electoral system in a tree

2007-05-10 Thread Allen Bramhall
Vital crusaders in trees, frogs, sally forth against Moslem numbers, pounding sound under desperate words, thru nights wailing springtime green set forth. Sentence. The need to fight over walls of Antioch and into whisper of century. How Turks fidget with crusading principle. How long the

off beat

2007-05-08 Thread Allen Bramhall
Face of dog that triumphs in our position. Spear in lunge among friendly Crusade to define leftover. sentence tied to rhyme. Rhyme invents capital. Capital concludes moral equinox. Stars survive as reminders of pogrom, pogrom seems a little weakness and used. Ages go. People spend as much as they

[no subject]

2007-05-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
then write poems on waves until antecedents crash: expect that vision of perfect word: the sun

in Just Spring discussion

2007-05-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
If is only the number, skilled as a swan: number two, which defines the pairing, in a numeral world. Territory is everything. The wind as it sashays thru all vision and the very hair of our heads, seems like a way to reach the ocean. The ocean is a proud number: one. One is deep as hell,

Re: Anus

2007-05-06 Thread Allen Bramhall
Bob, it seems like you go quiet for a spell then reappear with some wonderful integrated change. this one's lovely. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Anus Fodder of dead hours indifferently humid between my legs. The dumb penumbra moans in the inky shade of my fingerprints unravelling the

spell dawg

2007-05-06 Thread Allen Bramhall
Along all colours and inside directed statements, pinched metre as if you coud: you know the war on durfaces, you know the extent of dangling, yiou know the wind went away... arrested ij clver days of delight, yiou spend spring in green doings, almost drunk but almost sober too

document drama

2007-05-06 Thread Allen Bramhall
Want to make a diamond galaxy, out of precious neutrinos that were kissed by mother up? Skip the verbs, you were always the noun. And then the cage that existed in language, beguiling, drink off the water. The last word in a sentence is the way it sails. If this excuse were religious, you'd

request for tech help

2007-04-22 Thread Allen Bramhall
I know this isn't the juiciest of requests but it's important to me. I am preparing a manuscript but have a problem. about 40 of the pages have a horizontal line that I didn't intentionally put in. if I put the cursor after the line and hit backspace, the line seems to move down the page,

you could be hit by the same spatial eddies that set the flier off course

2007-04-21 Thread Allen Bramhall
The dog barks green, the earth of spring. In spring of all weather and whether or not, the light suffers change of tree. Tiny trees begat large rags and rages in each day. And soon a smile thru sunset gives a glow but now we are dry. No drier to forget the teeming winter without effort, and

Distil Later

2007-04-20 Thread Allen Bramhall
llusive parts of the last sentence, calls frog music into play. Frog music tones down into night, you might as well swim the dark. The dark isn't tune itself but a membrane left behind. Your words are given. How much more the words could entail just by being frog? Let the frog go. As the frog


2007-04-15 Thread Allen Bramhall
below is the announcement for my book Days Poem. some of it appeared on this list, years ago. MERITAGE PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT A Two-Volume Poetry Collection by Allen Bramhall: DAYS POEM, Vol. I 494 pages ISBN: 978-0-9709-1798-0 Price: $28.00 DAYS POEM, Vol. II 441 pages ISBN: 978-0-9709-1799-7

titled to spring

2007-04-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
The spring is a destiny of shape, poised for vernacular, and we watch the new water. The spring is also time sent back, calling, lifting something fresh before further sport inspires death sequence or illiterate runs of breaking. Language lives on the course of spring, without the pace for

funny that you should say

2007-04-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
It seems so set in sun, bending the beat facts with eagerness set atop a trumpet or lead a door on, faced with abject lock on the Star Trek pattern, children presented a stern verbal swat, a compost, a region, a chill, based in boolean reflection, challenged by care, ornamented with violets

