[WISPA] Martin: Broadband Wireless Must Be on ‘Same Footing’

2007-03-30 Thread Mike Healy
Orlando, Fla. -- Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin J. Martin, speaking at the CTIA Wireless 2007 http://www.ctiawireless.com conference here, said broadband-wireless services need to be on the same footing as wired high-speed-Internet services from cable and telephone companies.

Re: [WISPA] Public Safety

2007-07-25 Thread Mike Healy
visit this web site: http://www.cyrencall.com/ I think you'll find it informative. I hope that I've been able to illustrate for you just why us public safety folks need our little chunk of that 700 MHz spectrum. Have a great day and stay safe! Mike Healy 1st Asst Chief Tri-Town Fire

Re: opportunity to help (wasRe: [WISPA] Hurricane?- worsethanmediasays)

2005-08-31 Thread Mike Healy
Not sure if anyone here has seen this yet: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9063708/ They are going to evacuate about 25K people to the Houston Astrodome.. Mike Matthew Kish wrote: Hmm, maybe we can't really help too much in the afflicted areas...but what about the likely event the FEMA / Red

Re: [WISPA] need WISPA to step up

2005-09-02 Thread Mike Healy
Guess I'll stick my neck out here and say that I have to agree. Duplication of efforts is NOT what is needed at this point in time... Just my $.02 worth.. Mike Rick Smith wrote: I'm wondering if WISPA has missed the boat for the relief effort. Shouldn't wispa stand behind