[WISPA] NS1 - KML conversion

2008-07-22 Thread Rogelio
I'm looking for scripts (perl, python, etc) that turn Netstumber (or equiv) data into the KML files necessary for Google Earth. So far, I've only found the following googling. http://code.google.com/p/ns2kml/ Has anyone found any others that work well?

[WISPA] 5.8 GHz 11a over water

2008-07-24 Thread Rogelio
I'm planning PtP and PtMP shots across some water (these are for redundancy, not the primary links). The longest shot is about 4 mi. Is there anything I have to worry about (other than a ship messing up my LOS) with 5.8 GHz going over water?

[WISPA] 2.4/4.9/5.x GHz spectum analysis in Seattle

2008-07-25 Thread Rogelio
Does anyone have any contacts in the Seattle area that would be willing to a spectrum analysis for a big wireless project for about a dozen locations? (The following is the only info I have, but I would be willing to forward on your contact info to the main decision makers, if you'd like.) In

[WISPA] real time noise floor values

2008-07-28 Thread Rogelio
I see that Netstumber gives a constant -100 for the noise floor (which I'm assuming is some arbitrary default). Anyone have any free tools (Windows/Linux/OSX) that gives instantaneous values? WISPA Wants You!

Re: [WISPA] real time noise floor values

2008-07-28 Thread Rogelio
Charles Wyble wrote: I like to use wavemon on Linux for my coverage survey needs. I've got that installed on my Ubuntu machine, but haven't tested it yet to see if it gives me instantaneous values. One of the guys from my LUG (socallinux.org) also recommended it to me. I will check it out and

[WISPA] ROI on wireless infrastructure for traffic solutions (e.g. ITS band)

2008-07-29 Thread Rogelio
Today I talked with a company that is investigating wi-fi infrastructure that supplements their traffic solutions. What I found most interesting was that these wi-fi solutions pay for themselves extremely quickly if they do things like save fuel, increase ridership, etc. My question to the

Re: [WISPA] Network Monitor

2008-07-30 Thread Rogelio
D. Ryan Spott wrote: Nagios/Cacti together. A little more work than Solar Winds but so much less money! Ryan and I talked about that a little bit the other day, actually. The two go together quite well, actually. You can have Nagios poll the devices and then create rrd databases that Cacti

Re: [WISPA] Network Monitor

2008-08-01 Thread Rogelio
Charles Wyble wrote: Yes. Cacti is a nice solution, although it had a bit of a learning curve and setup time. MRTG was easier and quicker for me. (cfgmaker and indexmaker and you are done). Nagios is also nice as well. See something like http://www.groundworkopensource.com/ Ditto on

Re: [WISPA] Network Monitor

2008-08-01 Thread Rogelio
Carl Shivers wrote: Looks like you have to be a Unix guru to install and develop graphs. In defense of Cacti, it's not a UNIX guru that you have to be (Cacti installs on Windows), but you have to make sure your web and database stack are working properly (e.g. Apache / MySQL) to get it

Re: [WISPA] OT: Compensating nonsales personel

2008-08-02 Thread Rogelio
Gino Villarini wrote: How do you guys compensate NON sales Staff on referrals and sales? While I don't make compensation decisions, I've seen non-sales staff get bonuses that around about 30% of their base income. Case is that we have a very industry connected IT Manager and he has lately

Re: [WISPA] top 10 benefits of Wimax in 3.65ghz - my 2 cents

2008-08-09 Thread Rogelio
Charles Wu wrote: Ultimately, the issue is one of size and uncertainty...say I'm a product manufacturer for xyz radio infrastructure company, and I have some chunk of $$$ to put into designing a product for a specific market...from a bang-for-buck perspective, it's a lot easier to build a

Re: [WISPA] ISPbrain.com

2008-08-11 Thread Rogelio
John McDowell wrote: Anyone heard of them? used them? I haven't, but I would like to look into them. Doesn't look like anything you couldn't roll yourself, just a more integrated package: * Subscriber Registration Billing via Online Credit Card Processing * Subscriber Authentication

