[WiX-users] How to deal with same applications installed by two different installers?

2012-10-24 Thread Jim Hewes
I’ve been using WiX for a few years. I have a question that’s about installation but not strictly about WiX. But this is the only forum I know dealing with installation on Windows. If this is out of place please feel free to redirect me elsewhere, I’d appreciate it. My company currently has

Re: [WiX-users] Upgrade without providing or removing some previous component.

2011-06-09 Thread Jim Hewes
be used without the older installer. A patch is harder to write than a major upgrade but, if you haven't violated component rules, it might work for you. -Original Message- From: Jim Hewes [mailto:jimhe...@gmail.com] Sent: 09 June 2011 01:03 To: wix-users@lists.sourceforge.net Subject

[WiX-users] Upgrade without providing or removing some previous component.

2011-06-08 Thread Jim Hewes
Due to my lack of expertise in installers, I think I got into a bad situation with the wrong installer arrangement and I’m wondering what the best way out of it is. I’m using WiX 3.0, but this is a more general install problem so let me know if it’s not appropriate to ask here. I have an

Re: [WiX-users] how to force uninstall before install

2009-07-24 Thread Jim Hewes
This is what I do (although I might be missing something since it's been a while since I had my head into this). This doesn't force users to manually uninstall, but rather it automatically uninstalls the previous version. So it may not be what you want. 1. Increment the installer version number.

[WiX-users] More languages done?

2007-12-03 Thread Jim Hewes
I noticed at the WiX Localization Project page that more languages seem to have been officially released. At least I noticed Italian, which I've been hoping for. That's great! But, any idea when these will show up in the release builds? Jim

Re: [WiX-users] Question on DIFxApp.msm, DIFXAppSample.msi ?

2007-10-23 Thread Jim Hewes
I've never tried using the toaster example, but I think the error message you're getting isn't telling you that the INF file is missing. It's telling you that some other file that the INF refers to is missing. This may be some file like tostrcls.dll or tostrco2.dll or whatever else is supposed to

Re: [WiX-users] Is there any way to find out version of your .MSI file (installed)

2007-09-27 Thread Jim Hewes
Another way is to call the MsiGetProductInfo function. Pass the product code GUID as the first parameter (including the surrounding braces). Pass the string VersionString for the second parameter. Jim From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of V K Gangwar Sent:

Re: [WiX-users] Trouble when linking to non-English languages

2007-09-20 Thread Jim Hewes
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 8:55 PM To: Jim Hewes Cc: wix-users@lists.sourceforge.net Subject: Re: [WiX-users] Trouble when linking to non-English languages Jim Hewes wrote: I'm using Wix version 3.0.2925.0 and the Mondo UI. I can link with the English culture fine. But when I link

[WiX-users] Trouble when linking to non-English languages

2007-09-18 Thread Jim Hewes
I think this may turn out to be one of those dumb problems. I'd swear I had my Wix project working fine before I went on vacation; now I'm back and it seems to be broken and I can't see what the problem is. I'm using Wix version 3.0.2925.0 and the Mondo UI. I can link with the English culture

Re: [WiX-users] Building a setup.exe

2007-07-31 Thread Jim Hewes
I had seen one product that used DemoShield and I knew that DemoShield was no longer available. But I hadn't found that Installsite link you gave. Thanks Friedrich! Jim From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Friedrich Brunzema Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 5:45 AM

Re: [WiX-users] Building a setup.exe

2007-07-27 Thread Jim Hewes
PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Rob Mensching Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 1:21 AM To: Jim Hewes; wix-users@lists.sourceforge.net Subject: Re: [WiX-users] Building a setup.exe I'm slowly making progress on a new tool for the WiX toolset called burn (see: http://robmensching.com

[WiX-users] Building a setup.exe

2007-07-26 Thread Jim Hewes
I've been working on building an installer using Wix. Building an msi seems to work well and I have no major problem. But where I'm getting bogged down is in the things surrounding it, such as the setup.exe program. I have a couple of questions. 1. I've noticed the setupbld.exe utility and

Re: [WiX-users] Extra localization files

2007-02-05 Thread Jim Hewes
I have the same question, since I need French and Italian. I've been watching the status of French for a long time and it's been at finished for as long as I can remember. Presumably it only needs a signature to go from finished to released. I wonder what can be done to nudge that process. For

Re: [WiX-users] Question about additional translations

2006-09-20 Thread Jim Hewes
Thanks for the reply. I probably should have mentioned that I had seen the localization project web page. I noticed that French has been finished for a while. Anyway, I'll do what I can. (Sorry, if this gets sent twice. I always get some sort of error the first time I send...something about my