Re: Using the search terms vib and assembly

2007-04-13 Thread Allen Bramhall
nice one phanero wrote: http://www.phaneronoemikon.org/images/vibweber.jpg Using the search terms vib and assembly and a few others I've forgotten, a unit became visible. I must admit, I am happy to make it. There is a queen robber robin with a wolf crown, an goddess of the S, the imfamous

crash course

2007-04-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
the same monsters, very strict, step off the curb because the parade must listen to them the parade must listen to monsters and their likelihood, their hearts beat with patient thrum of good evenings with president talk, you know how that modesty inveighs talk of monsters and the president

parse all list

2007-04-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
Organic stomp, Jurassic asshole, puddle strudel, minion dogma, eyeglass torpour, poodle entropy, typewriter masculinity, disjunctive klaxon, Klingon umbrella, anti-scorbutic pissant, scumbucket napkin, winking slab, doctored pond, moonbeam slit, nice wag, cha cha querulous, impasse bra, smut

essential butting

2007-04-06 Thread Allen Bramhall
stun in finding grave moon as instant as a word from edges defined by tribal rites or meaningless acts those people seem rocked by crude oily remarks that hazard unproven elements of the light from said moon the moon itself as itself reflecting something else in time to a practice of denial,

most monsters ignore this

2007-04-06 Thread Allen Bramhall
this much blue-sweated surd, it comes down from the sky exactly, lights a grey bay in mind the crease in season spends ruthless flowers on snow that made it, we are trying to accomplish our map the dense leaves were challenging as they rung from the trees mere arsenals were so complete as to

straddle net

2007-04-05 Thread Allen Bramhall
expand grease pension into that green setting, the rose of document knows the border of each land, land concerns the feet in strait means, narrowly careful of meaning to be in the same frame as the text: what could the difference of over the hill mean? a graphic novel intending more reddened

benchmark political

2007-04-05 Thread Allen Bramhall
now in this figment or yet allowed in government settled by winking and concluded too with drifting off the edge of the rim to the warm lava below in such aspirant image, narrative, the force of even this much information or a trial of affirmation within denial, to the steadfast fire of inside

Re: lbard Qubbard Quot Qub

2007-03-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
Bjørn Magnhildøen wrote: To appreciate things I am not believe you want to your friends do nothing, be done, and work. Art is not need it over once a day. A failure is a thing; it in on the man should be able to appreciate things I am not a man who knows you that bullfighting does to do, hold

Re: No: the Item Was Exactly Wool Enough to Parse

2007-03-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
Sheila Murphy wrote: beautiful! 'normed mercy' is a serious (tho lovely) ouch. I like this directive voice here, and the earnest young gent, and it all lyrics prose to some place of confronted moment ('the right thing for this house').

speed of saying

2007-03-27 Thread Allen Bramhall
a crippled number fell to the last colour. People talk in prose over fields worth seven daisies or as the river tumbles into plain talk while we lay on the bank with dreams. Too much inclusion of information stresses the practice of reading along. Our heroes form cartoons in nations. Then rains

practice poem

2007-03-19 Thread Allen Bramhall
My father dad died like that making no news no news being possible just something in the light over the snow pieced together as a dull ripple of winter ending a formidable process and child break into nervous distortions same as when mother and same as when time firms up or encloses a simple

an effort in the same place

2007-03-13 Thread Allen Bramhall
Expressive sky, tolls something something, the tears present as muster for the day excessive sky of blurring death on blue, the sun seems to fall saturation of that red that says nothing only time involved in alpenglow tracks of zipping thru stars that stage moments and cringing, which we

a careful history means a lot

2007-03-11 Thread Allen Bramhall
Does the list of dying poems stay on our date? The day of equal rose and fell. dad dated at this broach stayed cold as the day. We live in the trouble, words shaded. A given settled on the vast last. Every death exceeds a number. Why do we cry in segments? a piece of something else reminds us of

philosophy for beginners

2007-03-11 Thread Allen Bramhall
these chords, my simulated heart, make my father die while crying for a day. these chords, a little warzone, pities the wife and child, the people. these days, the night has a fat moonlight building to the end of time. time ends today, my friends. these chords are correct and lurching,

seas in all song

2007-03-10 Thread Allen Bramhall
The transport of iffy poetry made people strange.A nuclear abbey in language called echoes from teased ceilings with burning light idea a transcription of just a lot. /When many congeals, gloom resumes/, opined the abbot or abbe or Edward Albee on the Merv Griffin show. Or reason, slighting

Re: If you remember, I dropped into a comatose state myself.