[WISPA] info on securing a 3.65 license

2008-08-12 Thread Rogelio
Charles et al, Below is a 14 MB file detailing some of the steps needed in order to secure a 3.65 GHz license. http://www.alvarion.com/upload/images/stepbystep_wp.pdf (Others may already know this, but this was new for me)

Re: [WISPA] Network Monitor

2008-08-14 Thread Rogelio
Adam Kennedy wrote: If you feel like doing a little custom PHP/ASP work, you can have Nagios spit check results etc into an SQL database. Then just have an app that pulls the appropriate data when your user browses to their status page. On some distros, I believe it's all integrated into one

[WISPA] calculating reliability of parallel 11a wi-fi PtP connections

2008-08-18 Thread Rogelio
I have several PtP shots that I'd like to do with 802.11a 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi, but I would like to make sure that I have the necessary fade margins. For the longer links in which I want to be safe, I was thinking about putting two 802.11a PtP links and then connecting the two radios on each side to

Re: [WISPA] Employee Tracking Program

2008-08-20 Thread Rogelio
Eric Rogers wrote: Any ideas? I have recommended software that is a keylogger and recorder, but they want something that is totally transparent, i.e. sniffer. keylogger? not sure where you're going with that. check out ntop that, i'm guessing, solves about 90% of your current needs.

[WISPA] car version of Ruckus gateway?

2008-08-22 Thread Rogelio
Anyone know of a good car version of the Ruckus Metroflex 2225? WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org/ WISPA Wireless

[WISPA] handling broadcast traffic on extremely large flat BelAir muni networks

2008-09-06 Thread Rogelio
For what it's worth, here are three strategies one might use on the BelAir BA100/BA200 hardware that helps deal with with the crap broadcast traffic that might otherwise kill your network. (1) secure port mode /interface/wifi-n-1/setssidssid_index secure-port enabled once enabled, prevents

[WISPA] IP3 for visitor based networks

2008-09-06 Thread Rogelio
For what it's worth, some integrators I work with recently told me about IP3 http://www.ip3.com/ While I haven't used them, it looks like they have some good features for VBN (visitor based networks). One guy I talked to said that for $3K he got an incredible turnkey solution that did just

Re: [WISPA] IP3 for visitor based networks

2008-09-07 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: I can get you exactly the same thing and for MUCH less than $3k. That much money must be a really NICE bit of hardware. I set these things up all the time in hotels for less than $900 TOTAL (I charge them more than that). I can't image what kind of gear would require

[WISPA] quality rugged, outdoor-friendly switches?

2008-09-07 Thread Rogelio
I've got tons of various Bridgewave devices that I will need to connect to some BelAir BA200s for a large muni rollout, but since this is outdoors in a harsh environment, I'm guessing I'll need some sort of hardened outdoor-friendly switch. I suppose I could look at various NEMA enclosures to

Re: [WISPA] IP3 for visitor based networks

2008-09-07 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: About 50% of it is here: http://www.mikrotik.com/ :-) I'm working with an ISP in Omaha, NE and was looking at their Mikrotik setup. I'm impressed with what they pack for a low cost. The other half would depend on specific needs, but a combination of radius and php gets

Re: [WISPA] quality rugged, outdoor-friendly switches?

2008-09-07 Thread Rogelio
://www.moxa.com/product/Managed_Redundant_Switches.htm Garrettcom Magnum - http://www.garrettcom.com/mp62.htm to name a few -Eric Rogelio wrote: I've got tons of various Bridgewave devices that I will need to connect to some BelAir BA200s for a large muni rollout, but since this is outdoors

[WISPA] your thoughts on opps in Africa?

2008-09-08 Thread Rogelio
Is it just me, or do African wireless opportunities rarely materialize? I've been involved in tons and tons of big ($10+M, in theory) projects where all sorts of big numbers are thrown out, but for whatever reason, someone never ultimately pulls the trigger. (Not sure what I'm missing, but

Re: [WISPA] your thoughts on opps in Africa?

