Re: [WISPA] Fw: Tower Sway

2007-11-22 Thread Jeromie Reeves
Looked to me they had at least one snapped guy wire. Storm damage or a errant backhoe maybe? Wonder if it was fixed or if it came down. On 11/21/07, Marlon K. Schafer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Holy error rates Batman! LOL, even *I* know this isn't the way to build a tower for all of those big

Re: [WISPA] Fw: Tower Sway

2007-11-22 Thread Jack Unger
That's a very scary video. I don't see any torque arm brackets on the FBI tower nor does it appear that the tower itself is large enough to hold that many large antennas. As Jeromie observed, one of the guy wires has already snapped. It's only a matter of time before total collapse. jack

RE: [WISPA] Fw: Tower Sway

2007-11-22 Thread Mike Bushard, Jr
I really don't think that one would meet the twist and sway requirements for rev G. Mike Bushard, Jr Wisper Wireless Solutions, LLC 320-256-WISP (9477) 320-256-9478 Fax -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Jack Unger Sent: Thursday,

Re: [WISPA] Vuze / Comcast / Peer to Peer / FCC

2007-11-22 Thread Scottie Arnett
I put a connection limit on all traffic from ports 1024-65535, because the torrent has to use a connection somewhere and usually the bit progs are set to use somewhere above port 1024. That will not help on UDP or the ones using port 80. I have another connection limit set higher on all tcp