2007-03-05 Thread Allen Bramhall
Tony Trigilio wrote: http://www.starve.org/usenet.html If you remember, I dropped into a comatose state myself. Source: Page 184 of WHITE NOISE Keywords: giving, hand, engineered, aspirin About The Usenet Project: An x is drawn in

furtive categories

2007-03-03 Thread Allen Bramhall
The poem, listed on the Registry of Poems as “Poem”, grew nothing, stayed there. Alien mixtures of hydrocarbons, dimity and sand. Piles of wordplay scored from prehistoric rocking. Stood upon the heads of greatness and crushed. Trapped in a topic sentence with stellar warmth diminishing. An

Bear Wolf Raven

2007-03-01 Thread Allen Bramhall
Able and fatigued sour mint Curie ate bizarre volume ode savior tied fit sun hurt commie ode Jacquelin flippant inducement, flippant à la porch ode ma chamber cell soul and rain ode plus Thwart! we in thud-canning rhyme grapefruit the ravelings Allen freedom Oft Scald Surfing scenario rectum


2007-02-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
A telephone with mighty wings flew into the President's head. No one was injured. Why? Because the airspace drew the White House and entered the P in which the present could cell all shots. It was trial and error and stuff manse of legends. We sank into resident's news of the creation of

les plaisirs des Smurfs

2007-02-24 Thread Allen Bramhall
cha cha requisition disorder consternation among panelists pumpkin popularity conflicts strict Miami Vice probation ocular nob button funny stuff A Passage to India gnomes forensic site kacking sounds debate comical entropy underwater festoon rebate Hamptons payback lawn sprinkler botulism for

Re: a poem. is not. the. door light. a. period. rouses.

2007-02-23 Thread Allen Bramhall
placidity -- reflexive cues precipitate the emotively charged touchiness of ham temerity --Bob BrueckL (all words from Allen Bramhall poems) I too am honoured. I think you've reinvented Stein.

sea change

2007-02-19 Thread Allen Bramhall
text remains, tho voice stiffens. perhaps a person will be aware that Andy (someone) died. settled on what could be imagined, left it at that. then the soft rain sometime for future. then a luffing wind, to produce a deed. then still pictures that burn carefully. then an electric lamp fizzles.

so popular(a fictional account of fictional accounts)

2007-02-18 Thread Allen Bramhall
the overarching eyebrows of Alluria Scandelle rose to fever pitch while latest news arrived with witty parts cut out. there was something fixed in the idea, like a beau ideale, actually, tho not so swarthy. experts from all ways of life poured to beginning. Alluria Scandelle swished her

units as cause of crowds

2007-02-15 Thread Allen Bramhall
Fu Manchu, dilettante of evil, his mercantile probation always alert. he crows the false love with most eager prying into the world. his world, he rose above the namby pamby lumpy static placidity. he scores. the poem, prime force in a language, or yet today, stops in a threat and buries

a real crucial adventure story

2007-02-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
the lurid light from Fu Manchu's eyes includes rendering cinematic the portion of resistance known as political or The Man we chomp on something reflexive, possibly the robe of understanding, or likelier a stable world view we challenge a crash test, in which information rode to its doom, yet

Re: Suprematism.org

2007-02-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
not to relate them too carefully but I thought this work fits well with the UFO stuff recently posted. cool stuff, both. Cecil Touchon wrote: New works added to: http://suprematism.org/touchon002.html Comments welcome. Cecil Touchon http://cecil.touchon.com 817-944-4000

strike while the irons sought

2007-02-13 Thread Allen Bramhall
one little rat called waking up rose out of its spurn to tell goal-oriented and total. total wasn't really in. it said sentence but sentence couldn't quite end. what's the process of that? poem goads on a thorough trope or anyway a baked ham. ham means that jim starts at a mid point and goes

sowing trifle

2007-02-11 Thread Allen Bramhall
I wanted one ton exactly in these colours. the rain of settled charged could then step in as a war on proverbs. war itself is a proverb, and dogs die. my dog, a rich cream of wonder, settles down. we rain. violets stick in the lawn, when they can have time. reasons secure residence, then

lucky in

2007-02-11 Thread Allen Bramhall
more words came across. a figure in blue called. it was our love in definite term. when did that happen? first, a jet of impressiveness swooped and telltale, seemed like a crash. all that erratic meant something. watching was an involved moment, you'd want to describe. we both figured in this

a possible missive

2007-02-11 Thread Allen Bramhall
dear, we arrest in something, yet ponds bubble emotively with unions of algae, which seems such a tease, because avast as snow covers an inch of the entire world and death lurking with prisms, and love serious for scores along the shore, where air meets water, water rises to air, air seems to


