call it a wirething

2007-05-10 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Heaven is a tight Band whenever the rain falls it doesn't fall from high heaven is heaven is mostly air uptight in strips this that some mind you breath remains. It. Sum. Mit notiert es. Haben Sie. Steel rusting. A Schallplaten-existence. Edison Rules are transformed in 'lation', a

she's like a red urn

2007-03-30 Thread Dirk Vekemans
BAR UCH BAR (BLL to NOW) From this point retain what you have experienced in the extension of your limits, and use it in this and all future performances of Spiral Karlheinz Stockhausen, score of Spiral, ed. 1973, Vienna. BLL Topographies of Venus Baruchs quadrant

dating my picture over the internet

2007-03-20 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Dating my picture (over the internet) “Voici le velo Le velo se perd dans le velodrome Dju perdje dju Ou est le velo? le voila madame dju de dju c’est une drame” (After some Old Mistakes known only to the Blauwputtois) %$ My picture is not here My picture

save le grand Designateur en format pdf

2007-03-19 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Maintenant In Earnest While Harvesting the bodies of young female poets in the small town garden trying so hard to look like an English garden it simply forgot to talk English when spoken to there were so many especially in the tiny wet loci seclusi by the Raspberry spat Wall oh

FW: Crisis Group Weekly Update for the week of 12 March 2007

2007-03-19 Thread Dirk Vekemans
From: International Crisis Group [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: vrijdag 16 maart 2007 16:00 Subject: Crisis Group Weekly Update for the week of 12 March 2007 INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP - WEEKLY UPDATE for the week of 12 March 2007 Conflict areas and subjects covered in this week’s update:

Re: hexen2039: new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare

2007-03-14 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Here are some proposals from the Brussel Sprouts, reunited for their 30th Anna verse - You can feel it if you really want - the mind doesn't need more delusions - The Lord and her servants strongly oppose this blasphemous blending of Concepts - Now I Know what You Did Last Summer - If your heart

art is now in our namespace (Second Cathedral Spring Message, a bit early i know

2007-03-13 Thread Dirk Vekemans
but well er you know the climate-change and all, so I thought perhaps and anyway: A terrible beauty untsoweiter (somebody pl. finish the title) To Whom it May Concern: BBB (beware be bought be ware) in ITS OLLY NAME! My fellow netizens, there is a time to blabla untsoweiter

it again

2007-02-18 Thread Dirk Vekemans
There's a melody what Is the melody where Is the melody header Suppose there's Water Inside the water surrounding The author ok let's make That an a-u-t-h-o-r so There's a melody what So we'll spell it differently suppose there's Water running inside the water Surrounding the

the late es plane

2007-02-17 Thread Dirk Vekemans
cloth damped piles pede l stance in lured sense a rubs koi carp cheek p powder haring too puffed or winsteins @ the Leidseplein n pink stuffed deliria cores x shuddar scene ims gogogoe s

being only the wurst scenario case

2007-02-16 Thread Dirk Vekemans
damn i was in amsterdam when you sent this also // dit: there was a girl from Uruguay on the train back but she got off in Rotterdam already //verdomme inscribing unfinished business on a planetary scale //oeisters (oopcycles) drips hit //vogel //kak it might

Harry's totally seismic Hard St. Rochelesk Revival and the Cre(atura)danse Act

2007-02-08 Thread Dirk Vekemans
T hought is t (he thou Ght of tho Ught) It’s Not too late. Act now and end the end. 3000 worlds In a flash w/ a Slight cold Tengu 2‘s sneezing Wildly intoa fieldofPink skinny ladimeetsa heavin aroarin et erna lalal hailé sex- er er Darnwherezthe obsession.getAttribute (irish

hip hip

2007-02-03 Thread Dirk Vekemans ___ Copy addresses and emails from any email account to Yahoo! Mail - quick, easy and free.

no horse no text

2007-01-26 Thread Dirk Vekemans
lumenestflumen flumenestlumen inlumineflumeninestne? estflumeninlumineyeah est yeah est flumenestlumenetlumenestflumen yeah ___ The all-new Yahoo! Mail goes wherever you go - free your email address from

[no subject]

2007-01-24 Thread Dirk Vekemans
me i want to be the first e-mail ever to spent the night with Nicole Kidman (er, some years ago) - ___ To help you stay safe and secure online, we've developed the all new Yahoo! Security Centre.

