Re: [WISPA] Dragonwave Support

2009-07-24 Thread robert maier
I use two pieces of gear Motorola and D/W.  I find D/W support to be very good, they always get back to you in a timely manner --- On Fri, 7/24/09, wrote: From: Subject: [WISPA] Dragonwave

[WISPA] orinoco AP-1000

2005-09-27 Thread robert maier
If anyone is interested I have 13 still in the box Orinooco AP-1000 that I want to sell for 125.00 plus freight Yahoo! for Good Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

Re: [WISPA] Licensed band radio manufacturers

2005-10-20 Thread robert maier
I'am a radio manufacturer out of Bradenton Florida, We make 2.4 and 5.8 ghz 11 meg spread spectrum radios, plus we have a new generation radio coming out soon that will go up to 54 meg.These radios can either be outdoor mount or indoor mount. The out door are power over ethernet.Point to point,

[WISPA] keeping appointments

2005-11-18 Thread robert maier
How about a Yellow pad of paper and a cheap couple of different colored BIC pens and you can assign urgency to it by the colors you use Yahoo! FareChase - Search multiple travel sites in one click. -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

Re: [WISPA] Intro/Karlnet/YDI/Terabeam/Proxim/Turbocell

2005-12-08 Thread robert maier
Mark look no further then they sevice all of these radios and continue to make radios to this day with Karlnet/Turbocell software on them. Base, satelite, ptp or multipoint or dual radios, they even repair old Wave Wireless radios. Ydi, karlnet, Terrabeam, Proxim who

Re: [WISPA] 900b mhz omni

2006-01-26 Thread robert maier
Ye old antenna shop in colorado no joke it is the name of the company, some little old man makes them in his garage, think they are like 15 dbi lokks like an oil can, but they work wellRon Wallace [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Try Cool Dish, they have a MTI 11 dB omni,

[WISPA] Gigabit wireless ptp

2006-02-06 Thread robert maier
Hello everyoneHas anybody used anygigabit wireless products for a customer, and if so what brand did you go with. Can you tell me some details of the link itself and ease of install, I'am assuming this is UNII Band Please contact offlist atRob Maier [EMAIL PROTECTED] 1-941-914-2110

Re: [WISPA] Flawed Spectrum Analysis (I think!)

2006-02-10 Thread robert maier
I think you hit the nail on the headBob Moldashel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: AUGH!This whole thread..Some have touched on pieces of it but how about this summary..The Redline is a two piece radio. It does not send 5 Ghz up the cable. It sends an IF frequency which is lower and

Re: [WISPA] Mikrotik - Longest 2.4ghz Shot

2006-02-16 Thread robert maier
Working for another company at the time I thought we were hot when we got a 32 mile link going using cm9 802.11 karlnet software stuff this was out in Nebraska going from one center silo to two end silos all PTP, then came the 50+ link down in the caribbean still works great to this day goes from

RE: [WISPA] Mikrotik - Longest 2.4ghz Shot

2006-02-16 Thread robert maier
Just a little info it all started for the the government going from building to building, this was their primary link, they were not using it for redundancy. After a trial period, they decided they wanted to go to the V.I and so to the top of the mountain we went El junke and to the top of