2007-02-03 Thread Allen Bramhall
we sit in the karmann ghia mommy says that I want to grab its fin and swim too She will be that in four days and five hours I say that as a mom of superfreaky beautiful midgets too i can never drive it we only get a ration of three hours a month in the sphere for the whole family mommy says its

(from) Days Poem, sec. 299

2007-02-03 Thread Allen Bramhall
on a day in 1909, or some such, Ezra Pound writes to Wyndham Lewis, and the course of literature as we know it changed, roughly beginning at Point K or M and traveling a fine curlicue before coming to a Point not yet named. the two great writers divested their impediments for minutes on end,

Re: My bungbag molt, dormant wrist, gland-whap huffed with fart quaff

2007-01-31 Thread Allen Bramhall
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: oh my goodness: my bungbag molt, my fart huffed silence (no kidding!!!). Bob, how do you accomplish these works? do you cut and paste a pile of John's phrases and razzle dazzle them together or what? you should write about John's work because you obviously intimately

Re: My take-offs on the poems of JMB!

2007-01-31 Thread Allen Bramhall
this actually is a great answer. it really is up to the reader to render the experience. your work is so striking because you have such an attitude toward and regard for each word. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Allen Bramhall: Thanks for reading, and your comments. Sheila Murphy asked me

ardent troublesomeness (the story so far, Part 2, part 1-c)

2007-01-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
s much as possible, the world situation turns on a dime. this dime laid down by Fu Manchu, that ambitious, detail-oriented professional-scale rapscallion who will stop at nothing to further his plans to rule the world. crazy man, and you can see the sea from the top of this hill, and clouds

foundation of 6 or 7 steps

2007-01-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
Fact, the Himalayas. Schneider who is gray out of steel chosen in the nth hiring. Die sick, butter grease of farm laborer matrix, the griffin Bianka put back the person with the diet Grosvenor ode. O use liner injury, Oil is no zoo. Paris has thousand Frankensteins, makes the Himalayas

Dear Element of Surplus

2007-01-27 Thread Allen Bramhall
Dear Element of Surplus, cakewalk Prince Intercontinental Chief Auditor Subtraction. audit department camera canker fest of Fund release Ordinary central boom boom Bank of Nigeria lattice work. cakewalk the letter to you, your elf, each word frightening Surprise, but take it like you own. Mr.

intersecting lines

2007-01-27 Thread Allen Bramhall
If one of you experienced betrayal, you experience you the more faithfully. And if your soul is betrothed to death, then seize the lycra. The strings sound! A hero song, full flames and glow! There the anger melts, and your mind becomes sweet bleeding. intelligent Substrata stations ascertain

lanny flickrs

2007-01-23 Thread Allen Bramhall
I was pleased to discover Lanny's Flickr existence: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/ lots of pix, I must not have been paying attention (sorry)

Opening Salvo

2007-01-20 Thread Allen Bramhall
a terrible, tremendous world fits in fog, said Fu Manchu, icy glare telling worlds to fall. George Bush guffaws practically. their nosecone heads for lunar landscape. the vantage is to see the orb spinning and delirious. on Earth, the little precinct, Sir Denis Nayland-Smith, invincibly

Re: The fugs. kill for peace.

2007-01-19 Thread Allen Bramhall
phanero wrote: http://www.phaneronoemikon.org/images/killforpeace.mp3 The fugs. kill for peace. yes! thanks for funnelling in the Fugs. Sanders was part of the symposium on Olson at MIT this past spring. neat to see him as scholarly elder (but still hale) statesman. next stop, Holy Modal

Re: The Black Pineapple SS

2007-01-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
phanero wrote: tres nifty. it's a brave person who can dream of being Spock.

the rewards of diligent poppycock

2007-01-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
quiet! Fu Manchu and George Bush are talking. the moon sags. we're about to be wet. Fu Manchu, he's fiction, he's insidious precision, he's in command of one part of one brain. George Bush, what is his time? and when they are together, what meets? we should be confused right now. definitely,

dire more dire

2007-01-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
when the spellbound poem includes me, I get roasted. the spellbound poem streaks sadly, cowering under the spell of that lurking boom of dawn that had the hospital enthralled last week. then who is in charge of dumpsters, including the internment of all particulars of rubbish? because there

art showing

2007-01-13 Thread Allen Bramhall
if anyone can see themselves in the Boston area on January 20, I am giving a showing of my visual works (paint, collage, ink, etc). there'll be at least 100 works presented. the showing looks something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/351660886/ location is Pond

shortage program

2007-01-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
hello, sad stamp of authority. your bitter limestone molds Mt Everest, yet look who bought the angels. trust combines with pure weather while days finger a pulse, letting it play merrie. still poetry overcomes the name of Jim. tidal waves relent on auspicious newscasts, whose weighty song tags

summit meeting

2006-12-23 Thread Allen Bramhall
the sky's transparency turns to rain, which isn't much trouble. a whittled down mountain like Everest (all legend, no action) stands three feet above your imagination: not much. so you see, rise and let the climbing begin. you see snow as a plaintive need to cower. you see air as a fabulous