cheap escape grid from incertainty (ode to the brevity of lunchbreaks)

2007-01-23 Thread Dirk Vekemans
1. All the whyle defers me framing time time again defers us thus 2 us. Likewise Counting Bones on The Ground Dear Sir would be retaining Byrd from being naught but Willy while he sings, so while listening were it not zero to either him or us in flying he'd have to have needed to make it

opuratic failing #9 und ze bjeurnmail

2007-01-21 Thread Dirk Vekemans printable version of a dutch poem with an english version that er printswell oh btw Bjorn very very interesting i s think allswell that endswell u can't cut the Leibniz bestsworldswindle outoff the Leibcorpse paste it into a non-final

do whyle

2007-01-20 Thread Dirk Vekemans
while rzepka { genomen talkies unbounces craftier carries holenmensen make vans no war ye fake men Ze pond never freezes sayzes Breekstem Yo!Nathan the Richman cheezepickking fur Mrs Morgan herdominoemena curls inward breastshaken organelles meantime outfountaining thus hyprahomunculatically

Re: many thankfuls are the habitat of I am present tense

2007-01-17 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Eeee Sheieieieeil!! thou art no M thou Art u gerundive us into antverpia uposit time itself o do plunge us into these beautabyssimas!!! SEMtexta stampede!!! d. - Original Message From: Sheila Murphy [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WRYTING-L@LISTSERV.WVU.EDU Sent: Wednesday,

pans, je pense, remlapzem fo siseht a hypo

2007-01-10 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Fear ze orribull! re (y)our past burial sure it is prospectfull rich once with rock stars i will meet us there bereft of ingetinge mich und ingetinge du a pre-orphaned link to no 1 where am is a be having none, öder i snapped to my come pre the hive thus initiated outside of the arc: no more

Re: no subject

2007-01-08 Thread Dirk Vekemans
ok, i´ll try to remember anybody else? - Original Message From: Bjørn Magnhildøen [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WRYTING-L@LISTSERV.WVU.EDU Sent: Monday, 8 January, 2007 8:14:32 PM Subject: no subject i want to be a rock star either that or a rock or a star wow, that must

Re: What does logotomy mean? AND... what about Jutert?

2006-12-20 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Signaptic evolution 3 steps in signaptic evol: Formation of selective connection betwixt the urgent and its ur.Disreferentiation of the urgent’s wordling to a search patternElaboration / emulatio of the search results Pyrosignaps: signaps resistant to fire (NBN 713-020 Rf 1h)

Yahoo Mail Helpful Hints

2006-12-20 Thread Dirk Vekemans
calimaresne ou je squid? en su tinta we will now invest maturity stage of the gonad,stomach fullness, species composition of the prey,sex ratio, lower jaw fork length (LJFL)distribution, relationship between LJFL and dressed weight (DW), LJFL and round weight (RW), RW and DW by statistical

Re: oranges for sale

2006-12-16 Thread Dirk Vekemans greetings, dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends - Original Message From: Alias Artman [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WRYTING-L@LISTSERV.WVU.EDU Sent: Saturday, 16 December, 2006 4:10:02 PM Subject:

Re: Seeing things

2006-12-09 Thread Dirk Vekemans
aye surie ere's sum pussy heirs (unvarnished as yet): greetings, dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends - Original Message From: D^Vid D^Vizio [EMAIL PROTECTED] To:

Re: oh

2006-12-06 Thread Dirk Vekemans
bug time to make frass i am your retard archimedes i am your amoeba head shakespeare chaos is like a cracked cooking pot in which some thieves are living its the meaning of singularity which seemingly has no context - Original Message - From: Dirk

Re: On the disaster of the future planet now

2006-11-25 Thread Dirk Vekemans
personally, i eat mayonaise with my french fries instead of ketch-up, symbolically, i mean, sotospeak greetings, dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends .this is y sum of us _c[onsciously]hoose_ 2 not biologically reproduce. chunks, ][mez][ -- --LFG

het einde der kortingsbonnen - the end of trade discounts

2006-11-09 Thread Dirk Vekemans
nature only knows simple laws, humorless: an autodestructive machine respecting its own make, needs to make use of every available opportunity to kill innocence, make it part of its own perversity in order to make the fear for its fatality flip into ravishing in the delight of the prospect of