2008-09-08 Thread Rogelio
Dennis Burgess wrote: Depends if you are used to doing that. However, I do know they are investing quite a bit of money in the Nigerian infrustructure. I know what Routers they are using. lol Joking aside, there is big money in building telcos in Nigeria. Some Los Angeles based VCs I

Re: [WISPA] your thoughts on opps in Africa?

2008-09-08 Thread Rogelio
Doug Ratcliffe wrote: I mean, seriously, in the IT business, would you even believe someone if they contacted you with a $10 million dollar deal? They don't always say it like that. Often they give the areas that they need coverage and the bandwidth that they'd like for those areas to have

Re: [WISPA] your thoughts on opps in Africa?

2008-09-08 Thread Rogelio
Tom Sharples wrote: Exactly the same experience here. Lots of talk, long-winded network design, layout, and bidding process with numerous tweaks and revisions, and ultimately nothing. Complete waste of time for us, but I don't see what they get out of it either (?) My guess is that

[WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-19 Thread Rogelio
I'm planning out a very large wifi rollout for a cable company, and I'm looking to use L2TP tunnels in order to flatten the entire network so that there is mobility options with some mission critical stuff that runs on one SSID. Anyone else have any advice when doing this? I've got Cisco

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-19 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: perhaps I'm missing something, but what does the tunnel have to do with the single SSID? Maybe that's not what you meant, but I'm stuck with trying to figure out how they're related. :-( What is the this that you are looking for advice on? So, I have about 50 access

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-20 Thread Rogelio
Jerry Richardson wrote: It's easy if your AP's support multiple SSID and VLAN tagging per SSID. We have 10 VLAN/SSID combinations for various agencies such as Fire, Sherrif, local PD, nearby city PD, city inspectors, etc. These VLAN's run over our Canopy network to our headend and show up

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-20 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: I understand now. What kind of AP is it? BelAir BA100s (dual radios) and BA200s (quad radios), some of which are meshed together. Many of the BA200 units will have ethernet or fiber egress. Do the end users do the L2TP tunnel or are you wanting the AP/router to do

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-20 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: I understand now. What kind of AP is it? BelAir BA100s (dual radios) and BA200s (quad radios), some of which are meshed together. Many of the BA200 units will have ethernet or fiber egress. Do the end users do the L2TP tunnel or are you wanting the AP/router to do

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-20 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: In the deployments I've done with similar designs, most are running fine, still. There is one instance where the original design needs to be redone because the parameters I was given were WAY under what they ended up with. I was given a total number of hosts to be 50

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-20 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: In many ways, Mikrotik can do some of the same thing. It's a matter of proper design in both wireless configuration and firewall (even on the bridge). Much of this functionality can be configured using various tunneling technologies in MT as well. Most of the real work

Re: [WISPA] l2tp tunnels for AP mobility

2008-09-21 Thread Rogelio
Butch Evans wrote: What about standards compliance? Are they compatible with 802.11x? Neither 802.1x or 802.11 compliance is a problem on BelAir gear (not completely sure which one you meant) http://www.belairnetworks.com/resources/ I've got access to manuals (that aren't available

[WISPA] mobile caching solution

2008-09-23 Thread Rogelio
I have a situation where police cars will be driving and moving out of a 2.4/4.9 GHz network, and I would like to use something like Netmotion/Inmotion to seamlessly switch them to the cellular network. Does anyone have any caching solutions? When a cop car goes from wi-fi to cellular, they

[WISPA] better propagation on 4.9's 5 MHz channels

2008-09-24 Thread Rogelio
So, I'm interested in learning more about why 5MHz channels go farther than 20MHz channels on the public safety 4.9 GHz band. I have no real numbers or theory, just some anectotal evidence by other RF guys saying that's been the case in their experience. Supposedly, RSSI is better at these

[WISPA] Cisco on calculating RF values

2008-09-26 Thread Rogelio
I found this URL while googling for more info on Brian Webster's response to my 4.9 question (on why smaller channels were more efficient). http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk722/tk809/technologies_tech_note09186a00800e90fe.shtml I was wondering if 9db was the amount of wattage others here found