There's a Period After Jennifer Aniston's Name.

2006-12-21 Thread Allen Bramhall
millionaire actress Carmen Electra wants me to buy a camera. the camera has no sharp edges and comes equipped with a smoke alarm. later, in terms of days or this life (whatever), the noise softens, and hot as hot singing sensation Kevin Federline pleas with me to secure my rights of ownership

the colour of ivy, the colour of strain

2006-12-19 Thread Allen Bramhall
we saw the colour in the door, the door was momentous. the door was sad as an arch over only frozen rivers. we stood with a wish but the night was scary. we tried our ever light way, chasing after the fear. we came to a fine draining moment that was like waking. would you like to live like a

a poem beginning ill its end

2006-12-15 Thread Allen Bramhall
I remind that I lifted. I struck out those cold points, that were process. I said I in a cold day morning and the white of breath showed something thru dark. no words were in that smoke. daylight hadn't dawned on me or anyone. I tried to think, and was little. I thought earlier this same. the

Re: some random links

2006-12-14 Thread Allen Bramhall
jinkies, Larry Fischer!!! nice fetch! and there's a Wikipedia entry too. not to say that there isn't a fine line between genius and psychosis, and an audience happy to blur that line. phanero wrote: Hangin' out in Dayton, Nevada in the late '70s

Bay Poetics as Perhaps

2006-12-13 Thread Allen Bramhall
Massachusetts Bay sounds sad, so blue and big, such as a hill passing the highway. Bay Poetics is a title goosed from some other ether, trial balloon-sized and after all, we can't all own the sun. the sun ran behind the blue hill, discussed in terms of praxis and the federated year. will next

Re: Who has Wryting hooked up to Blogger, and Why do we get the Error mails?

2006-12-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
Bjørn Magnhildøen wrote: excellent!!! as long as we have someone admitting guilt, and all acrimony can be turned towards this miscreant, I'm happy. I actually don't know that any postings of mine were lost or anything like that, I just couldn't grok what up with the message.

swig season

2006-12-07 Thread Allen Bramhall
an average sized poem posed over the hole of sun, which dimmed mercifully. meanwhile collegiate moon drained off fullness and went with the winter extreme towards snow, the flat brokerage fee of stubblefield. the cat climbs up to investigate the season of miracle and streetwise. we forget.

pop tart poem

2006-12-02 Thread Allen Bramhall
the blue from the sky distinguishes towns from losing all centre. a place as happy as clearing stays with us, colder but in a mild convulsion we let this touch our hands, together. we stop and then, tender, doesn't that mean we live? little things and smaller too. Pop Tarts sit in heaven

intimate share, one morning

2006-11-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
I wrote some writing in the time it takes to breathe auspicious breaths. grey was the morning, the same morning that provides current in the darkening stream. each morning differs with a colour or light. sometimes the writing needs a day of plain rocks tossed into the coming concentric

Expanseof Part One of Several Parts, part 4

2006-11-27 Thread Allen Bramhall
at this time, and at all time, which is any, we come to the node where we see Nayland-Smith: up close, impersonal. Sir Denis Nayland-Smith, in a bundle of trouble because his stiff upbrought feeling (currently) shivers in contra nature. how evil, personified so ably by Dr Fu Manchu, the mad

Part One of the Story Begins, part 1

2006-11-23 Thread Allen Bramhall
Captain Element became suddenly perplexed. a night of steel, fortified with longing, stretched across a natural space between loud weary commercial, yikes. this television shit buggers all, thought Captain Element. launching into a mode of inquiry that serves to add a justifiable nurturing to

