2007-08-24 Thread wsg
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[WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest

2007-08-24 Thread SCAFIDAS, Petro
I am currently out of the office. I will be returning on Wednesday 29 August. For urgent work related enquiries, please contact: RedDot - Tania Nicholl (9222 3680) [EMAIL PROTECTED] All other enquiries - Karen Watkins (9222 3110) [EMAIL PROTECTED] Kind regards, Petro. DISCLAIMER: This

Re: [WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest (Out of Office)

2007-08-24 Thread Robert O'Neill
I will be out of the office until Monday 3rd September. You can contact the web team directly on 5836 or via the email group 'web development'. *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** *** NHSBSA DISCLAIMER *** This e-mail and any attachments transmitted with it, including replies and forwarded copies

Re: [WSG] 1to1 markup suggestions

2007-08-24 Thread Kenny Graham
I've always seen a definition list as a simpler way of representing any 2-column table with implied column headers of term and definition or property and value. So according to me (and i AM perfect after all), both would be correct. A definition list would be simpler, and a table would give you