[WISPA] channel planning question

2008-09-27 Thread Rogelio
Up til recently, for channel planning, I've simply been picking the channels with the lowest RSSI. This isn't a great method, as beacon channels at high RSSI may have way less collision than other channels. What tools do others here use to analyze this sort of thing? (F/OSS ones are

Re: [WISPA] Push to install Mobile Broadband on laptops

2008-10-01 Thread Rogelio
Jack Unger wrote: Top computer makers, mobile operators and technology providers announced on Tuesday that upcoming laptop computers would feature mobile broadband making them ready to surf right out of the box... Mobility is huge right now, particularly with people needing to work remotely

[WISPA] Firetide reseller recommendations?

2008-10-03 Thread Rogelio
Can anyone recommend to me any good Firetide resellers who I could talk to about a Hotpoint 6000 and 4000 to create a wireless mesh that gets 2.4/5 GHz access. I'm looking to get a general idea of price per unit (one of each), brackets per pole, software controller pricing, etc.

[WISPA] filtered power in cop cars for wireless gear

2008-10-04 Thread Rogelio
The other day, I was talking to some people about wireless solutions in cop cars, and they said something about the power being provided to the wireless equipment in the trunk not being filtered What does this mean? (Sorry, but I have limited knowledge about power-related issues)

[WISPA] Airwave Demo

2008-10-05 Thread Rogelio
http://www.airwave.com/airwave-demo/ Just found this online Airwave Demo and am curious if anyone else here uses or has used it. I see lots of cool graphs, but is it really enough to help you make troubleshooting and capacity planning decisions with?

[WISPA] small RF testing device?

2008-10-05 Thread Rogelio
Is there something small that I could take with me that I could adjust to various frequences and EIRP and point towards something (e.g. a glass Windows) so that I could take an RSSI reading on the other side? (I'm tired of lugging a radio around to test very simple things)

Re: [WISPA] filtered power in cop cars for wireless gear

2008-10-06 Thread Rogelio
Brian Webster wrote: Also make sure you put fuses in BOTH leads and make sure they are of low enough amperage that they will easily blow should the normal ground system become ineffective. There have been cases where the starter found the best ground through the negative radio lead and drew so

Re: [WISPA] Rackmount PoE

2008-10-08 Thread Rogelio
Mike Hammett wrote: Does anyone have any recommendations for rackmounted PoE injectors? I was looking at a Panduit PoE injecting 24 port patch panel, but I imagine that'll cost an arm and a leg. I'm not sure how many I'll need, but I'm guessing around 30. Good question. I'm looking for

[WISPA] layer 2 vs layer 3 wireless mesh networks

2008-10-09 Thread Rogelio
I'm looking for info on differences between layer 2 and layer 3 mesh networks. From what I can tell, it's something like the following: layer 2: manageable via IP address, but you really only control the PHY/DATA link layer stuff (channels, 802.1Q VLAN tagging, 802.11e, etc) layer 3: some

[WISPA] easily importing long/lat into Google Earth

2008-10-24 Thread Rogelio
How do you import longitude and latitude data into google earth? (I'm googling on how to do it, but don't see an easy answer) WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org/

[WISPA] long term outlook of Cisco's outdoor mesh?

2008-10-24 Thread Rogelio
I heard a rumor from someone who used to work at Cisco that they will discontinue their outdoor mesh line, but I have yet to confirm this. Someone I know who is considering buying quite a bit of their outdoor mesh stuff asked them if this was the case or not, and they said that the Cisco rep

Re: [WISPA] I need to get my CWNA. Anybody know of any good training classes coming up?

2008-11-01 Thread Rogelio
Dylan Oliver wrote: It's really not THAT hard - I read the planet3 book cover to cover in a day and passed it the next. Then you just answered the original poster's question -- experience was his class. In all seriousness, it looks fairly simple, and if you'd had any wireless experience, you

[WISPA] good multicast wi-fi mesh solution?

