[WSG] Opera Dragonfly survey

2010-06-01 Thread David Storey
Hi, The Opera Dragonfly team is conducting a survey to gather feedback on how we can improve and tailor our developer tools to meet the needs of developers and designers, such as yourselves. This is your chance to have a say in the future direction and road map for Opera Dragonfly. We'd

[WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest

2010-06-01 Thread Smith, Lee-Ann
I am currently on leave until Tuesday 15 June 2010, when I will be taking up a new position with Education ICT, InTACT. Please contact Scott Ashwin on 6205 9169 or email det.webad...@act.gov.au if you have any Web Services issues. Lee-Ann Lee-Ann Smith

[WSG] Auto-Re: WSG Digest

2010-06-01 Thread rongqing . jiang
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