[WSG] major web site project

2011-08-01 Thread Marvin Hunkin
hi. looking for some inpsiration and some ideas. i am enrolling in a diploma in web site development. using a major project, for my web site design course. and need to build a database, content management system, and probably programming in visual basic, visual web developer, php, droople. so any

Re: [WSG] major web site project

2011-08-01 Thread Peter Mount
What sort of web server will it go on to? If it's a Linux hosting account you'll want to grab yourself a copy of Ubuntu or Fedora to test it on. Peter Mount Web Development for Business Mobile: 0411 276602 i...@petermount.com http://www.petermount.com On 02/08/2011, at 9:56 AM, Marvin Hunkin

[WSG] Out of Office Reply Re: WSG Digest

2011-08-01 Thread Julien Viard
Hello! I'm out of the office until Monday 15th August. I'll respond to all emails on my return. For more urgent assistance, please contact Georgie at geor...@10collective.com.au or call the office on 03 9935 9409. Cheers, Julien