2008-11-01 Thread Rogelio
I'm looking for wireless wi-fi mesh (preferably multiradio) solutions that will support multicasting. I was looking for something along the lines of BelAir, but I'm told that they have limited multicasting support. Now I have to find out whether or not other radios I might want to use

Re: [WISPA] Is it Friday yet?

2008-11-01 Thread Rogelio
Randy Cosby wrote: Last story is best. http://lifehacker.com/5070774/best-ways-to-get-online-in-the-boondocks That's great. (for those who don't wanna click on the link) We had customers complaining of bad reception, some because the contractors would install with line of sight through a

Re: [WISPA] Nanostation5

2008-11-16 Thread Rogelio
RickG wrote: Yes, I scan the channels with the NS5 and saw it checking for 64 aka 5320 (for example). So, I changed my AP to 5320. Still nothing. Perhaps I am too far from the APas I was doign this from home which is 1 mile. I'll try it closer. 1 mile? Have you done a link budget? What is

Re: [WISPA] leaves fall off = more multipath?

2008-11-22 Thread Rogelio
Kurt Fankhauser wrote: I am seeing more problems when the leaves fall off of trees versus when the leaves are on them. My theory is that the leaves are soaking up the miltipath of the signals and when they fall off they are getting through a lot more and causing havoc on the AP. I have seemed

[WISPA] wireless mesh recommendations for extreme weather conditions?

2008-11-28 Thread Rogelio
Can anyone recommend a wireless mesh vendor (and associated brackets and antennas) that would undergo extreme weather conditions? A really good friend from university works in a hurricane research group and is looking wireless communication devices that they can put on top of these 30m ad hoc

[WISPA] stopgap for congested wi-fi channel

2008-11-29 Thread Rogelio
When you have a noise floor of -30 dBm to -50dBm on a 2.4/5.8 11a/b GHz Wi-Fi band, is there anything configuration related that you can do to alleviate the problem other than switch channels, use narrower beam antennas, etc. (I've got a situation where I have to make chicken salad out of

Re: [WISPA] wireless mesh recommendations for extremeweatherconditions?

2008-11-29 Thread Rogelio
Mike Hammett wrote: To quote Ron White... It's not THAT the wind blows, it's WHAT the wind blows. It doesn't matter how many push ups you did that morning if the wind throws a Volvo at you. That's actually a good point. So, if you're going to protect gear in a hurricane, it becomes

Re: [WISPA] stopgap for congested wi-fi channel

2008-11-29 Thread Rogelio
Leon Zetekoff wrote: Is is just one channel or the entire band(s). What if you use 5 or 10 mhz channels? That's what I'm going to go for. I was just hoping for something else to do in the interim, like tweaking RTS/CTS values or something.

[WISPA] CCIE friend in VA looking for work

2008-12-01 Thread Rogelio
My apologies if this is not the best place to do this, but a very cool associate and former coworker of mine lives in Richmond, Virginia and is looking for work. He's a CCIE, is with wireless technologies (wi-fi, 3G, GSM, 4.9/5.9, WiMax), and has great account handling skills, particularly on

[WISPA] affordable solution for bridging two buildings

2009-01-01 Thread Rogelio
A friend in my Linux user group is in charge of setting up the IT in a building that's about about a mile or so away, and he wants to bridge them via wireless rather than pay a monthly dedicated circuit between them. The number of end users there will be about 50 or so. He asked me what I

Re: [WISPA] affordable solution for bridging two buildings

2009-01-01 Thread Rogelio
. Daniel White 3-dB Networks -Original Message- From: wireless-boun...@wispa.org [mailto:wireless-boun...@wispa.org] On Behalf Of Rogelio Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 2:16 PM To: WISPA General List Subject: [WISPA] affordable solution for bridging two buildings A friend in my Linux

