2009-09-13 Thread Shaun Hare
Looks like you failed to close the banner div - I would suggest you meant to close that before the content div Shaun Hare On 13 Sep 2009, at 06:44, Marvin Hunkin wrote: hi. well thanks for that. got my css vallidated. now can you help. vallidating another student


2009-09-13 Thread Alan Coleman
This guy should not be allowed anywhere near a computer let alone code WebPages. He gets everyone else to fix his stuff ups. Regards Alan -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Marvin Hunkin Sent: Sunday, 13 September 2009


2009-09-13 Thread daniel a. thornbury
Well, it's fortunate that this is not an English validation list, because so many of the posters would fail abysmally. Having worked at an RTO I'm curious how someone involved in training a Certificate IV level course could have such poor spelling and grammar. I do, at least, admire


2009-09-13 Thread S.R. Emerson
Dear Alan, Mr. Hunkin is blind. Cut him some slack. Before cutting down his (or anyone else's) coding skills, maybe you should fix the errors on your own home page. wink S. Emerson All emails are scanned with Norton AntiVirus before sending

RE: [WSG] Using Fonts

2009-09-13 Thread Thierry Koblentz
creating a asp dot net site in visual web developer express 2008. now, to look visually appealing , as well as functional. instead of just having the boring times new roman fonts. what fonts would you suggest i should use for the site. what is the most common fonts, that should be used. if