, Rick
I'd like to hear, either way, as well. I'm going to be putting up my third 4 foot standoff tomorrow, and would like to know if I can make this one easier :) R -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Eric Rogers Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 1:05

Re: [WISPA] Routerboard 532 Speeds

2007-05-21 Thread Tom DeReggi
I do not have an opinion or data on the Ethernet to Ethernet configuration you mention. But it is important that we define both ways, expecially when dealing with Wireless cards. The max data we've been able to get out of a Mikrotik 532 AP, with 20Mhz channel 5.8G, connection tracking off,

Re: [WISPA] Routerboard 532 Speeds

2007-05-21 Thread Dennis Burgess
I am seeing 20mbps BOTH WAYS on the older 266 boards. I also have a stack of 400mhz boards here, got them from WISP-ROUTER a while back for a project I was doing. Just a FYI on the last question. On the speed, I am speaking of the Ethernet, I am also getting one way speeds in excess of 90mbit

[WISPA] [Fwd: Wireless in Washington: An Overview of Regulatory and Legislative Issues]

2007-05-21 Thread John Scrivner
Here is a meeting that some of you might be interested in while at ISPCON. I will be at this session. Stephen is a friend of mine and has much experience in making things happen at the FCC. He most recently acted on WISPA's behalf to develop a request for increasing the bidding power of WISPs

RE: [WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Mac Dearman
Well - - I guess I will respond on list then ;-) It has been out experience in dealing with these big honking omnioid HPOL antennas to pre-mount and tie everything down (jumpers, AP's, grounding ...etc) everything you can before pulling it up the tower. It will cause you to pop a roid or

[WISPA] Valemont Metro boards

2007-05-21 Thread Tom DeReggi
What are the dimenions of the new Metro boards? What standard Outdoor cases do they fit in? Tom DeReggi RapidDSL Wireless, Inc IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Archives:

RE: [WISPA] Tower standoff

2007-05-21 Thread Mike Delp
I'm glad you remembered the ground crew class at Camp Shagnasty during Katrina, and also how it worked in Florida after Wilma. I still have to remind my tower crews about this simple operation. Mike -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mac


2007-05-21 Thread Peter R.
For those attending ISPCON this week, there will be a dinner tonight (Tuesday) at 7:15 at Bahama Breeze on I-Drive. Bahama Breeze 8849 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819-9320 407 248 2499 (map here: On Wed. after the WISPA meeting, we will adjourning to Howl at

Re: [WISPA] Routerboard 532 Speeds

2007-05-21 Thread Mike Hammett
I would imagine as with all technology, they were able to run it faster with less heat. MT has a slew of new products coming (I believe 300, 600, 800, and 1000 series though I'm not 100% sure) - Mike Hammett Intelligent Computing Solutions - Original Message