Re: [WISPA] affordable solution for bridging two buildings

2009-01-01 Thread Rogelio
Josh Luthman wrote: If all else fails you can use a pair of BelAir links and use RouterOS/OSPF to concatinate them :) For long links, someone people I know claim to do something similar with RSTP: put two panels up (one on each polarization) and then plug both radios on each side into a layer

[WISPA] budget friendly set top boxes

2009-10-26 Thread Rogelio
Do you have any suggestions for budget friendly set top boxes? e.g. TV - set top box - wireless CPE -- wireless stuff outside (mpeg-2 is most likely what they're looking for, not mpeg-4, as it's in South America and they're looking for something very low cost) Any suggestions would be

[WISPA] power management tools for cell sites

2009-12-24 Thread Rogelio
I'm hoping someone on this list might recommend me some power management options for cell sites. Ideally, I would like something that does the following: --auto-reboots a device when an IP address does not ping --is ruggedized for outdoor environments (or is easy to stuff in a NEMA 4X box)

[WISPA] planning 802.11 Wi-Fi for extremely dense areas

2009-01-15 Thread Rogelio
Within the last few weeks, I have gotten several inquiries about setting up 802.11 wireless access services for thousands (1000-5000) of people in a conference sort of area (assuming 100% subscription rate, which I think is sort of unreasonable, but that's another story), and I have told them

[WISPA] first hand experience with Xirrus?

2009-01-15 Thread Rogelio
I have heard very polarized reviews of Xirrus in handling high density networks well or being total garbage. (Online reviews are awesome, people I know with a lot of 802.11 experience tell me they're garbage, but I'm not sure if it's garbage all around, or just garbage for what they wanted to

[WISPA] 802.11 equiv of SmartBit?

2009-01-16 Thread Rogelio
What is the 802.11 equivalent of, say, a SmartBit? When I had to test throughputs of firewalls, I'd just hook that up and blast a tons of traffic through them. With 802.11, what is the equivalent? That is, say I want to test # of MAC addresses that can associate, # of users who can

[WISPA] advice on Redback solutions?

2009-01-17 Thread Rogelio
For a campus wireless network (~30K people), I'm researching the possibly of creating a seamless roaming solution using using Redback to be the endpoint for approximately 500-1000 L2TP tunnels using BCP (bridge control protocol) encapsulation http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2661.txt (L2TPv2, not

[WISPA] rack mountable 48V injector for non 802.3af compliant devices

2009-01-30 Thread Rogelio
I've got a situation where I have a lot of POE access points that need Hyperlink injectors because the devices draw more power than regular 802.3af compliant devices. e.g. this doodad Hyperlink PS4820-POE (48...@20w) http://www.l-com.com/item.aspx?id=20900 I don't want to buy a ton of these

[WISPA] Cacti templates for Bridgewave?

2009-02-10 Thread Rogelio
Does anyone have any Cacti templates for Bridgewave's product line that they could share? WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org/

[WISPA] opinions on IFS for outdoor applications?

2009-02-16 Thread Rogelio
Has anyone used this line of hardened outdoor switches? http://www.ifs.com/products.asp specifically, this one http://www.ifs.com/products_details.asp?item=88 I've got a camera security application that needs an outdoor switch. Several cameras will need to be plugged into a switch, along with

[WISPA] shark fin for 4.9 Ubiquiti SRC 4 card

2009-02-18 Thread Rogelio
Anyone have a recommendation for a shark fin style 4.9 GHz PCMCIA Ubiquiti card? (I need some that will work on the north slope of Alaska in the oil fields) WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org/

Re: [WISPA] shark fin for 4.9 Ubiquiti SRC 4 card

2009-02-19 Thread Rogelio
Marlon K. Schafer wrote: OK, this may sound stupid, but how are the oil fields public safety? marlon They've got some emergency preparedness meshes that they're building up there. I don't know all the details, just some of the action items that are on my to do list. Ideally, I'd like to find

Re: [WISPA] cacti graph

2009-02-28 Thread Rogelio
David E. Smith wrote: Blair Davis wrote: On a Cacti bandwidth usage graph, what does the 95th percentile mean? If the original poster could link to the Cacti template that's being used (if they got it off the web), then maybe we can help. Otherwise, I'm guessing that it means that you don't


2009-02-28 Thread Rogelio
I'm curious if anyone else here uses CA Cert (www.cacert.org) Several of us in the wireless space started using it for strong encryption for the following reasons: --it's free --it's easy (just import the private cert in your web browser, client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc), ftp client, etc.