Re: ah tu veut dire un quoi

2006-10-14 Thread Dirk Vekemans
il n´y a pas des buts on ne se discrime pas perceval eglantine die in a war in a country far away all alone but you and i killed them so it does not concern you but il faut vous preparer quand meme prepare yourself lest you go ugly you need to learn beauty to be able to die

ah tu veut dire un quoi

2006-10-12 Thread Dirk Vekemans greetings, dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends Send instant messages to your online friends

she didn't smile today did she

2006-10-10 Thread Dirk Vekemans
imagine all the Probes are broken Nothing to Repay for at least 5 Months us leeches we'd suck us fat we'd all fall flat down the hall upon the white marble floor shiny eyes shiny lips shiny limbs with little pink clouds where blood vessels burst we'd kiss you wildly while falling though,

onomatoklopni irgentwharez rusticanae palipali redrummicubicles ( a hearplaya 4 tired meanings

2006-10-09 Thread Dirk Vekemans
2 corpucles, kingo weena dakinda) (corrected version) laplaya vaya comptsi: ( poco a poco meno sentito - morte - agitato - vomitando) ma isa cheel a (ajajaija) lla ees tsum (amitawa) llits elihw ghu detrevni, gnippird ghu olala hal alalo on mai innge inge t i gnippird

Wu. Grass now grows (say yes to the Virgin Credit Card)

2006-10-06 Thread Dirk Vekemans
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (Debord film featuring a eulogy to Chtcheglov) 1. dramatized anecdotes have been the building blocks the rapid deterioration not only of their continually increasing rationality our continually

Non-Decorated Venus just emerging from the Sea of Abandoned Staphylococci Aurei

2006-10-02 Thread Dirk Vekemans
wondering what the hell she's doing here. greetings,dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

Re: De Mystery Worshipper Sez..

2006-09-25 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Yeah i'm over a thousand behind too, and these belgian bastards charge heavily for late installments. Nuke 'm Lanny, just nuke 'm. dv -Oorspronkelijk bericht- Van: Theory and Writing [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Namens phanero Verzonden: maandag 25 september 2006 11:42 Aan:

the works

2006-09-24 Thread Dirk Vekemans
o (hey this here si mutilated musikalischen opfer adds 6 voices to his one silence (coming back does not conclude anything)) pera o (hey this here [untsoweiter] - dv


2006-09-17 Thread Dirk Vekemans
like a how easily for inst some dead lead falling through a wet handkerchief for us that is who have not at first if all that

coined a decent par once

2006-09-12 Thread Dirk Vekemans
fort elle in da told outer tongue so dip her comfort or able to log to legg io net as 1) exterior he-plane bb as plause if abel's dragonbottle that frying bitemarks Mc Cain or 2) sirupped licking isses of less clouded us like rembrandt's f-light so gladys will tell oxes of ripped

Big M's intro to The B-song

2006-09-08 Thread Dirk Vekemans
und jetz Magnetronia The Great opened her wet bilabillia, quavered intensely and qouth thus: aa ba be body b body be body be come. body b body be body be come. poetryis of the body or not. love is of the body or not. politics is of the body or not. scienceis of the body or not.

Re: i swear

2006-09-07 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Most people on this planet think Engish is a difficult language. yup. It isn't. It used to be. Now it's dead simple. English english=new English(); English.write(); dv

awake bitter seed (i.m. F.G.)

2006-09-06 Thread Dirk Vekemans
er Better scans and Topologocal icons for the Audacia-poem added to the badbad.jsp file at some new words by Kathedral-Mother dear 9she's still nagging about the soap thing). I find them rather an interesting development. The icons are also nice to

New file

2006-09-04 Thread Dirk Vekemans
Some really Bad scans of Spinoza and Victorian Nude Studies in Pencil Along with a fragment from a pornographical Science Fiction Noveland another version of the shower picture greetings, dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen

Re: query

2006-08-27 Thread Dirk Vekemans
I intersecting question i work interesting i mean with (grossly-slightly-ever-so-slightly) dislocated leftovers from previous events like in S= -/--/--/- (---) and stretch that until it breaks Into something allowing one to stuff it with new(s) in the preconscious realm of faith, i pleasure, and