Re: [WISPA] OT FYI: Change in position

2006-09-21 Thread Ron Wallace
Welcome back Patrick, we will all benefit from your increased participation in our industry.Ron Wallace Hahnron, Inc. 220 S. Jackson Dt. Addison, MI 49220 Phone: (517)547-8410 Mobile: (517)605-4542 e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]-Original Message-From: Patrick Leary

[WISPA] OT FYI: Change in position

2006-09-18 Thread Patrick Leary
Having received John Scrivner's specific approval, I offer the following note: Dear WISPA members, I wanted to drop you folks a note that Alvarion has challenged me to get back to my roots, so to speak. I have asked to personally lead a renewed focus on the WISP markets. Going forward, my