Re: [WISPA] CA Cert

2009-03-03 Thread Rogelio
Mike Hammett wrote: I've started to get setup with it. If anyone from the group is in the Southern OC, CA area, I'd be willing to assure them, if they are interested. WISPA Wants You! Join today!

[WISPA] Post 4G technologies in Europe

2009-03-16 Thread Rogelio
Not really related to WISPs here in the US, but still interesting to those who are following 4G and post 4G wireless technologies http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/03/090308121655.htm ***

[WISPA] Using ADSL to transport 802.11 user traffic

2009-03-25 Thread Rogelio
I'm looking to bring wireless access into several hotel environments and am hoping to leverage the existing phone lines for transport, rather than having to run new ethernet lines. I have heard of others using ADSL equipment, particularly Zhone, to do so. They say that they just cross connect

[WISPA] solar planning -- battery and sun calc suggestions?

2009-03-27 Thread Rogelio
I have a quad radio node that is 110V AC only, and I'm getting together what's needed in order to power it on a solar panel. Obviously, I'll need an inverter to take from 110V to 48V DC. Does anyone have any suggestions for batteries? Someone suggested some high capacity 6V ones (like they

[WISPA] Using Tranzeo as CPE for rural community

2009-03-31 Thread Rogelio
I'm looking into setting up wi-fi for rural county (using stimulus dollars) and am now looking for CPE devices to put on each rooftop. A past coworker told me that he's heard good things about Tranzeo, and I was wondering what others here on the list thought about them as a vendor.

Re: [WISPA] Using Tranzeo as CPE for rural community

2009-03-31 Thread Rogelio
Thanks, Steve. Your advice is helpful. (I actually already have all of the other vendor pieces. I am now just looking for CPE devices to put on the roofs of the houses that subscribe.) WISPA Wants You! Join

[WISPA] tower cert question

2009-04-01 Thread Rogelio
A friend is considering getting his tower certification, and it's something I've been considering also. I googled tower certification, but couldn't find the cert(s) that one would need to get to safely/legally do so. Any pointers?

[WISPA] 11n CPE?

2009-04-01 Thread Rogelio
Are there 802.11n CPE devices? (I haven't seen any) WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org/ WISPA Wireless List:

Re: [WISPA] 11n CPE?

2009-04-01 Thread Rogelio
tonyl...@demarctech.com wrote: Rogelio We will have one ready very soon, are you looking for 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz? Very cool. Most likely 5 GHz 802.11a. WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org

Re: [WISPA] 11n CPE?

2009-04-01 Thread Rogelio
Mike Hammett wrote: A or N? :-p I'd like 11n (both 2.4/5), but if I had to pick one or the other, 11a is probably what we'll go with. WISPA Wants You! Join today! http://signup.wispa.org/

[WISPA] getting up to speed on various PtP microwave solutions

2009-04-04 Thread Rogelio
I've just recently started becoming familiar with the various microwave e band PtP solutions (Bridgewave, Dragonwave, Gigabeam, Loea, Trango, Proxim, etc). Before this, I knew nothing about things like rain fade or the various characteristics of bands in that range. Does anyone know of any

[WISPA] economics of backhaul

2009-04-05 Thread Rogelio
I found this URL on the economics of backhaul while surfing for microwave resources. http://www.exaltcom.com/landing.aspx?id=422 Nothing earth shattering, but a good read for those getting their feet wet (like me)

Re: [WISPA] getting up to speed on various PtP microwave solutions

2009-04-05 Thread Rogelio
Charles Wu wrote: What specifically are you looking for? The only difference from micro/milli-meter wave (e.g., 10+ GHz) and standard unlicensed wireless is rain fade Do you want an explanation on that? Thanks, Charles. I'm fairly up-to-speed on that. Once I knew a little bit about it,