Excitingly Present Part One, par 2

2006-11-23 Thread Allen Bramhall
does the reader know what meanwhile means? well, elegiac symptoms in the night, that's what got Jane. now, with fresh cookies a-baked, she can pondering. the diadem of morning—okay, it's just the sun—fletches the trees with a song of spring. day is for action, and Jane's movie has taken a

The Further Adventures of Nothing at All

2006-11-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
abject thunder mixed with cruel warnings spell Fu Manchu in green underpants. this is dismal, saith Fu Manchu. the green is less than green of eyes, or the speed with which lightning dots out eyes. green underpants for the sinister scowling pumping machine in evil's quest. yet minions abroad

Re: The Further Adventures of Nothing at All

2006-11-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
Lanny Quarles wrote: what artist could he be in the end, trying to outlast green underpants? what a great line. i've got a bagged edition of I think Fu Manchu's Daughter if you want it. Send me your snail and its yours if I can find it. if not, thx for the cheering upness. gave me a

Re: The Further Adventures of Nothing at All

2006-11-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
Halvard Johnson wrote: Bride of the Further Adventures of Nothing at All yes yes, continued son of the further bride of the incredible adventures, etc. it's actually a good idea, thanks, I'll use it.

century mark

2006-11-12 Thread Allen Bramhall
yesterday was a green, temporal union, as I told Beth yesterday. the green is great, with the wings of anything in mind, but the days have closed to a certainty, a long winter of saying it's a long winter all right. but those are daze to slip under the breath of staying in tune. this nation of

an earful of written words

2006-11-10 Thread Allen Bramhall
a poem pursued three separate interference factors which decisioned in public gusts surnamed Wow Wallpaper or Shifty Trees with the thrill of disease bundled into popular upthrust market pamper why do we accept the banging sound of the bolt upright dog-eyed old time explanatory word units

Re: language thorax

2006-11-02 Thread Allen Bramhall
Halvard Johnson wrote: 22 mule team thorax language Borax No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.409

inability pager

2006-10-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
it's a beautiful world, your friend is dying. absolute leaves from the ghost of trees blast off to the wind choice. now and then, running around in rain, you stop for cinders. it's a beauty to the world, dead as your friend. then you reach all those poles that measure here and there. you climb

umpteenth degrade

2006-10-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
nobody dreams outward, they rely on this picture: a rigid tree forced to stall. this is sensibly structured for stopping, in a breath, while the rain extends. a sentence bubbles within this dire crucible called latent television, and we sing of joyous dishsoap. bending the rules complies with

don't you see yon bonnie bonnie road?

2006-10-27 Thread Allen Bramhall
mom dead reckoning. now react, closing in, on the strength of just staying on the last word until its next companion reveals the next again. how far does poetry mean when the beginning switches courses every second, echoing ring of chiming bells across the believable countryside, and the

Re: stump gap

2006-10-26 Thread Allen Bramhall
Halvard Johnson wrote: stump gas ah yes, the elections Hal How strange we are, to call what happens anything at all. --Robert Kelly Halvard Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://home.earthlink.net/~halvard http://entropyandme.blogspot.com

every situation today is later than ever

2006-10-26 Thread Allen Bramhall
tomorrow began on terms of inquiry. the date included when and where the villains lived. they ranged about a perplexing plain, and knew our bolts of poetry. they rumbled on the horizon, telling us of give and take. take was most masterful, in their eyes. so much in their eyes, indeed, that


2006-10-26 Thread Allen Bramhall
An electronic poetics has a sexual innuendo and has a poetry-sensitive rhyme scheme surrounding the sexual innuendo. Areas on the rhyme scheme are designated for controls used to operate the electronic poetics. Visual guides corresponding to the controls are sexual innuendoed on the sexual

obviously tree finicky

2006-10-25 Thread Allen Bramhall
clerical tree in the garden, spoke of love. love stepped onto topic table, where bear, the informer, paused. pause is the entire world as if. clerical tree as a garden item while we together manage sentiment of numerals. exacting bear on the edge, informant, closes a door and alerts

His Mom Spit... As A Child

2006-10-18 Thread Allen Bramhall
in Communist Russia you find the grandiose piano playing that pervades the formerly mentioned anti-gravity fantasy, I just wants to have the courage to face the camera with dad oppressor-father will stop his oppressive behavior only after he is dead dad space in my heart as a kid I don t know