Re: [WISPA] getting up to speed on various PtP microwave solutions

2009-04-06 Thread Rogelio
Charles Wu wrote: Attached is an article that gives Licensed Backhaul 101 Overview that was written several years ago in Broadband Wireless Magazine -- obviously, pricing for licensed links have fallen dramatically...but the concepts are still the same Thanks, this is helpful also. I like

Re: [WISPA] 10 GigE

2009-04-09 Thread Rogelio
Travis Johnson wrote: Ya... I'm not sure an X86 based system is going to handle 10 GigE x 4 you are probably looking at Cisco, etc. where the switching can happen in dedicated hardware rather than software. I'd take a serious look at Juniper. e.g.

Re: [WISPA] Fwd: Fiber cut in SF area

2009-04-12 Thread Rogelio
Gino Villarini wrote: Someone should be using this example in a way to push wireless as a 2nd option for bup and redundancy If I remember right, they had redundant fiber there already. I also remember something about the person doing it knowing that and cutting both sides of the ring.

Re: [WISPA] Time Warner Tests $150-Per-Month Unlimited Internet

2009-04-12 Thread Rogelio
On a somewhat related note, does anyone here use open source packet shaping solutions? I've only used Packeteer in production (enterprise environment), but I'm always on the lookout for good other solutions. Right now, I'm using BSD-based pfSense at home, and that seems to be working great.

Re: [WISPA] 10 GigE

2009-04-12 Thread Rogelio
Jon Auer wrote: http://mailman.nanog.org/mailman/listinfo/nanog Also join Cisco-NSP if you are interested in Cisco gear: http://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/cisco-nsp And the Outages list occasionally informative: https://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/outages Ditto on both lists.

Re: [WISPA] Dumb question?

2009-04-12 Thread Rogelio
Gino Villarini wrote:p Easy, the current Wimax MAC (802.16d and e) was designed for licensed frequencies, noise is not well handled by the protocol I'll have to admit believing some of the WiMAX hype until I heard this fact several months ago. The only people I see taking WiMAX seriously are


2009-04-12 Thread Rogelio
Has anyone here implemented the 5.9 GHz band for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Services)? I'm looking at some projects that might be a good fit and have recently started researching vendors that do it, as well as some of the regulatory characteristics of the band.

[WISPA] STP for redundancy on two panels horiz/vert oriented?

2009-04-12 Thread Rogelio
Using a dual 5.8 GHz radio solution, could I conceivably give myself some sort of redundancy by doing the following: --two 23 dBi panels, one on each radio --on panel for horizontal orientation; the other, for vertical --put a switch on both sides that supports spanning tree I have LOS between

[WISPA] billing system to integrate with wi-fi

2009-04-16 Thread Rogelio
A coworker is looking at this solution to possibly be a billing system at a fair http://www.allcity-wireless.com/ Has anyone played with it? Or can they recommend something with these types of features? Simple Plug Play Network Deployment Built in network services: RADIUS, DNS, DHCP,

[WISPA] room jack switch / AP

2009-04-21 Thread Rogelio
Have any of you guys used those wall plates that are both a switch and an access point? I heard that Colubrius (now HP) makes a good line, although I haven't used them. I've seen the 3comm ones, but haven't implemented them yet.

[WISPA] wifi-based communication devices

2009-04-22 Thread Rogelio
A resort I'm working with would like to cut down on walkie talkies and use wifi instead. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've seen Vocera, but I think that's a bit more than what they need. WISPA Wants

[WISPA] affordable 2.4 GHz repeaters

2009-04-24 Thread Rogelio
I've got a situation where I need some lower end affordable 2.4 GHz repeaters, and the itch can't really be scratched with a customer CPE device (such as a Ruckus or Tranzeo). Anyone have any 2.4 GHz repeaters that they can recommend? There won't be many people connecting in that area, so I'm

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