Chinese Rest Across Street

2006-10-18 Thread Allen Bramhall
the phone book is a terriffic feature, double hand basins and long bath, the telephone is a patient's first impression, forward all calls and then walk out the door, we have an opening for a new patient tomorrow -- how tongue-twistingly terriffic! the view is terriffic and a house is comfortable,

Our Trip to Clinton, Massachusetts

2006-10-09 Thread Allen Bramhall
please, we went in duo, shaded aptly, with guards of uttering green ceding to yellow, red, orange and aplomb. distance sapped a mention of memory from disparate landmarks, and we could only stay with the breast of sun in its slanting difference. what else would we do with the fullness of our

Re: antic few

2006-09-29 Thread Allen Bramhall
aw crap, done it again, sent to wrong address. say, why not read the whole megilla? www.anticview.blogspot.com iMac wrote: yeah, my poems are done. done LIKE dog ~ Jooh edit crab On 29-Sep-06, at 5:53 PM, Allen Bramhall wrote: AHB: Maybe the poem is dead, and Poetry

morning announcement and sky poem

2006-09-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
it was that silvery streak at first. familiar to the earthly gods as exhaust from a jet engine. that's the dynamo that obtains force by means of exaggerated words, and with this force shrinks earth to habitable size. it's a wonder and great. that streak, then, vested with the light from the

free jessica simpson poem

2006-09-28 Thread Allen Bramhall
Jessica Simpson don't know that you could say that the word full was appropriateness. Simpson ate. Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson end of Jessica Simpson steined to all the Jessica Simpson informativeness. Simpson on that was Jessica Simpson label. When Jessica Simpson was Jessica Simpson


2006-09-26 Thread Allen Bramhall
the sun wants you to give up. the sun has this thing, go on roof for a moment to gleam some morning. also the sun tops trees for this spectacle, again for a moment. what do you do, then? lay down on a pronoun, perhaps. the sun needs more room than do you. that's a simple point to understand.

surd for surprise

2006-09-26 Thread Allen Bramhall
here's a surprise, with capacious dread. the sky today, that was so blue, has sagged, retreated, till only the last idea remains. the sun was brilliant as a spectacle until when, then showed a strange trade in documentation. words can't express the distance now being obscured. the fault and

the Windmills of Flava Flav

2006-09-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
he the torment, when in even vast beech tree remembered state of dying. state of loss in state of loss. a leftover practice endures with such tantalizing contest of means. profound state of wind in old beech, the arctic continuing as leaves shed and nuts fall precisely because Flava Flav he

That Blonde on Friends Remains

2006-09-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
beginning with the first tree and every succeeding one, until possibly any tree will associate with the life of one person, to be named or not. the upside starts to reverse. the blonde actress on Friends decides on a different way of doing things. Flava Flav does other things too. the


2006-09-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
I will try once more without a tree in sight. moments of ghastly shapes, timed to produce the most noisome of places to stand, reek of utter Lovecraftian, until dinner time or ready for bed. that's Lovecraft all right, blue go black. The Yardbirds begin to step up their amps, pound a little

the Tears of Hannity and Colmes

2006-09-17 Thread Allen Bramhall
and we just couldn't figure out, said Flava Flav, the god. we fought for the colouring of leaves into this feeling, the definite and chemical process as a signifier, to find some way in or out. thus the god declared. and Paris Hilton, the ancient goddess and now singing sensation, roots and

Re: cicadia song Re: Bastion Flex, Starring Flava Flav, Sly Stallone, and Most Particularly H. P. Lovecraft

2006-09-16 Thread Allen Bramhall
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In a message dated 9/16/06 12:43:38 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: he striking word maintained its shape: cicada. this collectible word wrapped around the vision of an insect selected by Lovecraft to overcome the parental, pre-boiled world, stop closing out voice,

Re: Bastion Flex, Starring Flava Flav, Sly Stallone, and Most Particularly H. P. Lovecraft

2006-09-16 Thread Allen Bramhall
phanero wrote: This is a curious piece Allen, and reminds me of the odd aesthetic inversions of Roussel's plays. For example the 'why' of selecting Alfred Magdalou's 'ouvre sans pretensions' for its having been written on a picnic menu with an experimental pigment. and then to snuggle that

he didn't want to leave

2006-09-15 Thread Allen Bramhall
it must be admitted that the living room is smaller than the mountaintop. the view is of a tree or something so close. snow loses eagerness at this warm level and season, so nothing shrouds that taste of beginning, even when it ends. the room feels lost in murmurs, people sound their grief.

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